Thursday, December 10, 2015

Indoor Update - 12/10

Darts - 
It was great to see so many of you at the indoor track meeting and the first few practices this week. This first email is sort of a test email to see how well I could decipher your handwriting. Hopefully most of the emails are correct. The indoor information is attached to this email, and there are a few things additional things I would like you to be aware of . . . 

1. Come and Play - There is a large group of you who came to the indoor track meeting, put your name on the roster, showed some excitement, but then didn't show up to practice on Wednesday or Thursday. Monday is a fresh start!! If you missed this week, commit to coming all 4 days next week to get a feel for what indoor track is like before the winter break. Practices typically last from 2:45 to 4:30 - we are meeting each day in the cafeteria. NO FEAR!!
You are only going to know how much you like it and how good you might be if you give it an honest try. Commit to it, and then don't be afraid to come and do your best. You will probably surprise yourself with how much you improve and how much you like it. Sure, it's hard work, but that's the way you really want it! If it were easy, it would be called video games, and it would not bring the same satisfaction, pride, and accomplishment. A few words of advice: 1) Don't compare yourself to others - show up and focus on your best! 2) Be patient with your improvement - give yourself time to learn and get in your best shape. 3) Challenge yourself - set goals, push your limits, enjoy the burn! 4) Be outgoing!!! Make friends, talk to others, flirt, and get to know your teammates 😊 

2. Parent's Emails - If any of your parents would like to receive my weekly emails for now and through outdoor track, please send me their email addresses. Thanks!

3. Indoor Track Blog - We have an official Davis Indoor track web site - - It has the track meet schedule, last year's performance lists, the all-time lists, and a few other cool links. I will also post the weekly updates on the blog. 

4. Take care of your health - If you want to work really hard and improve to your potential, it is very important for you to take care of your body. We will be giving more information to help educate you - but here are the basics: Eat well and Eat enough (plenty of carbs, protein, iron, and even good fats); Stay Hydrated with water and electrolytes (gatorade) - carry a water bottle; Take the Warm up Seriously and do your best to do it Properly; Spend extra time stretching and doing core work; and listen to your body - you may need to back off at times. We want to keep you all healthy, energetic, and injury free.

5. Social Media - For those interested, we have a Twitter account (@davistrackandxc) and we have a Facebook page. You should follow/join.

Thanks once again - we are really looking forward to an awesome indoor season and one of our best outdoor seasons ever. 

Enjoy the Journey! Challenge yourselves, make friends, get out of your comfort zone, and be passionate and committed. 
- Coach Talley

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

2016 Indoor Track Meeting

Date: December 8, 2015
Time: 2:30pm
Place: Davis Cafeteria
*Bring Workout Clothes - We will do a short workout after the meeting

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Indoor Update - Simplot Games


Simlot Summary -
The Simplot Games were a great finish to a very strong indoor track season. It feels nearly impossible to try to describe the excitement, teamwork, and emotions of this past weekend.  We were certainly proud of the efforts that each of you gave. Thank you for being such a great group - well behaved, energetic, and definitely entertaining on the track. I would argue with anyone that we were the best program there - and not just in how well we performed - but in the quality of people that we have on our TEAM. I am sure grateful for all of your hard work and sacrifices that make our program what it is. I want to especially thank our seniors who have put so much into this TEAM for the past 3-4 years.

Simplot only happened because a lot of people were willing to get involved. I am so grateful for such supportive parents who were willing to help so much with this trip. I am also grateful for the best coaching staff in the world - amazing people who give time and energy away from families - all because of their love for you and for the sport. We are so lucky to have Shawna Cox, Ben Jacobsen, Ashlee Cannon, Jeff Agnello, Tony Hill, Justin Beard, Paul Timothy, and Brad Anderson helping us out every day (in addition to a few others who will be helping with outdoor). Make sure to show your appreciation for them in any way you can.

It was a weekend full of highlights. First of all, we were once again the biggest and definitely the loudest TEAM at the meet. We set a new TEAM record with 111 athletes competing in the meet. We had 19 individuals make finals in their events. We had a record total of 35 relay teams. 14 of our relay teams competed in the finals on Saturday (tying the team record). We had relay teams in all 8 finals - and we had relay teams finish in the top 6 (making the podium) in 7 of the 8 relays - something no team has ever done. There were 2 relays where we had 2 teams on the podium (girls and boys 4 x 800). We brought home 40 Simplot medals for top 6 finishes - more than we ever have before (the old record was 32). We had 2 new school records - Aubrey Argyle in the 3200m, and the boys medley relay of Palmer Flood, Jacob Moffett, Jaron Erickson, and Josh Ward (3:34.47) who missed the indoor state record by only .06 seconds. We had 2 relay teams who won the gold - the girls medley (Jordan Barnett, Elise Berning, Brittney Rounkles, and Josey Hedquist) and the boys 4 x 800 relay (Colter Blanchard, Josh Ward, Stokton Smith, and Logan MacKay).

You were lucky on Saturday if you got to witness it in person. There were so many great moments. Some of the most memorable: Josh Ward running for the win in the morning 1600 with 4:19 (ending up in 5th overall); the girls 4 x 800 holding off American Fork for 2nd place; the boys 4 x 800 "cruising" for the victory for the 2nd year in a row (with the same 4 boys); Josey Hedquist running a killer anchor leg of 2:18 and holding off the California all-star team for the victory in the girls medley (so much fight in her over that final 100m); Nate Allred clearing 6'05 and making the podium right after the girls medley win; Josh Ward running gutsy in his 3rd race of the day and making an awesome move with 250m to go in the medley relay, securing 2nd place and a school record (1:55.9 split); Matt Calvin clearing 14'00 not long after the boys medley; Ty Hinds with the nastiest inside pass off the first turn in the anchor leg of the boys 4 x 200m - going by 2 teams in a split second and getting us on the podium. Logan MacKay coming back in his 2nd 800 of the day to run a PR 1:54.37 for 3rd place and a Davis #2 all-time mark (fastest ever from a Davis athlete at Simplot); Aubrey running patient and tough in the 3200 for the school record of 10:55 (beating the old school record by only 1 second); Jordan Barnett anchoring our girls 4 x 400 and running the 2nd place team down over the final 200m; and the boys 4 x 400 relay putting us on the podium to end the meet. And it is also always a highlight for me to get the opportunity to race in front of my TEAM - not because I like to show off or anything - but honestly because I love the energy I feel from your cheers and your encouragement and your support. It is invigorating and inspiring. I am not as fast as I ran - it only happened because your energy made my feet swift, my legs light, my thoughts positive, and my heart strong. In addition to those Saturday highlights, I was constantly impressed by what I saw from each of you: A TEAM full of athletes giving their all, caring about one another, cheering for one another, going after personal bests, inspiring each other, inspiring other teams and athletes, and being CHAMPIONS in every way. I could not be more proud of this group.

