Monday, January 18, 2016

Indoor Update - 1/18

Darts - 
It was kind of a long week with finals and track practice, and it ended with an even longer track meet at BYU - but at the end of it all, I hope you were all proud of your efforts and performances (academically and trackthletically or athletically in track). I have been pleased with the commitment and energy from many of you for indoor track, but others could definitely improve on their discipline, work, and commitment. I know I keep saying it, but if you have it in you to finish up indoor track with us (5 more weeks), I encourage you to show up and work with a very strong TEAM - but only do so if you really have the desire that it takes. We will be starting indoor track in no time, and I hope that you are all excited and getting prepared for another great year of Davis Track & Field - made possible by EACH of you!

BYU Invite - We had some very fine performances at the BYU Invite. The results from our TEAM are listed below, and full results can be seen at It is still very early in the year, and I want each of you to be patient with yourselves and continue to have a positive attitude about what you can accomplish long term - keep April and May in your sights and continue to get stronger each week (both mentally and physically). As I watched the races at BYU on Saturday, I thought a few different times about how important it is to learn to be tough and to learn what your body and mind are capable of - the best way to learn that is to gain experience through racing and pushing yourself in races and practice. Your coaches can see the amazing potential in each of you - and we really want you to put your heart into what you are doing. 
Our top 6 finishers included - Matt Calvin (1st in the pole vault); Eli Beard (3rd in the shot put and weight throw); Caleb Kamalu (6th in the long jump); Taylor Southwick (3rd in the pole vault and 6th in the 60 hurdles); Jaron Erickson (1st in the 60 Hurdles with a Davis #3 All Time mark); Logan MacKay (1st in the 800 and 3rd in the mile); Jake Moffett (5th in the 60m and 6th in the 200m); Colter Blanchard (2nd in the 800m); and Camren Todd (6th in the 800); Whitney Cox (3rd in the high jump); Madi Lee (4th in the pole vault); Nikki Hemsley (5th in the pole vault); Melanie Sullivan (4th in the 400m); Ruby Jane Mathewson (6th in the 60 hurdles); Courtney Wayment (1st in the 800 and 1st in the mile); Jenna Connell (6th in the mile and 5th in the 800); and Ally Geisler (4th in the mile). We also had a ton of PRs and season bests - the performance list will be updated on the blog -
My favorite races were probably the relays at the end of the meet. No doubt, our 4 boys and 4 girls were a bit tired from earlier races, but they really put together some VERY strong splits and a great TEAM effort. The relays are often my favorite, because I see how much being a TEAM and running for TEAMmates can push someone to be their best. Both team finished 2nd place - but were both very close to beating a very strong sprint all-star team for 1st. Ruby Jane, Megan, Brittney, and Melanie ran 3:09.84 - our #2 all-time mark on the course and equivalent of a 3:57 4 x 400 (would be indoor school record). The boys - McGyver Clark, Sawyer Anderl, Kelton Johnson, and Jake Moffett ran 2:43.00 - our #3 all-time mark - the equivalent of a 3:23 4 x 400 - which would also be our school record. Watching those 2 relay teams, I really saw the spirit of what makes Davis Track & Field great - teamwork and pushing your limits. It gave me goosebumps and made me very excited about what we can develop as a TEAM this upcoming season. 

Congratulations to Courtney Wayment!! Courtney was awarded the 2015 Gatorade Runner of the Year for Utah Cross Country. The award is given to one girl each year from all divisions combined. Courtney joins past winners Shea Martinez and Brad Nye. 

Track Class - We begin the track class on Wednesday this week. We will no longer have official indoor track practice after school on A-days, but those not in the track class (including all 9th graders) can find their event coaches after school (on the indoor track, in the hallway, in the commons, or in Coach Talley's room) and we will give you the workout for the day. Those of you who are 100% doing outdoor track should consider getting in the track class - it is not necessary, but definitely helpful and easier for your schedule. We will meet for track class in the small gym.

Weber State Indoor Meet - The field events will be on Friday (1/22) and the track events are on Saturday (1/23). The meet will take place at the Swenson Gym on the Weber State Campus. I will handout and email out information on Wednesday. You will not need to pre-register for this meet - you can just show up and enter your events on the day of the meet (much like Utah State).

Simplot Games - I will be sending out the Simplot Games Invites later this week, along with the itinerary and information. Those of you who are invited will need to give your commitment and pay your money directly to the 'Davis County Running Club' (not Davis High School) by Tuesday, February 2nd. More Details to Come.

