Monday, January 28, 2013

Indoor Track Update

Darts & Parents - 
We are moving quickly through the indoor season. It is hard to believe that Simplot is so close and that the outdoor practices are less than a month away (especially when I look out the window at all of the snow). I think we have done a good job working as a TEAM, but I always feel that we can re-focus our efforts, work a little harder, be a little more committed, and be a lot more unified. I hope that over the final 2-3 meets of the indoor season that we can really work on TEAM unity. I also think it is important to focus on having fun and enjoying the benefits of all of your hard work. Our indoor season conditioning has been very positive and I want to carry that right into the outdoor season. 

Boise Indoor - A small group of Davis athletes traveled to Boise for the New Balance Invitational this past weekend. The girls 4 x 800m team of Taylor Cox, Joanna Boyd, Ellie Child, and Shea Martinez ran a new school record of 9:14.86. It was the number 1 time in the U.S. for about 24 hours - and is now the #2 time in the country. It is also the 2nd fastest time ever run by a Utah team (Mt View ran 9:12 in 2003). The boys team also won the 4 x 800 with a school record of 8:01.38 - ranking them #10 in the U.S. The team was Jackson Sagers, Alex Hedquist, Skylar Williams, and Alex Hedquist. Preston Johnson finished 2nd place in both the mile and the 2 mile - with solid prs in both races (9:28/4:22) ranking him #2 Davis All-time in the 3200, and #4 all-time in the 1600. Alex Hedquist came back after the 4 x 800 to finish 3rd in the 2 mile with 9:45, Skylar Williams came back and finished 3rd in the mile (4:27), and Jackson Sagers was 7th in the mile with 4:34. Christine Van Brocklin placed 4th in the 60m hurdles and 8th in the 400m dash. Ellie Child came back after the 4 x 800 to finish first in the mile (5:09 - Davis #2 all-time), Taylor Cox was 3rd in the mile (5:20), and Joanna Boyd finished 8th in 5:37. Shea Martinez ran 2:13.09 in the 800m for the win and a new school record. It also ranks her #9 in the U.S. in the 800m at this point. 

There are a lot of important things coming up . . . 

Utah State Indoor Championships - Is this Friday and Saturday, February 1-2 at the Olympic Oval in Kearns. The field events are on Friday afternoon/evening (including the shot put, long jump, triple jump, high jump, and pole vault). The track events on Friday include the 1600m, the 400m, and the 4 x 800. The rest of the running events are on Saturday. Please see the attached paper for the schedule and for more information. It is very important that you return the paper to me with your entry fee by Wednesday's practice. Again, the cost is $4 for your first event and $3 for each event after that. And we need to register you by Wednesday night. It is the only indoor meet of the season that keeps TEAM scores - we will be going for the win for both the boys and the girls!!

Simplot Games - February 14-16. I have also attached the information for Simplot. For those of you planning on going to the Simplot Games, you are supposed to turn in the attached Simplot paper by tomorrow (Tuesday). If you are on the list, but you will be unable to attend, please let me know and I will invite one of the alternates in your place. Let me know on the paper if your parents are able to drive up to Simplot or home from Simplot. We do not have hotel rooms for the drivers, but we will be providing gas money. I am hoping that some of the distance runner parents can drive up on Thursday and watch their kids race before they drive home, and that some of the parents who would have kids in the finals on Saturday can help us drive home. At this point, it is nearly impossible for parents to find open hotel rooms in Pocatello (most of the rooms in Pocatello were gone about 3 months ago). My advice for parents who are wanting to stay in Pocatello to watch the races is to continue to call up hotels until the days before the meet in order to find rooms that become available as other people or teams cancel. If you are curious about what time you would be racing at the meet, you can look at the time schedule at Remember that each athlete only gets to run in one individual event and all of you will be in at least one relay on Friday or Saturday. Field event athletes can do 2 individual field events (plus an individual track event). Let me know if you or your parents have any questions.

Utah Distance Challenge - February 8th. For distance runners and 400m runners there is one more chance to race before Simplot - it is at the Utah Distance Challenge - hosted by us at the Olympic Oval in Kearns. For more information, you can look at 

Girls who were on the cross country TEAM can come by my classroom and pick up their state champion t-shirts any time this week.