All that being said, we also had our challenges at the meet - and I was just as pleased with how we handled the tough times. It is not very easy to stay positive through injuries, illnesses, fatigue, and bad days - but we did a good job staying united and stepping up in places to help our teammates out. If you have an injury, stay patient - your time will come. If you were not happy with your performance, if you were disappointed in your effort or your ability - my main advice is to stay positive and keep working. The next month is all about preparation. We are going to get back to work and really focus on getting ready for later opportunities to prove ourselves as individuals and as a TEAM. Keep your head up, look to the future, work hard, put a lot of heart and desire into what you are doing, and at the end of it all, you will be satisfied with yourself. If it is hard at this point, DON'T GIVE UP!

Lastly, I wanted to recognize a few of the work horses - people who ran in 4 or more races over the 3 day period. We had a lot of people really step up, and fight through pain to make our TEAM stonger (the ones in bold ran 5 races) - Josh Ward, Colter Blanchard, Ally Geisler, Tatum Beard, Josey Hedquist, Jordan Goldsberry, Riley Stringham, Jacob Moffett, BriAnna Gipson, Brittney Rounkles, Olivia Richards, Elise Berning, Keslee Stephenson, Kenzie Sagers, McGyver Clark, Jaron Erickson, Megan Rowe, Rachel Clouse, Ruby Jane Matthewson, Tiahna Cipriano, Anna Ferrell, and Dallin Larsen. And Palmer Flood ran the most of all with 6 races - 2 hurdle races and 4 400s. Sorry if I missed someone on this list.

Other Important Items:
Shoe/Spike Night at Striders - Wednesday (2/25) from 5-7pm at the Layton store on Hill Field Road. 15% off training shoes and 20% off spikes for Davis athletes and families. There are also some clearance shoes and spikes already marked at 40% off. It is a great night to check out Striders if you have not been there before. (The basketball playoff game starts at 7:10 in Ogden that night - so show up early).

MacFarland, USA - For anyone interested, we are having a TEAM movie night at Farmington Station on Thursday (2/26). The movie is a true story about a cross country team from California. The show time is 7:00pm. Show up early so we can buy tickets in the same general area. You will have to buy your own tickets and any concessions you would like. Ticket costs are $9.00 per person.

Outdoor Track Meeting - Will be after school this Thursday (2/26) - we will plan on meeting at 2:30 in the large gym. If it is not available, we will meet in the small gym. All those in the track class should attend. We will have a relatively short meeting, hand out some information, and then we will have our first official outdoor practice. Bring warm clothes, it might be cold this week. Please spread the word to anyone you know who is interested in outdoor track.

Eligibility - All of your eligibility requirements for outdoor track are due by Wednesday, March 4th. I sent out an email not too long ago. I am going to send that email out again tonight. Please let me know if you have any questions. You will need to fulfill all of the requirements in order to participate in outdoor track.

Simplot Results (full results can be found at
Boys Results
60m Hurdles
Jaron Erickson - 8.59 (12th) #2 from Utah
Palmer Flood - 8.82 (16th) #3 from Utah
McGyver Clark - 9.20 (39th) PR
Ben Godfrey - 9.22 (40th) PR
Taylor Southwick - 9.28 (44th) PR
Tyler Seeley - 9.57 (51st) PR

60m Dash
Ty Hinds - 7.38 (29th) #3 from Utah
Jacob Moffett - 7.51 (44th) - #7 from Utah
Matt Calvin - 7.61 (52nd) PR

200m Dash
Jordan Goldsberry - 23.62 (27th) #6 from Utah
Riley Stringham - 24.72 (59th)
Luis Merida - 25.77 (100th) PR
Josh Gardner - 25.86 (102nd)
Logan Baird - 27.02 (128th)

400m Dash
Cade Hyde - 55.81 (64th) PR
Eduardo Castillo - 57.04 (81st)

800m Run
Logan MacKay - 1:54.37 (3rd) PR; Davis #2 All Time; Utah #8 All-Time
Dallin Larsen - 2:01.96 (15th) PR; Davis #17 All Time
Adam Aposhian - 2:09.01 (47th)
Jason Lang - 2:10.13 (51st)
Jackson Rayl - 2:12.98 (59th)
Colton Rimann - 2:15.95 (68th)
Ethan Anderson - 2:16.01 (69th)
Kelton Johnson - 2:17.77 (76th)

1600m Run
Josh Ward - 4:19.68 (5th)
Stokton Smith - 4:24.27 (10th)
Colter Blanchard - 4:39/4:31 in trials (32nd)
Frasier Williamson - 4:36.52 (38th)
Daniel Tumblin - 4:40.34 (61st)
Zach Wilde - 4:41.20 (63rd) PR
Solomon Twitchell - 4:46.92 (81st) PR
Mitch Perry - 4:47.53 (83rd)
Brandon Peters - 4:48.45 (88th) PR
Josh Peters - 4:50.54 (101st) PR
Matt Ward - 4:52.41 (106th)
McKay Treadwell - 4:53.44 (110th)
Seth Stromberg - 4:53.97 (113th) - #4 Freshman
Josh Christiansen - 4:54.43 (117th)
Nate Wilde - 4:59.21 (142nd) #12 Freshman
Ethan Anderson - 5:00.82 (148th) PR; #13 Freshman
Jacob Vaughan - 5:04.92 (169th)
Adam Hedquist - 5:05.78 (174th)
Devin Jaster - 5:07.07 (176th) PR
Dallin Kitchn - 5:12.14 (202nd)
Kalvin Stinger - 5:13.12 (209th) PR
Branson Petty - 5:14.04 (214th)
Jace Callor - 5:19.46 (237th)
Carson Cox - 5:21.65 (244th)
Jason Boyd - 5:22.34 (246th)
Landon Wheeler - 5:40.30 (277th)
Isaak Hugh - 5:45.04 (282nd)

3200m Run
Camren Todd - 9:41.88 (7th)
Bryce Ferguson - 9:47.41 (10th) PR
Colton Rimann - 9:57.16 (16th)
Britton Porter - 10:22.67 (34th)
Daniel Harris - 10:50.49 (63rd)
Nate Hales - 10:55.47 (65th)
Zach Moncur - 11:08.51 (69th)

High Jump
Nate Allred - 6'05 (6th) - Top jumper from Utah

Shot Put
Dallin Baires - 47'10.50 (13th) - #2 from Utah

Pole Vault
Matt Calvin - 14'00 (9th) PR; Davis #5 All Time (tying Coach Agnello)

4 x 200m Relay
A - 1:33.06 (6th) - Jordan, Riley, Jacob, Ty; Davis #2 All-Time, Utah #9 All Time; Only Utah team to make finals
B - 1:39.62 (25th) - Josh, Cade, Luis, Taylor

4 x 400m Relay
A - 3:31.12 (6th) - Jordan, Riley, McGyver, Palmer (Jaron and Kelton in trials); Season Best; Top Utah Team
E - 3:53.28 (26th) - Solomon, Brandon, Tyler, Zach
B - 4:04.11 (35th) - Josh, McKay, Jason, Daniel
C - 4:04.73 (38th) - Seth, Adam, Nate, Jacob
D - 4:07.36 (40th) - Matt, Britton, Josh, Zach