This Week's Schedule - 
Wednesday - A day - 4th Period Track (or meet after school for indoor workout)
Thursday - B day - Meet in the Cafeteria at 2:45. 
Friday - A day - 4th period track - also Weber State Invite Field Events
Saturday - Weber State Invite Track Events

Remaining Indoor Schedule - 
January 22-23 - Weber State Invite
January 29-30 - Utah Coaches Invite (Olympic Oval)
February 5-6 - Boise Invitational (for a very small group - by invitation)
February 12 - Utah Distance Challenge (Olympic Oval - Friday night)
February 18-20 - Simplot Games
February 25 - First official Outdoor Track Practice/Meeting

That was a long email with a lot of details &#X1f60a Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!
Coach Talley

60m Dash
25. Corina Price 8.65
26. Miranda Baird 8.76

60m Hurdles
6. Ruby Jane Mathewson 9.92 (9.99 in Finals)
9. Megan Rowe 10.23 (10.20 in Finals)
18. Kassidy Webb 11.12
25. Bethany Richards 12.04

200m Dash
7. Melanie Sullivan 27.49
11. Brittney Rounkles 27.86
29. Ellie Anderson 29.35 #2 Freshman
30. Kenzie Sagers 29.40
36. Corina Price 29.84
37. Kassidy Webb 29.89
39. Miranda Baird 30.42
44. Elly Ferguson 30.77

400m Dash
4. Melanie Sullivan 1:00.04 (Davis #3 All Time)
8. Ruby Jane Mathewson 1:02.05
9. BriAnna Gipson 1:02.22
13. Megan Rowe 1:04.19
28. Ellie Anderson 1:08.19
29. Elly Ferguson 1:08.38
32. Kassidy Webb 1:08.96
42. Louisa Twitchell 1:13.29
43. Bethany Richards 1:13.31

800m Run
1. Courtney Wayment 2:20.39 - Davis #8 All Time
5. Jenna Connell 2:25.47 - Davis #18 All Time
7. Ally Geisler 2:28.12
12. Abi Waddoups 2:33.49 #1 Freshman
15. Alicia Halverson 2:35.02 #2 Freshman
18. Anna Ferrell 2:35.88
21. Sydnee Rayl 2:38.93
22. Sydney Zaugg 2:40.26
23. Sarah Waddoups 2:40.52
24. Rachel Clouse 2:40.86
26. Jennica Robinson 2:42.21 #3 Freshman
28. Haylee Downey 2:43.91
29. Sarah Ferrell 2:45.47
30. Jane Anderson 2:45.70 #4 Freshman
32. Maddie Johnson 2:46.95 #5 Freshman
37. Natalie Olsen 2:47.28
40. Autumn Jenkins 2:49.56
52. Cameron Bunch 3:08.82
54. Jaysi Porter 3:09.16
57. Erin Berry 3:20.20
60. Zenya Flitton 3:50.14

1 Mile Run
1. Courtney Wayment 5:10.77 - Davis #6 All-Time
4. Ally Geisler 5:26.75
6. Jenna Connell 5:28.91
13. Abi Waddoups 5:34.20 - #1 Freshman
18. Sam Hedquist 5:36.41 
19. Alicia Halverson 5:37.52 - #2 Freshman
20. Grace Neuenschwander 5:38.83
30. Anna Ferrell 5:51.07
38. Sydney Zaugg 5:57.45
39. Sydnee Rayl 5:57.71
40. Haylee Downey 5:59.60
43. Megan Allart 6:00.70
44. Sarah Ferrell 6:01.08
49. Jennica Robinson 6:04.44
52. Rachel Clouse 6:07.02 
61. Maddie Johnson 6:09.90
67. Sarah Waddoups 6:12.46
68. Natalie Olsen 6:13.20
84. Krystal Wood 6:23.56
87. Kate Stuart 6:24.02
91. Jane Anderson 6:26.44
99. Autumn Jenkins 6:31.81
107. Ciara Fuller 6:36.00
116. Jaysi Porter 6:46.87
122. Cameron Bunch 7:01.66
140. Zenya Flitton 8:05.21

4 x 1 Lap Relay
2. 3:09.84 - Ruby Jane Mathewson, Megan Rowe, Brittney Rounkles, Melanie Sullivan - Davis #2 All Time

High Jump
3. 4'10.25 Whitney Cox
7. 4'08.25 Nikki Hemsley
8. 4'08.25 Kimberlin Cox