That's about all - keep working hard - I promise you that your hard work and sacrifice for your TEAM will pay off. 
Coach Talley 

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Indoor Track Update - January 21

Darts - 
We finally had the opportunity to see where we are this past weekend. We saw some great things at both the Weber State Invitational (field events on Friday) and the BYU Invitational. It was one of our strongest starts in years. If the BYU meet had team scores, both our boys and our girls would have won with scores around 100 points (which is very strong considering there are not as many events as we see in outdoor). The highlight of the meet had to have been Seth Fortin's school record in the 60m dash. He ran 6.93 breaking Ryan Avery's school record of 6.99. Seth's time also ranks him #8 in the U.S. at this point, and is the 4th fastest ever run by a Utahn. We also had very strong performances from Christine Van Brocklin in the 60m hurdles; Bailey Carling in the 60m dash; Hailee Carattini in the pole vault; Taylor Cox, Ellie Child, Joanna Boyd, and Ashley Tyndall in the distance races; Connor Badger in the 60m hurdles; Trevor Leavitt in the 400m; Jackson Sagers in the 800m; Preston Johnson in the mile and 2 mile; Trace Arbon in the pole vault; and Ben Bracken and Sam Matina in the throws. 
While there was a lot of positive things that we saw at the meet, and I felt like it was a solid start to our indoor season, we are by no means where we want to be at this point. We have a lot of work to do if we are going to be as great as we can be. It is going to take hard work, drive and determination, teamwork, and a lot of focus. If there are any of you who competed at the meet who were discouraged or disappointed in how you performed, that is okay - as long as you have the right attitude about it. Don't give up! Be willing to work hard and really push yourself to get better and to get to a point that you can be satisfied with and proud of. If you could easily hit your goals the very first time you tried at the start of a season, then track & field would not be worth it. One of the great things about this sport is that it tests you and it takes a lot of hard work to get to where you want to be. Don't be satisfied with where you performed last week - and don't be discouraged either. Be motivated and inspired to get better and to eventually be your very best when we are later in the outdoor season. 
If there are any of you who missed the opportunity to compete, our next meet is in 2 weeks at the Olympic Oval (February 1-2). The track at the Olympic Oval is a faster track and the competition will be just as strong or stronger. I am looking forward to seeing your progress as we get to that next meet. I would encourage each of you to set a goal for that meet, and then work hard for the next 2 weeks to reach that goal. 

Track Class - For those of you who are in the track class. Our first day is Wednesday - I can't wait :) If you are not in the track class we will still have a small group meeting up in the hall by the indoor track after school on A-days. We will still meet in the cafeteria on B-days to start indoor track practice.
Yearbook Pictures - We are taking the indoor track club yearbook picture on Thursday, January 24. Meet in the cafeteria at 2:45. 
Hurdlers - There is an optional practice on Tuesday (January 22) at the Davis indoor track at 9:30am with Coach West. It is optional, but you should go :) If any sprinters would like to come and work out at that time, that would also be recommended. 
Distance Runners - We are NOT meeting on Tuesday, but I would like for you to run a 3-4 mile tempo run on your own. Warm up for 1.5 miles, run 3-4 miles hard, and then cool down for 1.5 miles. If you have not yet run today (Monday), you should go out for about 50-70 minutes (6-10 miles).
Spikes - Striders is having a great clearance sale on track spikes. Most of there spikes are 40% off - which puts them around $30-40. And they have a lot of sizes - although not all sizes. It is located on Hill Field Road in Layton.
Milesplit, UT - There is a new web site manager of for Utah ( Milesplit is one of the top web sites in the U.S. for high school track and field. You should all get on the Utah facebook page and like MileSplit Utah. The new director is NCAA steeplechase champion and former Alta High/BYU star, Kyle Perry. He will be covering Utah track and field all season long. And already did a nice write up about the BYU Indoor meet. 
Simplot Games - I will have an invite list at practice on Wednesday. I will also email out the list and the initial information. If you are not on the list, but would like to attend, please let me know and I will see what I can do. If you are on the list but won't be able to go, let me know and we will take one of the alternates in your place.

Thanks for reading. 
Keep up the great work. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.
- Coach Talley  

Full BYU Results - (Davis results listed below)
Weber State Results - have not yet been released.  