4 x 800m Relay
A - 7:57.53 (1st) - Colter, Josh, Stokton, Logan - Currently #3 Team in the U.S.
B - 8:26.54 (6th) - Frasier, Adam, Jason, Dallin
C - 8:37.54 (8th) - Solomon, Kelton, Jackson, Danny

Medley Relay
A - 3:34.47 (2nd) - Palmer, Jacob, Jaron, Josh (Colter in the trials) - SCHOOL RECORD; Utah #2 All-Time
B - 3:50.15 (18th) - McGyver, Cade, Josh, Dallin
C - 4:01.43 (35th) - Adam, Luis, Eduardo, Matt
D - 4:04.18 (39th) - Zach, Logan, Ben, Mitch
E - 4:04.70 (41st) - Danny, Jason, Harrison, Josh
F - 4:11.98 (48th) - McKay, Tyler, Nate, Seth

Girls Results
60m Hurdles
Jordan Barnett - 9.61 (27th) PR; Davis #8 All Time; #3 from Utah
Megan Rowe - 9.77 (35th) PR; Davis #10 All Time; #5 from Utah
Olivia Richards - 10.11 (49th)
Emma Thatcher - 11.14 (84th)
Kinlee Dimond - 12.66 (89th)

200m Dash
Brittney Rounkles - 26.92 (21st) PR; Davis #10 All Time; #4 from Utah
Elise Berning - 26.97 (22nd); #5 from Utah
Kenzie Sagers - 28.67 (67th); PR
Elly Ferguson - 29.58 (88th)
Claire Sorenson - 30.56 (105th)

400m Dash
Melanie Sullivan - 1:01.36 (21st) #2 from Utah
BriAnna Gipson - 1:02.12 (27th) #3 from Utah
Ruby Jane Matthewson - 1:03.36 (35th) #6 from Utah
Keslee Stephenson - 1:05.11 (48th)
Susie Eames - 1:05.87 (57th)
Emily Berry - 1:17.33 (93rd)

800m Run
Tiahna Cipriano - 2:26.48 (19th); 2:25.41 in trials - PR; Davis #16 All Time; #4 from Utah
Anna Ferrell - 2:32.77 (39th) PR
Emmaline Huntzinger - 2:40.16 (65th)
Taylor Woods - 2:40.47 (66th)
Rachel Clouse - 2:42.62 (75th)
Sarah Waddoups - 2:46.16 (85th)
Malaree Wood - 2:47.05 (88th)
Emma Call - 2:52.17 (95th)
Krystal Wood - 2:52.74 (97th)
Maddie Meyers - 3:12.18 (109th)

1600m Run
Ally Geisler - 5:13.87 (12th)
Courtney Wayment - 5:15.36 (16th)
Tatum Beard - 5:16.33 (18th) PR; Davis #10 All Time
Miah Weaver - 5:22.24 (26th)
Josey Hedquist - 5:27.23 (40th)
Grace Neuenschwander - 5:36.35 (61st) PR
Sydney Zaugg - 5:48.76 (79th)
Rachel Johnson - 5:50.95 (82nd) PR
Sydnee Rayl - 5:52.20 (88th)
Kaitlyn Datwyler - 5:59.81 (107th)
Ally Smith - 5:59.78 (110th)
Madeline English - 6:04.30 (125th)
Alex Tanner - 6:05.09 (130th)
Sarah Waddoups - 6:05.09 (130th)
Sarah Ferrell - 6:06.00 (133rd)
Jenna Connell - 6:06.14 (134th)
Krystal Wood - 6:13.55 (146th)
Kate Stuart - 6:19.58 (156th)
Taylor Davis - 6:27.03 (169th)
Nicole Wood - 6:27.77 (172nd)

3200m Run
Aubrey Argyle - 10:55.60 (3rd) PR; SCHOOL RECORD; Utah #8 All Time; #1 from Utah
Sam Hedquist - 11:43.61 (10th)

Weight Throw
Kylee Edwards - 31'05.25 (19th) Davis #6 All Time
Kathryn Wilde - near 30 feet on her qualifying attempts

Shot Put
Kylee Edwards and Kathryn Wilde both had some strong attempts at the qualifying mark.

Long Jump/High Jump
Ashley Taylor had great jumps at both marks; close to 15'00 in the long jump

4 x 200m Relay
A - 1:47.83 (10th) - BriAnna, Brittney, Olivia, Elise - Davis #4 All Time; Utah #6 All Time
B - 1:55.37 (28th) - Susie, Kenzie, Claire, Ashley H
C - 2:09.20 (45th) - Kathryn, Ashley T, Kinlee, Emily

4 x 400m Relay
A - 4:05.22 (2nd) - Elise, Megan, Ally, Jordan (BriAnna and Melanie in trials); Davis #4 All Time; Utah #12 All Time
B - 4:14.50 (7th) - Kenzie, Keslee, Rachel, Ruby Jane; Fastest 'B' team in school history
C - 4:37.53 (17th) - Elly, Jenna, Emma, Sarah
D - 4:39.71 (19th) - Malaree, Madeline, Kate, Ally (owe me cookies)
E - 4:47.51 (20th) - Rachel, Alex, Kaitlyn, Nicole (owe me and Coach T cookies)
F - 5:02.07 (23rd) - Emma, Krystal, Taylor, Maddie

4 x 800m Relay
A - 9:32.71 (2nd) - Tatum, Miah, Josey, Ally
B - 9:59.08 (6th) - Sam, Grace, Tiahna, Courtney
C - 10:33.74 (11th) - Anna, Rachel, Taylor, Sydnee

Medley Relay
A - 4:11.19 (1st) - Jordan, Brittney, Elise, Josey; Davis #4 All Time; Utah #8 All Time
B - 4:21.94 (7th) - Megan, Olivia, Kenzie, Tatum (Melanie in trials) #2 team from Utah (behind our A Team)
C - 4:38.48 (24th) - Taylor, Elly, Susie, Tiahna
D - 4:41.97 (29th) - Emmaline, Ruby Jane, Keslee, Sydnee R
E - 4:42.66 (31st) - Anna, Kenzie, Kimberlin, Sydney Z
G - 4:59.15 (46th) - Rachel, Kaitlyn, Alex, Nicole
F - 5:01.02 (47th) - Jenna, Emma, Claire, Sarah

Coaches 1600m
Coach Talley - 4:35.14 (3rd)
Coach Timothy - 4:41.49 (6th) PR
Stefanie Talley - 5:41.29 (3rd)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Indoor Track Update - 2/15

Darts -
We are down to the final week of the indoor track season. The weather has been so nice, that it hasn't had the same "winter" track feel to it - and I am really hoping that the spring gives us some great weather as well.
I like to think of the Simplot Games as the championship for our indoor season. I hope that you are looking forward to your races and events this weekend with excitement and determination to have your very best performance of the year (so far). You can do a lot this week to prepare both physically and mentally. Make sure that you are getting the rest you need, eating/fueling well, and staying hydrated. Spend a little extra time stretching after workout this week. Think about what you would like to accomplish, and how you are going to accomplish it. Be very positive all week long - in your workouts, at school, at home, etc. Plan on having fun, doing your best, and competing for your TEAM. It has been an outstanding indoor track season, let's finish with our best meet yet and move on to a strong outdoor season.

