Monday, March 2, 2009

Simplot Pictures - Day 1 & 2; Courtesy of Steve Petty

Meghan and Emily in the 3200m trials

Julianne in the 3200m trials
Lil' Gutz in the 3200m trials - pr (12:41)
Megan Parker in the 3200m trials
Brad Nye - 1600m trials (4:39)

Curtis Carlisle - 1600m trials (4:46)
Brian Alfaro - 1600m trials
Jeff Taylor - 1600m trials (Joe White blurry in the background)
Logan Petty qualifying for finals in the 1600m (4:41)
Mike King - 1600m trials
Adam Mathias - 1600m trials
Adam Seelos - 1600m trials (5:00 - PR!)
Bradley Fry - leading his heat of the 1600m trials
Matt Swanson - 1600m trials
Candace Eddy - wearing the same stupid soccer shirt she has for all 4 years - in the 1600m trials

Katie Swanson and Jessie Wilding - qualifying for finals in the 1600m trials

Hollie King - qualifying for finals in the 1600m trials
Talya Kussee qualifying for finals in the 1600m
Brooke Stromberg - 1600m trials (5:46 - PR!)
Becca Albrechtsen - 1600m trials
Lizzy Wallin, Carlee Peteresen, and Hannah Firth - 1600m trials
Caitlin Miller - 1600m trials
Tracey Munson - 1600m trials
Mark Lindstrom - Weight Throw - pr of 40'

Tony Hill - Weight Throw

Benson Richards - start of the 4 x 200
Benson to Jon Ferguson (4 x 200)
Tyson Bullock (4 x 200)
Ryan Avery - just before his monster lean
Dan Hayward - High Jump (6'01)
Dalton Facer - High Jump (5'11)
Brooke Jensen - starting off the 4 x 200 (State Record in Finals)
Brooke to Missy Lott - Missy is crossing her fingers hoping for a great race :)
Sylvia Harrison to Dani Figgins
Emily VanWeezep handing off to McKenna Hill
McKenna to Sarah Oldham
Eric Johnson - starting off the 4 x 400
Eric to Kye Kunz
Austin Facer (4 x 400)
Austin handing off to Benson
Bradley on our distance 4 x 400
Adam to Adam
Matt Swanson - anchoring the distance 4 x 400
Rachel Jackson - leading off the 4 x 400
Missy Lott and Brittany Sumsion
Chelsea Jackson - anchoring the 4 x 400
Becca preparing to run fast in the 4 x 400

Anna Ward - 4 x 400
Tracey Munson & Caitlin Miller (back on the track)
Tracey and Caitlin handing off to Brooke Gutzwiller and Meagan Storey
Jon Ferguson in the 200
Marc Schneider in the 200
Dan Hayward in a running event :)
Alec Pectol in his first ever hurdle race
Kristin Burton - shot put
Sarah Oldham - pr in the 60m hurdles (10.04)
Michelle Clouse - pr in the 400 (63)
McKenna Hill - Finishing the 60m hurdles
Devin Lang - 800m (2:01 - to make finals and run 1:59)

Gally and Leland in the 800 trials - both with season bests

Ryan Avery - making finals in the 60m dash

Sylvia Harrison - making finals in the 60m dash
Danna Stuart in the 800m
Brandon Farnsworth - medley relay
Curtis Carlisle - flying to a 2:04 800 medley relay split
Dalton Facer - medley relay
Jaxson Anderson - medley relay
Michael King - 2:09 medley relay split
Drew Rees - medley relay
Alan Dixon - medley relay
Dan Hayward and Jeff Taylor - medley relay
Jon Ferguson and Tyson Bullock - I think Jon knows something we don't
Seth Gutzwiller - pr of 2:03 in the medley relay 800
Chelsea Jackson - medley relay
Chelsea to Brooke
Addie Ferguson
McKenna Hill
Meagan Storey
Michelle Clouse
Rachel Jackson to Kelsey Datwyler
Hannah Firth
Tara Anderson
Sarah Oldham and Kayla Sagers
Anna Ward