BYU Girls Results
60m Hurdles
2. Christine Van Brocklin - 10.12 in trials, 9.40 in finals (Davis #4 all-time)
12. 10.50 Karly Sprague
17. 10.83 Lizbeth Jones
18. 10.87 Phebe Krutsch
19. 10.88 Olivia Richards
20. 11.06 Tyra Colohan
28. 12.23 Tiahna Cipriano
29. 12.52 Megan Tyndall
32. 12.67 Hannah Nosler
34. 13.12 Baylee Reynolds

60m Dash
3. Bailey Carling - 8.15 in trials, 8.02 in finals (Davis #6 all-time)
12. 8.50 Rachel Anderson
15. 8.55 Phebe Krutsch
20. 8.63 Lizbeth Jones
31. 8.73 Olivia Richards
32. 8.74 Elise Berning
32. 8.74 Brittney Rounkles
41. 8.88 Tauni Larsen
48. 9.22 Lizzie Sonderegger
58. 9.58 Brooke Jensen
60. 9.82 Megan Tyndall
61. 9.96 Baylee Reynolds
63. 12.77 Jessica Swim

200m Dash
13. 28.63 Rachel Anderson
14. 28.64 Hailee Carattini
15. 28.69 Christine Van Brocklin
22. 29.25 Phebe Krutsch
26. 29.42 Brittney Rounkles
30. 29.62 Lizbeth Jones
31. 29.67 Karly Sprague
33. 29.78 Tatum Beard
34. 29.83 Tauni Larsen
39. 30.97 Sydney Larsen
42. 31.62 Lizzie Sonderegger
47. 32.06 Brooke Jensen
51. 32.79 Isabella Nosler
57. 34.22 Baylee Reynolds
58. 34.40 Hannah Nosler
61. 49.99 Jessica Swim

400m Dash
12. 1:04.99 BriAnna Gipson
23. 1:07.11 Tatum Beard
29. 1:08.82 Tyra Colohan
34. 1:09.46 Rachel Clouse
37. 1:11.35 Sydney Larsen
49. 1:16.34 Isabella Nosler
53. 2:22.39 Jessica Swim

800m Run
1. 2:23.46 Taylor Cox (Davis #7 all-time)
3. 2:25.17 Joanna Boyd (Davis #10 all-time)
6. 2:28.45 Katie Frandsen (Davis #12 all-time)
8. 2:32.95 Kenzie Weir
9. 2:34.11 Hannah Albrechtsen
11. 2:36.23 Sierra Graham
13. 2:41.41 Elise Anderson
14. 2:41.80 Tiahna Cipriano
18. 2:44.79 Ally Geisler
19. 2:45.22 Madi Bledsoe
21. 2:46.99 BriAnna Gipson
22. 2:47.27 Kaitlyn Datwyler
24. 2:48.85 Sydney Zaugg
25. 2:48.89 Sierra Haslam
27. 2:50.48 Sam Hedquist
28. 2:53.69 Nicole Wood
29. 2:55.28 Rachel Clouse
30. 2:55.81 Janelle Daw
31. 2:56.56 Sydney Rayl
33. 2:57.65 Shaylee Argyle
37. 2:59.66 Alyssa Steward
38. 3:01.22 Alex Tanner
41. 3:17.45 Ella Palmer

1 Mile Run
2. 5:25.39 Ellie Child (Davis #8 all-time)
4. 5:26.33 Taylor Cox (Davis #11 all-time)
5. 5:29.85 Joanna Boyd (Davis #13 all-time)
12. 5:34.85 Kenzie Weir
13. 5:35.35 Ashley Tyndall
19. 5:43.09 Chelsey Johnson
21. 5:47.72 Aimee Vance
23. 5:48.86 Hannah Albrechtsen
24. 5:48.90 Sierra Graham
28. 5:52.69 Madi Bledsoe
31. 5:53.70 Ally Geisler
35. 5:55.99 Mikell Wood
39. 5:59.54 Elise Anderson
40. 6:01.16 Katie Frandsen
42. 6:01.64 Sam Hedquist
48. 6:09.82 Sadie Hutchinson
49. 6:09.92 Kaitlyn Datwyler
50. 6:10.13 Sierra Haslam
54. 6:14.43 Grace Neuenschwander
59. 6:22.67 Sydney Zaugg
70. 6:30.35 Shaylee Argyle
74. 6:33.52 Sydney Rayl
75. 6:33.93 Alex Tanner
80. 6:41.45 Alyssa Steward