Utah Distance Challenge: I want to start by thanking the tons of people who helped with the meet on Friday night: Jill Hedquist, Josey Hedquist, Coach T, Amber Anderson, and Jessica Paget in the timing and results booth; Brad, Tony Peters, Seth Geisler, Cory Ferguson, Kenny Rayl, Mike Smith, Troy Williamson, Mark MacKay, Janice Johnson, and Devin Lang at the finish line. Shawna and Ben at the starting line; Amber Berry and the other athletes at the chocolate milk station; the Woods at the sticker table; and Jenn Beard and the Tanners at the front table. Sorry if I missed anyone - we had so many people jump in and help and I really appreciate all the support.
There were also some very solid races. It is good to see the continued improvement, the PRs, and the season bests. I like the effort I am seeing out of this group. You can see the full results at (they are also attached to this email).
We had some great highlights: Melanie Sullivan finished 3rd in the 400m with 1:00.90 - it was her first race of the season because of an early January hamstring injury ("Behind every setback - or injury - is a great comeback story"). Ally Geisler finished 3rd in the 800m with a PR of 2:18. Tatum Beard was 4th in the 800m with 2:19 - also a PR. BriAnna Gipson ran a very strong first 800m with 2:29. Aubrey Argyle beat her 1600m PR by 6 seconds to place 2nd in 5:03. We also had big PRs in the girls mile from Sarah Waddoups, Sydney Zaugg, and Krystal Wood.
For the boys, Colter Blanchard and Camren Todd led the way in the 1600 - both running PRs of 4:27. Bryce Ferguson wasn't far behind with 4:30. We had big improvements from Jackson Rayl, Brigham Halverson, Josh Peters, Tyson Datwyler, Dallin Kitchen, Landon Wheeler, Jake Miller, and Tanner Bilton. We now have a TEAM record 27 boys under 5:00 for the indoor season (might be the most in the U.S. at this point). Our boys finished 1-2-4 in the 3200m as well. Josh Ward won the race in 9:42, Logan MacKay was 2nd in a PR 9:43, Stokton Smith was 4th in 9:49. We had other strong 3200 performances from Daniel Tumblin (narrowly missing sub 10), Matt Ward, and Josh Christianson.

Coming Up:
Tuesday, 2/17 - Senior meeting in my classroom at 3:00pm (after 4th period practice) - ALL seniors who are doing outdoor track are invited. We are going to discuss TEAM t-shirts, warmups, and other things.
Wednesday, 2/18 -Mandatory Simplot meeting in my classroom at 2:30 (after school). We will be going over the rooming list, rides, rules, and other important information. 9th graders can come to my classroom when you get over to the school. We will be practicing after the meeting - also a mandatory practice (handoffs, starts, etc).
Thursday-Saturday, 2/19-2/21: Simplot Games - No Friday practice.

Wednesday, 2/25 - TEAM night at Striders in Layton - 5:00-7:00pm. They will be offering special discounts on shoes and spikes. More details to come.
Thursday, 2/26 - Outdoor Track Meeting at 2:30 in the BIG GYM. We will have our first practice afterward.
Thursday, 2/26 - TEAM Movie Night - Anyone who would like to come is invited to meet at the theater and watch "MacFarland" (the cross country team movie with Kevin Costner). You will have to pay for your own movie - I just thought it would be cool to watch it together. Not sure which theater and what time yet - more information to come.

Thursday, 3/5 - Outdoor Track Eligibility Due (see previous eligibility email)

I know that is a lot of information. Please share this email with your parents if they are not on my email list, and let me know if you have any questions.
Coach Talley

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Indoor Track Update - 2/8

Darts - 
We are down to the final 2 weeks of the indoor season. I hope that you are fired up to finish strong - both in the workouts and the races. The outdoor practices will officially begin on February 26th. Great job so far to all who have been participating with the indoor group, and great job with the workouts so far, those of you who are in the track class. Keep working hard, find your reason to compete and get better, and make sure you are taking care of yourselves - we want to stay healthy through May. Hydrate daily, fuel yourself with good nutrition, get the rest you need each night, warm up and cool down properly, and keep your minds and bodies healthy!! We have a great outdoor season in front of us.

Boise Indoor Meet: A small group of Darts traveled to Boise this past weekend for the New Balance Boise meet. We went up 2 years ago and ran the 4 x 800 and we may look into adding this meet into our normal rotation. It is a fast track with some pretty good competition. Our Darts competed hard and made us proud. The highlight of the meet was the 4 x 800m relays. The girls started us off with a strong first place finish in 9:28.02 - it is the #2 time in Davis school history, the #3 time in Utah state history, and the #13 time in the U.S. this year. Tatum Beard, Miah Weaver, Ally Geisler, and Josey Hedquist ran on the relay team. The girls set the right tone for our boys who raced right after. The boys ran a school record 7:49.59 (the old record was 8:01 from 2013) - and it is the 2nd fastest time in Utah history (indoor or outdoor) - the only team to ever run faster was the 1998 Bingham team who ran 7:47.88 (my little brother was on the Bingham team). It is also the fastest time in the U.S. so far this year (#2 at 7:50). Stokton killed the opening split with 1:56.9, Colter ran smart and strong with 1:59.2, Josh got after it with a 1:56.9, and Logan wrapped it up with 1:56.2. 400 meters into Logan's leg, another team was making their final exchange and didn't get off the track - Logan tried to dodge him, but had a collision that nearly caused him to completely stop - but he still managed an impressive split (most likely would have been in the 1:54.5 range). I love watching the relays because somehow athletes find a way to dig deeper for their teammates. It was definitely a TEAM effort for both the boys and the girls. 2nd place on each side was an all-star team comprised of nearly 250 athletes from 30 schools from Boise and surrounding areas. 
Here are the Davis results from the Boise meet:
Girls 60m Dash
21. Elise Berning - 8.28 (PR)
Girls 60m Hurdles
9. Jordan Barnett - 9.62 (PR)
12. Megan Rowe - 9.77 (PR)
Girls 200m Dash
21. Jordan Barnett 27.18 (PR)
25. Elise Berning 27.36
28. Megan Rowe 27.54 (PR)
Girls 400m Dash
6. Jordan Barnett - 1:00.13 (PR, Davis #3 All Time)
8. Elise Berning - 1:02.02 (PR)
9. Megan Rowe - 1:02.32 (PR)
Girls One Mile 
3. Aubrey Argyle - 5:11.59
4. Ally Geisler - 5:13.10 (PR)
10. Tatum Beard - 5:22.51 (PR)
11. Miah Weaver - 5:25.55
13. Sam Hedquist - 5:28.55 (PR)
21. Josey Hedquist - 5:37.25
Girls Two Mile
2. Aubrey Argyle 11:04.57
4. Sam Hedquist 11:40.67 (PR)