Pole Vault
4. Maddie Lee 7'06
5. Nikki Hemsley 7'06

Shot Put
24. Karlee Inman 23'11.75

60m Hurdles
1. Jaron Erickson 8.51/8.36 in Finals - Davis #3 All Time
6. Taylor Southwick 9.03/8.82 in Finals - Davis #8 All Time
7. Caleb Kamalu 9.15/8.88 in Finals - Top Sophomore; Davis #10 All Time
23. Kelton Johnson 9.89
24. Tyler Seely 9.94
25. Ryan Johnson 10.10
28. Zach Olsen 10.16
40. Jake Overfelt 11.35

60m Dash
5. Jake Moffett 7.19/7.16 in finals - Davis #5 All Time
23. Matt Calvin 7.45
26. Riley Stringham 7.48
29. Christian Kamalu 7.53
44. McGyver Clark 7.65
48. Sawyer Anderl 7.70
71. Jack Niederhauser 7.90
82. Josh Funk 8.01
101. Ryan Johnson 8.25
106. Aaron Miles 8.36
110. Jake Overfelt 8.45

200m Dash
6. Jake Moffett 23.63 - Davis #14 All Time
14. McGyver Clark 24.31
17. Sawyer Anderl 24.57
18. Taylor Southwick 24.58
21. Riley Stringham 24.65
56. Jack Niederhauser 25.71
70. Josh Gardner 26.06
77. Josh Funk 26.43
81. Carter Hardy 26.54
106. Aaron Miles 28.21

400m Dash
9. McGyver Clark 53.97
10. Kelton Johnson 54.32
27. Sawyer Anderl 56.01
32. Jack Niederhauser 56.69
35. Nate Sheffield 56.89
36. Connor Jones 57.06
41. Josh Gardner 57.94
45. Carter Hardy 58.57
49. Tyler Seely 58.98
59. Karson Hugie 59.99
63. Aaron Miles 1:00.95
71. Zack Olsen 1:01.81
83. Pablo Garcia 1:09.11

800m Run
1. Logan MacKay 1:58.66
2. Colter Blanchard 1:59.66
6. Camren Todd 2:02.42
9. Jason Lang 2:05.06
10. Frasier Williamson 2:05.29
14. Danny Tumblin 2:07.00
17. Bryce Ferguson 2:07.43
25. Dallin Larsen 2:09.26
26. Brigham Halverson 2:09.51
29. Josh Christiansen 2:10.83
33. McKay Treadwell 2:11.56
34. Jacob Vaughan 2:11.62
41. Nate Sheffield 2:12.98
43. Devin Jaster 2:13.04
44. Britton Porter 2:13.25
46. Spencer Bell 2:13.28
47. Colton Rimann 2:13.46
48. Connor Jones 2:13.57
49. Carson Cox 2:13.69
50. Adam Hedquist 2:13.80
51. Josh Peters 2:14.04
52. Daniel Harris 2:14.30
56. Zach Moncur 2:15.60
57. Nate Wilde 2:15.86
58. Seth Stromberg 2:16.20
63. Porter Van Drimmelen 2:18.33
68. Jared Winkelman 2:19.98
73. Zach Jenkins 2:21.53
76. Jared Hogan 2:22.09
80. Kaleb Stinger 2:22.89
81. Kalvin Stinger 2:23.40
85. Branson Petty 2:25.40
86. Garrett Direda 2:25.46
90. Cole Weaver 2:26.79
91. Tanner Bilton 2:27.26
92. Dallin Kitchen 2:27.45
95. Jake Miller 2:27.94
96. Karson Hugie 2:28.38
99. Caden Wheeler 2:30.09
105. Nyle Ferguson 2:40.29
106. Elijah Williamson 2:40.92
107. Hayden Walpole 2:43.20