2 Mile Run
2. 12:12.12 Ashley Tyndall
3. 12:20.48 Chelsey Johnson
3. 12:28.44 Aimee Vance
8. 13:23.22 Sadie Hutchinson
10. 13:49.85 Nicole Wood

4 x 1 lap Relay
2. 3:13.40 - Davis A Team - Ellie Child, Rachel Anderson, Christine Van Brocklin, Taylor Cox (Davis #3 All-Time)
5. 3:28.05 - Davis B Team - Karly Sprague, Lizbeth Jones, Tauni Larsen, Tatum Beard

High Jump
5. 4'10 Hailee Carattini 

Pole Vault
2. 8'00 Hailee Carattini (Davis #6 all-time)

BYU Boys Results
60m Hurdles
8. Connor Badger 9.26 in trials; 9.11 in Finals (Davis #13 all-time)
11. 9.32 Trace Arbon (Davis #21 all-time)
13. 9.35 Todd Froisland (Davis #22 all-time)
16. 9.48 Austin Atkinson
20. 9.65 Andrew Tyndall
21. 10.00 Rex Sumsion
23. 10.17 Spencer Shaw
26. 10.25 Palmer Flood
34. 11.14 Korbin Birrell

60m Dash
2. Seth Fortin - 7.02 in trials; 6.93 in finals - NEW SCHOOL RECORD!! #8 in the U.S. 
9. 7.26 Connor Badger (Davis #6 all-time)
14. 7.32 Carson Hunt (Davis #9 all-time)
32. 7.53 Trevor Leavitt
41. 7.65 Colton Chronister
42. 7.65 Tod Froisland
47. 7.66 James Watkins
50. 7.67 Connor Simonsen
51. 7.67 Jordan Goldsberry
68. 7.86 Colby Child
74. 7.94 Gabe Alfaro
78. 8.04 Andrew Tyndall
82. 8.14 Zach Guillaume
84. 8.18 Connor Geisler

200m Dash
2. 23.05 Seth Fortin (already Davis #2 all-time with 22.69)
13. 23.87 Trevor Leavitt (Davis #18 all-time)
19. 24.18 Connor Badger
29. 24.78 Colton Chronister
44. 25.28 Palmer Flood
80. 29.06 Connor Geisler

400m Dash
6. 51.97 Trevor Leavitt (Davis #14 all-time)
27. 55.75 Taylor Goldsberry
33. 57.21 Rex Sumsion
34. 57.38 Ryker Johnson

800m Run
2. 1:59.48 Jackson Sagers (already Davis #3 all-time with 1:57)
6. 2:03.25 Brayden Cromar (Davis #17 all-time)
7. 2:04.18 Ryan Lee
10. 2:05.72 Seth Thompson
13. 2:07.72 Stokton Smith (top 10th grader in the race)
17. 2:11.49 Skylar Williams
21. 2:13.14 Ethan Stuart
25. 2:15.16 Colter Blanchard (Top 9th grader in the race)
28. 2:15.53 Logan Haviland
31. 2:16.75 Kent Thompson
38. 2:22.05 Brady England
41. 2:22.84 Josh Robinson
42. 2:23.38 Jackson Rayl
44. 2:24.61 Mitch Perry
45. 2:25.32 Caleb Gipson
47. 2:25.77 Bryce Ferguson
48. 2:25.79 Zach Wilde
49. 2:25.84 Adam Aposhian
51. 2:27.78 Tanner Horrocks
58. 2:36.86 Frasier Williamson
62. 2:43.13 Kyle Beech

1 Mile Run
3. 4:28.93 Preston Johnson (Davis #9 all-time)
6. 4:35.78 Alex Hedquist
8. 4:39.17 Skylar Williams
11. 4:43.72 Seth Thompson
13. 4:44.29 Josh Ward
16. 4:46.38 Sam Haws
25. 4:51.58 Isaac Clouse
31. 4:56.95 Kimball Potter
35. 4:58.74 Ryan Lee
36. 4:59.60 Ethan Stuart
44. 5:00.62 Colter Blanchard (top 9th grader in the race)
46. 5:00.83 Logan Haviland
53. 5:03.73 Matt Hawkins
56. 5:05.20 Colton Rimann
62. 5:06.53 Taylor Goldsberry
70. 5:10.26 Alex White
74. 5:11.91 Kent Thompson
85. 5:15.55 Joseph Bailey
86. 5:16.71 Daniel Tumblin
88. 5:17.19 Brandon Peters
91. 5:17.75 Bryce Ferguson
94. 5:18.65 Mitch Perry
95. 5:19.83 JR Oldham
100. 5:20.85 Josh Robinson
109. 5:24.21 Zach Wilde
111. 5:24.55 Caleb Gipson
114. 5:25.00 Jackson Rayl
120. 5:27.31 Adam Aposhian
124. 5:30.38 Frasier Williamson
129. 5:32.62 Tanner Horrocks
162. 6:09.10 Kyle Beech