Boys 60m Dash
25. Jordan Goldsberry - 7.44
Boys 60m Hurdles
3. Palmer Flood - 8.69/8.73
9. Jaron Erickson - 8.64/9.12
Boys 200m Dash
13. Jordan Goldsberry - 23.34
18. Palmer Flood - 23.56
23. Jaron Erickson - 23.95
Boys 400m Dash
5. Jordan Goldsberry - 51.57 (PR)
6. Palmer Flood - 51.68 (PR)
22. Jaron Erickson - 54.97
Boys One Mile
3. Josh Ward - 4:19.86 (PR)
5. Logan MacKay - 4:24.22 (PR)
6. Stokton Smith - 4:24.47 (PR)
16. Colter Blanchard - 4:33.56 (PR)
17. Camren Todd - 4:35.04
18. Bryce Ferguson - 4:35.39 (PR)
20. Frasier Williamson - 4:37.88 (PR)
22. Colton Rimann - 4:40.83 (PR)
29. Daniel Tumblin - 4:44.77
30. Zach Wilde - 4:44.84
35. Mitch Perry - 4:49.50
43. Brandon Peters - 4:55.66
Boys Two Mile
7. Camren Todd - 9:48.13
8. Colton Rimann - 9:50.23 (PR)
10. Bryce Ferguson - 9:51.25 (PR)
16. Frasier Williamson - 9:56.28 (PR)
20. Daniel Tumblin - 10:09.17
24. Zach Wilde - 10:19.73
27. Mitch Perry - 10:26.90
30. Brandon Peters - 10:35.40

Utah Distance Challenge - The Distance Challenge is this Friday (February 13th) at the Olympic Oval in Kearns. The only events are the 400m, 800m, 1600m, and 3200m. We encourage all sprinters and hurdlers to come and race the 400m. The cost is $5. You will need to get yourself to the meet. The events begin at 5:00pm. This is a meet that our team is in charge of - so I am looking for a few volunteer helpers. If you are interested - please let me know sometime this week. You can see more information at  

Simplot Games - February 19-21. We will be taking up nearly 100 athletes to run in the Simplot Games. Your waivers and money are due this Thursday (February 12th). Please make the checks out to 'Davis County Running Club'. I will send out more information about Simplot this week. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Indoor TEAM Pictures - We will take a TEAM photo this Wednesday after school. Please come for the picture if you have participated in indoor track this year.

Long Sleeve Shirts - the 2nd order of shirts should come in 8-10 days. You may now pay in the office ($20 per shirt) - If you have not yet paid for your shirts please do so as soon as you can. 

Strider's Shoe Night - We will have a TEAM night at Striders in Layton on Wednesday, February 25th from 5:00-7:00pm. They will be offering special team discounts on trainers and track spikes and they will have a great variety of spikes for all events. 

Lets wrap up the indoor season with some PRs and season bests in the final two meets of the year.
- Coach Talley 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Indoor Track Update - February 3

Darts -
Sorry I am a bit late on the indoor update this week. We were very pleased with the performances this past weekend, and we have been very pleased with your work and your attitudes this indoor season. Stay hungry and committed!

Utah Indoor Championships (Coaches Meet): It was an exciting and competitive weekend at the Olympic Oval. It took me forever to update the performance list with all of the new season bests and PRs. We are continuing to improve and continuing to show toughness and teamwork. This was the only scored meet of the indoor season - and we really dominated on the boys side. Our boys won the meet with 90.5. There was a 3 way tie for 2nd place with Syracuse, Desert Hills, and Bingham, all with 27 points. The girls went up against some very talented teams and scored 57.5 points to finish 2nd place behind Herriman (64). Syracuse girls were 3rd with 46. We are going to have some great battles with both teams this year. There were some outstanding individual performances, but we are mostly impressed with all of the PRs and the toughness that our TEAM is showing. You can see the full results at (UHSTCA Meet). The following athletes finished in the top 10 in their event (practically earning "indoor all-state"):
Boys -
60m Dash - Jacob Moffett, 8th place - 7.28 (Davis #8 All Time)
60m Hurdles - Jaron Erickson, 2nd place - 8.53 (Davis #3 All Time)
60m Hurdles - Palmer Flood, 3rd place - 8.57 (Davis #5 All Time)
200m Dash - Jordan Goldsberry, 9th place - 23.28
800m Run - Logan MacKay, 1st place - 1:55.34 (Davis #4 All Time)
1600m Run - Josh Ward, 1st place - 4:24.91 (Davis #7 All Time)
3200m Run - Josh Ward, 1st place - 9:25.59 (Davis #2 All Time)
3200m Run - Camren Todd, 6th place - 9:39.43 (Davis #9 All Time)
3200m Run - Colton Rimann, 10th place - 9:47.47
High Jump - Nate Allred, 3rd place - 6'02
Long Jump - Nate Welling, 3rd place - 20'09.25 (Davis #8 All Time)
Long Jump - Matt Calvin, 5th place - 20'04
Pole Vault - Matt Calvin, 1st place - 13'06 (Davis #11 All Time)
Pole Vault - Harrison Haslam, 10th place - 11'06
Pole Vault - Evyn Conrad, 10th place - 11'06
Shot Put - Dallin Baires, 5th place - 45'01
4 x 200 Relay - 1st place - 1:33.53 (Goldsberry, Gipson, Moffett, Stringham)
4 x 400 Relay - 3rd place - 3:33.17 (Stringham, Goldsberry, K Johnson, MacKay)
Girls -
60m Hurdles - Jordan Barnett, 5th place - 9.66 (Davis #8 All Time)
60m Hurdles - Olivia Richards, 9th place - 9.84 (Davis #10 All Time)
200m Dash - Elise Berning, 10th place - 26.89 (Davis #9 All Time)
400m Dash - Ruby Jane Matthewson, 8th place - 1:00.75
800m Run - Ally Geisler, 4th place - 2:20.71 (Davis #6 All Time)
800m Run - Josey Hedquist, 6th place - 2:22.00 (Davis #8 All Time)
1600m Run - Aubrey Argyle, 5th place - 5:09.58 (Davis #5 All Time)
1600m Run - Ally Geisler, 6th place - 5:13.64 (Davis #9 All Time)
3200m Run - Aubrey Argyle, 2nd place - 10:58.31 (Davis #2 All Time)
3200m Run - Tatum Beard, 8th place - 11:32.60 (Davis #7 All Time)
Pole Vault - Baylee Reynolds, 6th place (7'00)
Pole Vault - Ashley Sullenger, 7th place (7'00)
4 x 200m Relay - 2nd place - 1:48.20 (Gipson, Richards, Rounkles, Berning)
4 x 400m Relay - 1st place - 4:08.45 (Gipson, Barnett, J Hedquist, Geisler)

Our updated performances lists and all time lists are posted at

Simplot Games: You should have turned in your initial commitment paper for Simplot today. The rest of the information (waiver and money) is due by Thursday, February 12th. You can see the meet schedule at I will be sending out more information as the meet gets closer. It should be a great Simplot for us this year.