1 Mile Run 
3. Logan Mackay 4:20.16 - Davis #4 All Time
8. Camren Todd 4:26.68 - Davis #10 All Time
9. Colter Blanchard 4:26.68 - Davis #10 All Time
15. Bryce Ferguson 4:33.81
18. Frasier Williamson 4:37.06
31. Danny Tumblin 4:43.31
37. Colton Rimann 4:44.32
38. Brigham Halverson 4:44.46
39. McKay Treadwell 4:45.22
42. Josh Christiansen 4:46.22
46. Jason Lang 4:47.12
47. Adam Hedquist 4:47.45
48. Jacob Vaughan 4:47.52
51. Nate Wilde 4:48.96
63. Devin Jaster 4:52.37
68. Josh Peters 4:55.04
72. Connor Jones 4:55.63
74. Josh Wilkinson 4:55.76
79. Carson Cox 4:57.29
83. Seth Stromberg 4:58.32
86. Britton Porter 4:59.28
93. Porter Van Drimmelen 5:02.42
97. Zach Moncur 5:04.05
102. Dallin Larsen 5:05.45
103. Jared Hogan 5:05.47
105. Zach Jenkins 5:05.78
110. Spencer Bell 5:06.91
121. Kalvin Stringer 5:11.06
129. Sam Francis 5:12.75
140. Branson Petty 5:14.45
148. Cole Weaver 5:16.85
149. CJ Rees 5:17.29
150. Carson Knight 5:18.10
157. Dallin Kitchen 5:19.83
158. Isaac Neuenschwander 5:20.10
167. Jared Winkelman 5:22.35
177. Tanner Bilton 5:26.58
178. Jake Miller 5:26.87
183. Mitch Clove 5:32.39
184. Garrett Direda 5:32.79
188. Elijah Williamson 5:33.68
192. Caden Wheeler 5:34.35
205. Hyrum Palmer 5:41.58
207. Brandon Manning 5:44.04
208. Karson Hugie 5:45.04
217. Nyle Ferguson 5:49.38
229. Hayden Walpole 6:16.40

4 x 1 Lap Relay
2. 2:43.00 - McGyver Clark, Sawyer Anderl, Kelton Johnson, Jake Moffett - Davis #3 All Time

Shot Put
3. Eli Beard 46'03.50
26. Jacob Bowman 30'02.50
36. Josh Wheeler 26'00.50
39. Kaden Flitton 25'07.75

Weight Throw
3. Eli Beard 39'06.00

Long Jump
6. Caleb Kamalu 19'07.75 - Davis #17 All Time
22. Carter Hardy 16'06.50
28. Jake Overfelt 15'00.75

High Jump
8. Nate Allred 6'00

Pole Vault
1. Matt Calvin 13'06 - Field Athlete of the Meet 
3. Taylor Southwick 12'00
9. Jake Overfelt 9'00

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Indoor Track Update - 1/10

Darts - 
We opened up our indoor season with our first track meet at Utah State University this past Saturday. It was an impressive start, and we are very excited about some of the things we saw. The results haven't been posted yet, so I have not been able to review everything, but I will eventually email the results out and also post the performance list on the blog - We did have some Davis all-time marks at the meet. BriAnna Gipson ran our #12 all-time in the 60m dash (8.26); Ruby Jane Mathewson ran our #11 all time mark in the 60m hurdles, finishing 3rd in 9.86; Ashley Sullenger had our #7 all-time mark in the pole vault with a jump of 8'00; Ashley Harris vaulted our #11 all-time with 7'06; Kathryn Wilde threw our #6 all-time in the weight throw with 31'00; Taylor Southwick ran our #9 all-time in the 60m hurdles with 8.85 for 2nd place; Jake Moffett won the 60m Dash and ran our #5 all-time with 7.17; and Riley Stringham and Matt Calvin also made the all-time list in the 60m Dash with 7.40 and 7.42. We also had some very solid opening 4 x 200m relays for both the boys and the girls, some strong opening marks in the distance races, and a ton of all around PRs. The all-time lists are also posted on the blog. Probably as exciting as our top marks were our new athletes. It was fun to see so many of you lining up for your first race or first time doing a field event. I know you were nervous, but I was proud of your courage and excitement to try something new - even though it was challenging and really got some of you out of your comfort zone.

We are happy with the work and the attitude of this TEAM so far. It is not easy to stay after school and workout in the halls or the cold of winter. It takes a certain type of athlete who is motivated, disciplined, and strong. I am pleased with our group this year - not just the top athletes - but all of you who are putting your heart into your training and really working hard to get better. Stay patient with yourself! You will be amazed how much you can improve and how much you will learn about your event and about yourself as the indoor and outdoor season progresses. Keep having fun, meeting new people, trying new things, and developing fitness and toughness.

Important Items:
Indoor Track Fee: I want to thank those of you who have paid your $25 in the office. I went ahead and entered the $25 as fines for those of you who have been attending practice but have not yet paid. You can now pay that online through myDSD. You will want to pay this week, because the parking passes will NOT be handed out to anyone with a fine. Please let me know if I made any errors. 