2 Mile Run
2. 9:46.64 Preston Johnson (Davis #10 all-time)
5. 10:06.09 Alex Hedquist
9. 10:17.87 Josh Ward
10. 10:21.56 Andrew Aposhian
14. 10:40.63 Isaac Clouse
16. 10:50.63 Matt Hawkins
17. 10:50.69 Colton Rimann (top 9th grader in the race)
19. 11:11.41 Daniel Tumblin
22. 11:17.76 Brandon Peters
27. 11:40.49 JR Oldham

4 x 1 Lap Relay
4. 2:42.78 Davis A Team - Seth Fortin, Connor Badger, Jackson Sagers, Trevor Leavitt (Davis #2 all-time)
10. 2:54.77 Davis B Team - Seth Thompson, Ryan Lee, Taylor Goldsberry, Sam Haws 

Shot Put
3. 49'03.75 Ben Bracken (Davis #12 all-time)
6. 46'05.00 Sam Matina

Weight Throw
2. 48'05.00 Sam Matina (Davis #6 all-time)
3. 47'06.00 Ben Bracken (Davis #7 all-time)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Indoor Track Update - January 14

Darts - 
I want to thank each of you for your patience, support, and commitment as I was trying to figure out what to do with the Utah State Invitational last Saturday. While I regret that we weren't able to compete in our first track meet last weekend, it is a regret I can live with. If anything would have happened to any of you while traveling up to the meet, I don't think I could live with that regret. I'm also sorry that my emails were not getting to everyone and that some of you may have been left in the dark with regards to the plans. It was great to see that so many of you were here at the school on Saturday morning, ready to compete and ready to have fun. I was even glad to see the disappointment that some of you felt because we weren't going to compete. We would have completely dominated the meet, but we will just have to show that TEAM strength this week at the Weber State Invite (field events on Friday) and the BYU Invite (track events on Saturday). Missing one of our few opportunities to compete during the indoor season makes it so much more important to take full advantage of the track meet this weekend. I hope that you are all "hungry" and extra motivated to perform your best this weekend. 
We did have one athlete compete at Utah State. Ben Bracken finished 1st in both the shot put (49') and the weight throw (48'). 

Weber State Invitational - Friday, January 18th - All of the field event athletes will be going up to the Weber State Invite on Friday. We will not be taking a bus. The meet is in the Swenson Gym at Weber State. I have attached the paper with the schedule and more information about the meet. If any field event athletes would rather go down to the BYU Invite on their own, look at the BYU Invite information/schedule and make sure to let me know that you are going down to BYU. 

BYU Invitational - Saturday, January 19th - All of the track events will be going down to the BYU Invite on Saturday. We will meet at the school at 6:45am, and we will be taking one bus down to the meet. Some people will need to find their own transportation (preferably with parents). I have attached the information about the BYU Invite. I need to pre-register everyone for BYU, so please have the paper back to me no later than Thursday's practice. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Simplot Games - I will have an invite list for the Simplot Games next week on Monday or Tuesday. If you are unable to compete at the BYU Invite this weekend, but you still want to be considered for Simplot, please let me know in person or through an email. The Simplot Games is the meet in Pocatello, ID on February 14-16. The cost will be $130 and we will be staying up there as a team on Thursday and Friday nights. I will hand out and email out more information about it next week. 

I have also attached the workouts for this week. We will be meeting on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the cafeteria. 

If any of you are looking to buy some new track spikes for this year, now is a good time to shop. Striders in Layton has a good selection of spikes for both distance runners and sprinters. You can also look online - I suggest because they have some great deals. Let me know if you have questions about what kind of spikes you should get. For the most part, it will tell you on the web site the distances or the events the shoes are used for. 