Up Next (Indoor Track):
2/13 - Utah Distance Challenge at the Olympic Oval. Events start at 5:00pm (1600m, 400m, 800m, and 3200m)
2/19-2/21 - Simplot Games

We are wrapping up a very strong indoor track season. I would just encourage each of you to dig deep in your remaining opportunities to compete. Learn from your experiences. If you are not satisfied with your performances, be determined to work hard and get stronger and faster as we move into the outdoor season.
Compete for your TEAM - I have always felt that if you compete with your TEAM in mind, you will find the motivation and the strength for that extra few seconds in a distance race, that extra few inches in a throw or a jump, and those extra tenths of seconds in a sprint or hurdle race. We are ONE big group working together for common goals - both as a TEAM and as individuals. Motivate and inspire one another and always give a little more for your TEAM. And trust your coaches! We have some of the most incredible people on our coaching staff this year, and they are working hard to help you get prepared for when it really counts. Trust them, thank them, help them, and work hard for them.  

Keep working with purpose and keep loving what you do!
Coach Talley

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Indoor Track Update - January 25

Darts -
For those of you who are new to the track team (added to the class this week), you can expect to see an update email like this most weekends. I will try to go over our highlights of the previous week and the important things we have coming up. I was very excited to see so many of you in the track class, and I feel like we have a great spring season in front of us. As I said in the class, I would challenge each of you to commit to being a part of the TEAM. You can each contribute through your attitudes, your hard work, and your abilities. Please show up each day with a good attitude, ready to work together to get better as a whole.
If you have questions about the class or about being on the team, but don't get a chance to ask me during the track class, just send me an email.

Weber State and BYU Indoor Invites - We had a great showing Friday night with the field events at Weber State and Saturday with the track events at BYU. It was fun to see so much improvement over our first meet at Utah State two weeks ago. We are making progress as a TEAM, and really showing a lot of strength this indoor season. I am starting to really believe that we have what it takes to be one of the great Davis TEAMs.
Quite a few Davis athletes finished in the top 6 of their events:
Nate Allred (1st - High Jump at BYU - 6'06)
Baylee Reynolds (3rd - Pole Vault at BYU - 7'06)
Kylee Edwards (3rd - Shot Put - 34'05)
Kathryn Wilde (6th - Shot Put - 30'02)
Dallin Baires (2nd - Shot Put - 45'04)
Mikey Nash (5th - High Jump - 5'04)
Liz Jones (1st - Pole Vault - 8'06)
Sarah Calder (6th - Pole Vault - 6'06)
Ashley Sullenger (6th - Pole Vault - 6'06)
Matt Calvin (1st - Pole Vault - 13'03, 2nd Long Jump - 19'03)
Nate Welling (3rd - Long Jump - 18'07)
Ashley Taylor (6th - High Jump - 4'06)
Taylor Southwick (3rd - Pole Vault - 11'06)
Luke Shaner (4th - Pole Vault - 10'06)
Courtney Wayment (2nd - mile - 5:13, 2nd - 800 - 2:20)
Miah Weaver (6th - mile - 5:23)
Josh Ward (1st - mile - 4:27, 2nd 800 - 1:59)
Logan MacKay (2nd - mile - 4:28, 1st - 800 - 1:58)
Jordan Barnett (3rd - 60 Hurdles - 9.73)
Olivia Richards (6th - 60 Hurdles - 9.99)
Jaron Erickson (3rd - 60 Hurdles - 8.66)
Palmer Flood (4th - 60 Hurdles - 8.81)
Ally Geisler (3rd - 800m - 2:21)
Tatum Beard (6th - 800m - 2:24)
Stokton Smith (3rd - 800m - 1:59)
Aubrey Argyle (1st - 2 mile - 11:29)
Sam Hedquist (5th - 2 mile - 11:51)
Daniel Tumblin (3rd - 2 mile - 10:07)
Girls 4 x 1 lap relay - 1st - BriAnna Gipson, Ally Geisler, Josey Hedquist, Jordan Barnett
Boys 4 x 1 lap relay - 2nd - Jordan Goldsberry, Kelton Johnson, Riley Stringham, Palmer Flood
Coach Timothy - 1st in the Coaches Mile with a big PR of 4:44 - and a very strong finish to get me down the final stretch.

Beyond our top 6 performances, we had a bunch of big improvements and indoor PRs. For example, Nate Wilde (just a 9th grader) dropped 20 seconds off his mile time and nearly dipped under 5:00. Those improvements are just as fun and exciting as taking first place! The most important part of this early point in the season is to learn and gain experience and continue to get better - in addition to helping your teammates get better.
You can see the full BYU results at, the updated boys and girls performance lists at, and the Weber State results attached to this email.

Utah Indoor Championships: We have another big track meet this next weekend at the Olympic Oval in Kearns (the fastest track in the state). It is a great opportunity to compete and to set indoor PRs. You are welcome to sign up, even if you have not done the other indoor meets. I will need the attached registration form turned in by Wednesday practice (registration needs to be done by midnight on Wednesday). You will pay for your events when you show up to the Oval on Friday or Saturday ($5 per event). Friday night will have the field events (shot put, high jump, long jump, triple jump, pole vault) and the 1600m, 400m, and 4 x 800m. See attached paper for more information.

Simplot Games: I will announce the Simplot Invitations at practice tomorrow (Monday). I will also have some information to hand out at that time. I will email out more information for parents about Simplot this week.

Shirt Order #2: If anyone would like to order one of the long sleeve DAVIS shirts that we made during indoor, I will have a sign up sheet going around this week. The cost will still be $20. The shirts should get here in mid-February. Parents are welcome to order.

Remaining Indoor Schedule
January 30-31: Utah State Indoor Championships - Olympic Oval
February 13: Utah Distance Challenge - Olympic Oval
February 19-21: Simplot Games - Pocatello, ID

Stay positive through all the ups and downs of training and competing.
- Coach Talley

Monday, January 19, 2015

Indoor Track Update - January 19

Darts -
I hope you are enjoying your small break. The indoor track season will be over before you know it - there are only 5 weeks left until the Simplot Games and the end of the season. To be honest, we were a little disappointed in attendance at practices this past week. We understand it was the last week of the term, but if you missed one or more practices this past week, we need to make a little better effort moving forward in the coming weeks. We have a core group of athletes doing a great job, but we would love to see more commitment, more purpose, and more TEAMwork as we continue through the indoor season and move into the outdoor season. Each of you need to feel like you can contribute. You will get so much more out of this if you will fully commit to doing your best each day.

Track Class: We start the track class on A-days this week (4th period). There are about 270 people in the track class, so it will be a bit chaotic to start with - stay patient with your coaches - and step up as leaders. Those of you who are not in the track class should still come and find your coach after school on A-Days to find out what the workout is (check in the small gym and on the indoor track). We will continue to meet in the cafeteria after school on B-Days for indoor practice.