BYU Invitational: Our next meet is this coming Friday and Saturday at BYU. If you missed USU, this meet is a great one to get started with. The field events (shot put, high jump, long jump, pole vault) are on Friday night and the track events are Saturday in this order: 1 mile, 60 Hurdle Trials, 60 meter trials, 400m, 60 hurdle finals, 60 meter finals, 800m, 200m, 2 mile, 4 x 1 lap relay. It takes ALL day Saturday to get through all of the events. Indoor track meets can be REALLY long (if you noticed at USU). I will hand out an estimated time schedule.
The registration is different this year - and slightly complicated. You will each need to register yourself for your events and pay the registration fee online before Friday. Here are the steps for registration:
2. Click on the link to '2016 BYU Indoor Invitational' under the high school category
3. Click 'REGISTER' and agree to the waiver
4. Fill out the information - make sure to choose 'DAVIS HS' as your team.
5. Fill out the events that you would like to register for - if you do not know the events you should do, or you do not know your seed marks, you can ask a coach at practice or send me an email and I will tell you what to put. 
6. Pay the online fee - $4 per event. 
*Do NOT register for the relay - we will take care of that.
*There will be NO registration on the day of the meet it has to be done before.
*I will send out more information and have the information to hand out at practice this week. 
*There will be a bus available for Saturday

Simplot Games - We will release our initial Simplot Games Invites after the BYU meet this week. Simplot will be on February 18-20 in Pocatello, ID. We are staying at the Ameritel Hotel. More details to come.

This Week's Schedule:
Monday-Thursday: Meet in the Cafeteria at 2:45. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. Keep up the good work! It will pay off :)
- Coach Talley

PS. As always - if you have not been coming to practice, it is NEVER too late to start doing indoor with us. Just start coming and working out. It will really benefit you if you are planning on doing outdoor track.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Indoor Update - 1/3

Darts - 
Happy 2016! It is a great time to set some goals, make some plans, and really show some determination and effort to accomplish some great things in the upcoming year (or track season). I hope you have enjoyed the break, and that you are ready and excited to get some work done in January. I love this time of year as we get a fresh start and we get going with our first indoor track meets. The invitation to participate in indoor track is still out there to EVERYONE getting this email (even if you didn't do much in December). We will meet tomorrow (Monday) at 2:45 in the cafeteria - I hope to see most of you there!

2015 Year In Review - For those of you interested, I did a write up on the highlights of 2015. It is posted on our track blog - 

USU Invite - The Utah State Indoor Meet is this coming Saturday (1/9) in Logan at the Nelson Fieldhouse. The main goal is just to get some opening marks and have fun competing. I will send out specific information (schedule, entry fees, address, etc.) later in the week. We will be taking 1 bus or you can travel up there on your own. The bus will leave Davis early (approximately 6:30am) and the events will begin around 8:30am. More details to come. 

Spikes - For those of you new to track and field, it is a good time to look into buying some racing spikes. There are different spikes for sprints/hurdles and distance races. If you are planning on doing the long jump, pole vault, or high jump, you can use sprint spikes to start with (even though there are specialized jumping spikes as well). I recommend going to Striders in Layton or Wasatch Running Center in Centerville. Both places have a good selection of sprint or distance spikes. You can also shop online - has some great deals on track spikes. Occasionally (if you are lucky), you can find a killer deal on spikes at Ross - but it is sometimes hard to find the correct spikes. Let me or your event coach know if you have specific spike questions.

This Week:
Monday: Meet in the Cafeteria at 2:45
Tuesday: Meet in the Cafeteria at 2:45
Wednesday: Meet in the Cafeteria at 2:45
Thursday: Meet in the Cafeteria at 2:45
Friday: No Organized Practice; Distance runners still meeting in my classroom at 2:45
Saturday: USU Invitational

Indoor Schedule (also posted at
January 9 - Utah State Invitational (Logan)
January 15-16 - BYU Invitational (Provo) - Field Events Friday Night
January 22-23 - Weber State Invitational (Ogden) - Field Events Friday Night
January 29-30 - Utah Indoor Championships (Olympic Oval - Kearns, UT)
February 5-6 - Boise Invitational (Boise, ID) - very small group attending by invite only
February 12- Utah Distance Challenge (Olympic Oval - Kearns, UT)
February 18-20 - Simplot Games (Pocatello, ID)

Thanks! Good luck with all your homework today!

Coach Talley