Despite missing the meet, I am still very excited about where we are as a TEAM. I feel like we have had a very strong start, and I like what I have seen in the workouts. I can't wait to see you all tear it up this weekend. 
Coach Talley

Friday, January 11, 2013

Darts - 
As of right now, we will proceed with our plans for Utah State tomorrow. We will still be meeting at the school at 7:00am. If any of your parents do not want you to go up to Utah State because of the weather, don't argue with them. I only want you to go if they are comfortable with you making the trip on the bus or if they are able to drive you up to Logan. 
I will be closely monitoring the weather and the road conditions for the drive to Logan, and if it is dangerous, we will not be going up to the meet - in that case we will just have to wait to test ourselves at the BYU Invite next week. 
I will not be making that decision until tomorrow morning. 

I hope that you enjoy your "snow day". If any of you would like to work on blocks, I will be at the school doing some work from 10:00 - 11:30. You are welcome to come by if you feel that you can safely make it there. 
Distance runners should go out for 3-5 miles if you feel like you can find a place where the roads are safe. 

Have a nice day, 
Coach Talley

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Indoor Track Update - January 6

Darts - 
We had a great first week of the new year. The workouts looked solid, and it is good to see so many of you getting after it. We really do have a solid core group this year and I am excited to see what we can do in the indoor and outdoor seasons. The hurdle clinic at the Olympic Oval yesterday was a big success. Thanks to so many for coming and thanks to Coach West for doing such a great job - as she always does. I will continue to encourage you to work with a purpose in mind. Set some goals to be committed and to become your very best. We finally get the opportunity this week to get some starting marks at the Utah State Invitational. Even if you feel like you are "not ready" or even if you are feeling a certain amount of fear or anxiety about competing, I want you all to come to the meet and do your best. No one is really "ready" at this point in the year - use this meet to see where you are and to motivate you to work hard to improve. Everyone is invited to the meet, and you can choose what you like to compete in. If you have no idea what to try, talk to one of the coaches to help you get an idea. You can come and compete in the meet, even if you have not been to the practices.  

Utah State Invitational - January 12, 9:00am at the Nelson Fieldhouse in Logan. There will be a bus meeting at the school at 7:00am or you can provide your own transportation. If you are driving up, you are welcome to meet at the school and follow the bus. The field events start at 9:00am (pole vault, long jump, high jump, weight throw, shot put) and the track events start at 9:30 and go in the following order: 4 x 800, 60m hurdles, 60m dash, 1600m, 4 x 200m, 400m, 60 hurdles finals, 60 dash finals, 800, 3200, 4 x 400. The cost is $5 per athlete, and you can do as many events as you would like. Everyone has to choose at least 2 events (Distance can do the 1600m and a distance run instead of 2 events). I will hand out more information and talk more about the meet at practice on Tuesday and Thursday. Let me know if you have any questions.

If you didn't see the link on facebook already, and would like to read my 2012 year in review (for track and cross country) it is posted at 
Also - speaking of facebook - everyone should join the Davis Track & Field group. 

Simplot Games - We are starting to make plans for the Simplot trip on February 14-16. It looks like we can take about 80-84 athletes. The cost will be $130. On the Monday after USU and BYU, we will send out a list of invited athletes - and post it in the display case at the school. As I have said before, we will be making the invites based on performance, commitment, and seniority. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Schedule for the next 2 weeks:
Monday, 1/7 - Everyone meet in the cafeteria at 2:45
Tuesday, 1/8 - Everyone meet in the cafeteria at 2:45
Wednesday, 1/9 - Jumpers, Sprinters, Hurdlers, Throwers - Weights; Distance meet in my room at 2:45
Thursday, 1/10 - Everyone meet in the cafeteria at 2:45
Friday, 1/11 - If you are competing at Utah State - meet in the cafeteria at 2:45
Saturday, 1/12 - Utah State Invitational - meet at the school at 7:00am

Monday, 1/14 - Everyone meet in the cafeteria at 2:45
Tuesday, 1/15, Everyone meet in the cafeteria at 2:45
Wednesday, 1/16 - Jumpers, Sprinters, Hurdlers, Throwers - Weights; Distance meet in my room at 2:45  
Thursday, 1/17 - Everyone meet in the cafeteria at 2:45
Friday, 1/18 - Field events at Weber State or BYU Invitationals
Saturday, 1/19 - Track events at BYU Invitational

Coach Talley