Tuesday Practice (no school): We are going to meet at the school at 1:00pm at the south doors. We will either be going down to the Olympic Oval in Salt Lake or giving you a workout to do on the outdoor track at Davis. If you want to go down to the Oval, you will need to bring $2, and we will need some drivers. We will be back to Davis around 4:30. Distance runners, hurdlers, sprinters, and jumpers can all come down. If you can't attend the Oval, you should at least come to the school at 1:00 and we will give you a workout to do at the school. 

Weber State Invitational (Jan 23): On Friday (Jan 23) we will be attending the Weber State Invite with our field event athletes (shot put, pole vault, high jump, long jump). There will be no running events. We do NOT have to pre-register. The meet is at the Stromberg Gym (southeast corner of WSU campus). The cost will be $5 for the first event and $2 for any addition events. Spectators are charged $5 as well. We will hand out more info at practice on Wednesday and Thursday.
4:30 - Boys and Girls Shot Put (2 rings)
5:00 - Long Jump (girls first)
6:30 - High Jump (boys first)
7:00 - Pole Vault

BYU Invitational (Jan 24): We will be going to the BYU Indoor meet on Saturday. There will only be track events (no field events). I have attached the BYU Information. You will need to bring back the attached paper with the events you would like to run and the money ($4 per event) no later than Thursday afternoon this week. Let me know if you have any questions.

Alumni Report: Many of our alumni were in action this past weekend. Jared Ward ran at the U.S. 1/2 Marathon Championships in Houston where he finished 2nd Overall with a time of 1:01.42. Jared is training for the Olympic Trials Marathon which will be Los Angeles next February.
We also had a bunch of athletes competing in their first indoor meets of the season:
Kenzie Weir, BYU - 1st place in the 3000m at Boise State (10:09)
Shea Martinez, BYU - 7th place in the mile at Boise State (5:03)
Hannah Albrechtsen, BYU - 14th place in the mile at Boise State (5:11)
Ellie Child, Weber St - 2nd in the 3000m at Idaho State (10:03)
Taylor Cox, Weber St - 2nd in the 800m at Idaho State (2:20)
Preston Johnson, Weber St - 4th in the open 3000m at Idaho State (8:49)
Christine Van Brocklin, Utah - 7th in the 200m at Idaho State (26.81), 6th in the 60m hurdles (9.34)
Seth Gutzwiller, UVU - 5th in the 3000m at Idaho State (9:06)
Logan Petty, UVU - 5th in the open 3000m at Idaho State (8:53)
Bailey Carling, UVU - 10th in the 60m dash at Idaho State (8.23), 11th in the 200m (27.39)
Ashley Tyndall, SUU - 12th in the mile at NAU (5:34 - 7200 ft elevation), 9th in the 3000m (11:04)
Andrew Tyndall, SUU - 5th in the pole vault at NAU (13'10)

Let me know if you have any questions. It is a complicated week :)
Work hard, Love what you are doing, Contribute to the TEAM.
Coach Talley

Remaining Schedule:
Jan 23 - Weber State Invite (Field Events)
Jan 24 - BYU Invite (Track Events)
Jan 30-31 - Utah State Championships (Olympic Oval)
Feb 13 - Utah Distance Challenge (Olympic Oval)
Feb 19-21 - Simplot Games (Pocatello, ID)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Indoor Update - January 11

Darts -
It was fun to get the indoor season started on Saturday at the Utah State Invitational. We had nearly 100 athletes who competed in Logan, and we had a lot of strong opening marks. I think it gives us a great benchmark to work from. Probably the thing I liked the most is that we were competing with positive attitudes and I saw a lot of toughness. I can see that we have a TEAM of fighters who are willing to push themselves and who want to get faster and stronger. Some of you may not have had the greatest start (you might have hoped for better), but we have character and we are tough and we are going to keep working hard to improve as individuals and as a TEAM. Keep in mind that this was just the beginning. Stay determined to get better and to learn something from each track meet.
I have attached the full results for the meet and I will be putting the TEAM performance list on the web site ( I will also be updating the Davis All-Time lists on the web site as the season progresses.
We did have some very solid highlights: Dallin Baires won the weight throw and was 2nd in the shot put; Eli Beard finished 6th in the weight throw in his first high school meet; Kathryn Wilde was also 6th in the weight throw; Matt Calvin was 3rd in the pole vault with 12'06 and 3rd in the long jump with 20'06 - making the Davis all-time list in both events; Nate Welling also jumped 20'06 and finished 4th; Nate Allred won the high jump by 6 inches with a jump of 6'06 - only 1 inch away from the indoor school record; Liz Jones finished 3rd in the pole vault with 8'00; Aubrey Argyle led a deep group of girls in the mile - Aubrey was 3rd in 5:17, Courtney Wayment was 4th in 5:18, Ally Geisler was 5th in 5:20, and Miah Weaver was 7th in 5:23; Logan MacKay and Stokton Smith finished 3-4 in the boys mile - both running 4:28, a great start for the first meet and for the USU track; Jordan Barnett and Megan Rowe both made finals in the hurdles and finished 2nd and 6th - both with marks that made the all-time list; we had 4 boys make the hurdle finals: Palmer Flood, Jaron Erickson, McGyver Clark, and Taylor Southwick - Palmer ran 8.64 which is Davis #5 all-time and Jaron ran 8.81 for Davis #7 all-time; Jordan Goldsberry and Jacob Moffet made finals in the 60m dash and finished 4th and 7th; BriAnna Gipson led a group of 4 Davis girls who ran under 8.50 in the 60m dash; Kelton Johnson was our top finisher in the boys 400m with 3rd place - Palmer Flood finished 4th; Ruby Jane Matthewson was our top girl in the 400m with a 5th place finish - Jordan Barnett was 5th and Megan Rowe was 7th; we came back strong in the girls 800m with Courtney in 2nd, Ally in 3rd, Miah in 4th, Josey Hedquist in 5th, Aubrey in 6th, and Sam Hedquist in 7th; and Frasier Williamson finished 3rd in the boys 800m. We also had some great 4 x 200m relay performances. The splits were fast - and our boys A Team (Jordan, Jacob, Luis, and Riley) finished 2nd and our B Team finished 3rd. The girls 4 x 200 team also finished 3rd (Elise, Ashley, BriAnna, and Olivia).
Beyond those highlights, there were quite a few PRs and a lot of killer starting performances. I was even proud of those who scratched attempts, didn't have great starts, or fell in their hurdle races - because in each case, we stayed positive, didn't give up, and got up and finished if we fell. Plus we showed a lot of UNITY - it was nice to see you watching each other, cheering for each other, and even those who were injured or not quite ready for the meet still came and contributed to the TEAM atmosphere. At this point, I am much more concerned with your character, attitude, and TEAMwork than I am with setting records. It was a fun meet, and this is going to be a fun season. Keep up the good work!

Beasts of the Week: Nate Allred, Jordan Goldsberry, Nate Welling, Jordan Barnett, Megan Rowe, Ruby Jane Matthewson

This Week: Without a meet this weekend, it is a great week to work hard and focus on the future. Show up each day in the cafeteria at 2:45 with a positive attitude and a determination to be your best! Let's get after it.

Upcoming Schedule:
Jan 23 - Weber State Invitational (Field Events)
Jan 24 - BYU Invitational (Track Events)
Jan 30-31 - Utah Indoor Championships (Kearns)
Feb 13 - Utah Distance Challenge (Kearns)
Feb 19-21 - Simplot Games (Pocatello, ID)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Indoor Update - January 4

Darts -
Back to school and back to work tomorrow. I hope you have enjoyed the past two weeks and I hope you made some solid New Year's Resolutions. I know the breaks always go too fast, but we have a lot of great things to look forward to in the next 7 weeks of indoor track. I am a little afraid to ask about your activity/workouts during the break - I am sure that many of you did a good job staying in shape (great job if you did), but I am also sure that some of you took a step or two back. Don't stress that too much - we will get back to the grind this week and continue to build strength and speed throughout the indoor season. I don't expect anyone to be completely ready for our first meet this Saturday (Utah State), but I do expect you all to come to the meet and do your best.
The next 2 weeks of training will be very crucial to the remainder of the indoor season. We are going to be working very hard and really getting after it in practice. Be there!! We will meet every day at 2:45 in the cafeteria. If there are any of you who did not show up before the break, it is not too late to start this week! You just have to make the commitment and start coming. The work we do now will really benefit us when we get to the outdoor season.

2014 Year in Review: 2014 was a very solid year for Davis Track and Cross Country. No doubt we had our challenges, but we also saw so many success stories over the past year. Both the boys and the girls were the Utah Indoor State Champions. We had one of our best showings and largest TEAMs ever at the Simplot Games. Trevor Leavitt set the indoor school records in the 200m and the 400m. And we had all-time top 5 indoor marks from Taylor Cox in the 400m (4th), 800m (2nd), and 1600m (3rd); Aubrey Argyle in the 3200 (2nd); Kenzie Weir in the 3200 (5th); Andrew Tyndall in the pole vault (4th) and the triple jump (2nd); Carson Hunt in the 60m (4th); and Logan MacKay in the 800m (4th).
We continued our strength in outdoor track. Both the girls and the boys were Davis District Champions, BYU Invite Champions, and Region Champions. Things may not have fallen our way at the state meet (2nd for the girls and 7th for the boys), but we showed a lot of character, fight, and unity in everything we did. And our young athletes gained some valuable experience. Here are some of our top individual marks from outdoor track: Trevor Leavitt - 47.00 in the 400m for the school and state record; Trevor Leavitt - 21.58 in the 200m dash for a new school record; Andrew Tyndall - 14'11.50 in the pole vault and also state champion in the pole vault; Nate Allred - 6'05 in the high jump and 2nd at state; Palmer Flood - 39.09 in the 300m hurdles and 6th at state; Logan MacKay - 1:55.59 and 4th at state in the 800m; Josh Ward - 9:14.50 in the 3200m at Arcadia; Paige Erickson - 10'00 and 2nd at state in the pole vault (Davis #3 all-time); Kendall Sargent - 121'06 and 2nd at state in the javelin; Jordan Barnett and Megan Rowe - ran 45.25 and 45.47 their first year hurdling for 3rd and 4th at state; Melanie Sullivan - 400m in 57.33 for 2nd at state (Davis #2 all-time); Taylor Cox - 2:12.55 in the 800m for 2nd at state and 4:52.92 in the 1600m at Arcadia; and Aubrey Argyle- 3200m in 10:49.85 at Arcadia and 3rd at state, leading a killer group of freshman girls (Aubrey, Ally Geisler, and Miah Weaver). We had a number of athletes sign for or go on to compete at NCAA Division 1 Schools - Trevor Leavitt (BYU), Andrew Tyndall (SUU), Taylor Cox (Weber State), Kendall Sargent (BYU), Kenzie Weir (BYU), Hannah Albrechtsen (BYU), Ashley Tyndall (SUU), Sierra Graham (USU), Hailee Carattini (USU), and Rachel Anderson (USU).
Our cross country season this past fall was one of our most successful seasons on a national level. Our girls team did a stellar job replacing 6 seniors who graduated in the spring. The girls won the Highland Invite, the BYU Invite, the USU Invite, the Bob Firman Invite, the District and Region Championships, and finished a close 2nd at the state championships behind American Fork. The girls kept working hard and finished 3rd at the Nike Southwest Regional and earned a spot at the Nike Nationals where they finished 15th. It is a young group who we are sure to see great things from in the next 2 years. Aubrey Argyle was 2nd at state and ran the fastest time ever for a Davis girl, and Ally Geisler finished 3rd at state. The boys were arguably the 2nd best team in school history. The boys won the BYU Invite, the USU Invite, the Bob Firman Invite (in a team time record), the District and Region Championships, and also finished 2nd to American Fork at the state meet. We nearly pulled off the upset at the Southwest Regional meet, finishing 2nd to American Fork by only 3 points. The boys went on to finish 6th at the Nike Nationals - our 2nd highest finish ever. Stokton Smith (5th) and Logan MacKay (8th) were all-state; and Josh Ward was our top finisher at Nike Nationals.
As I look back at the year, I am very proud of all that we have accomplished. Both the track and cross country teams were full of energy, commitment, and teamwork. We had so many athletes who were willing to work hard and make our program great. As we move forward with 2015, I hope that each of you will make the commitment to do your best and to contribute to another successful year. We have some high potential and some high expectations for this TEAM. I am excited to see your growth and progress as the year goes on. I am excited to see who will step up and be the biggest surprises of this next year. I am positive that we will face challenges again in 2015, but I am excited to see how we respond to those challenges - hopefully with strength, determination, and unity. This is a great TEAM to be a part of, and I hope that each of you will realize how special it is to represent Davis High in all we do.

Important Items:
USU Invite: The Utah State Invitational (Logan) is on Saturday, January 10th. Again, I know that some of you will be scared or feel "not ready", but the first meet is just a chance to get a starting point. No Fear - just excitement and a determination to do your best. If things don't go great, well - it's not the state championships - we have many chances to try again :) I will hand out more information on Tuesday at practice. We will be taking one bus, but you can also drive up independently.

Long Sleeve Quarter Zip Shirts: If you ordered a shirt, you can pay in the main office (or online) starting on Wednesday (the fees won't be entered until then). The cost is $20. The shirts should be here around January 15th. You will not receive the shirt if you have not paid the fee.

Indoor Track Fee: If you did not pay before the break, please pay $25 in the office this week. Thanks!

Simplot Games: We will be posting the invite list to the Simplot Games after the BYU Invitational (January 24th). The invites will be based on performance at the first 2 indoor meets, attendance at practice, and seniority on the team.

Indoor Schedule (
January 10 - USU Invite
January 23 - Weber State Invite (Field Events - Throws, Jumps, Pole Vault)
January 24 - BYU Invite (Track Events)
January 30-31 - Utah Indoor Championships @ the Olympic Oval in Kearns
January 13 - Utah Distance Challenge @ Olympic Oval (400m, 800m, 1600m, 3200m)
January 19-21 - Simplot Games (Pocatello, ID)

Thanks & see you tomorrow -
Coach Talley

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