Sunday, January 31, 2010

Indoor Update

Darts -
With only 3 weeks left in the indoor season, it is important that each of you be committed and do everything you can to take care of yourselves and prepare yourselves to perform at our 2 most important meets: State Indoor & Simplot. Coach West and I were really happy with the way the workouts went this week. Other than the few people who missed Friday's workout, we felt like this was our best week so far. We saw some people working really hard, and we even saw some steps toward great leadership.

Utah Indoor Championships -
This week is another important week as far as the Friday/Saturday competition goes. It is important that you make it to all the practices in order to prepare yourselves to do well at the Olympic Oval for the State Indoor Championships and so that you get the information you will need. We have a streak going on both sides. The girls have won 5 of the last 6, and the boys have won at least 6 in a row (possibly more). We will need a TEAM effort to pull off the win again this year. I will be handing out some information on Monday & Tuesday, and I will need your papers back by Wednesday so that I can get you entered in the right event. If you are not sure what events to participate in, please check with me or Coach West and we will help you to decide. No one can do more than 4 events. The field events will be on Friday, and the track events will all be on Saturday. The track and the facilities are great, and it will be the perfect opportunity to pr, if you prepare yourself well.

Simplot Games - We have finalized the Simplot list with the athletes we will be able to take. If you are not sure where you are on the list, make sure to check with me early this week. There are still some people on the "alternates" list, so if anyone realizes or decides they are not going to be able to make it, please let me know so that we can take someone in your place. We will be doing the entries right after the Olympic Oval meet, so make sure that you are communicating with me or Coach West if you have any concerns or questions. Please make sure to pass the information we give to you along to your parents as well. We will be handing out an important parent waiver/insurance information sheet to you this week which will need to be returned to me the following week.

Alumni News - Many of our alumni competed in the Bronco Invitational this past weekend in Boise, Id. For results, you can go to
Former Darts who competed in the meet included: Weber - Shaun Webb, Kristin Billings, Jace Nye, Max Lennardt, Camille Lott, Natalie Haws, and Loren Storey, USU - Ashlee Cannon, Shannon Prince, Spencer Hall, and Stephen Pierce. BYU - Brooke Jensen. Congrats on some solid indoor marks.

T-shirts/Sweats - The t-shirt order went in this past week. If you ordered a long sleeve t-shirt ($12) or sweat pants ($25), pay in the office and bring me your receipt. I did order a few extra of all sizes - they will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Thanks for your hard work & thanks for all that you each bring to the TEAM -
Coach Talley

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Indoor Track Update - Weber Invite

Darts -
Another really solid TEAM performance at the Weber State Indoor Invitational on Friday and Saturday. We saw quite a few prs and season bests. Once again we had the biggest TEAM at the meet (almost double the next team in size), and we had some of the best performances as well. I was also really impressed with some of our brand new people. It is early in the year, but I definitely feel that with some hard work, we can accomplish quite a bit as a TEAM this year. It makes me excited for the next meet - the Utah State Indoor Championships - at the Olympic Oval in Kearns in two weeks. We hope to have two really good weeks of workouts and then we hope to see a lot of improvements on what I think is the best indoor track in the state.
I think the number one thing I saw that we can work on is our TEAM unity. I would like to see some more excitement for one another and some more cheering during races, etc. I think we can do a better job getting to know each other and then showing genuine interest and concern for our teammates (asking each other about events, congratulating good performances, seniors giving advice, etc). If there are two things that make our TEAM strong and successful, I would say those things are hard work and unity. We can do a little better in both areas.
I do not have the results from the meet yet (hopefully I will on Monday), but some of the highlights include: Amelia Bagley's 5 foot pr in the shot put; Ethan Hunsaker's 11'00 clearance in the pole vault; Sarah Oldham jumping 14'11 off of her opposite foot (normal jumping foot is coming back from a fracture); Sylvia Harrison placing 1st in the hurdles with our #3 all-time mark; Addie Jones and Libby Fowler also setting all-time marks in the hurdles; Dalton Facer, Kyler Sprague, and Alec Pectol all finishing in the top 5 in the hurdles; Jessie Wilding running 11:42 to place third in her first ever 3200m; Logan Petty nearly pulling off the victory in the 3200m with a solid pr (9:54), and a bunch of other boys and girls setting prs in the 3200m; Freshman Connor Badger running solid and really impressing his coaches in the 55m, 200m, and 4 x 400m; Dani & Sylvia moving up on the all-time list in the 55m dash; Dani setting our #2 all-time mark in winning the 400m; Ben Poulson finishing 3rd in the 800m followed closely by Brian Alfaro; both of the Hart twins making our all-time list in the 200m in their first ever track meet; and our 4 x 800 TEAMs taking 1st on the boys and the girls sides. There were many other impressive marks that I am sure we can build on in upcoming weeks. I will email or post the full results when I get them. (Sorry if I missed other impressive performances).

Athletes of the Week:

BYU Invite - Tyson Bullock, Brad Nye, Dalton Facer, Jessie Wilding, Libby Fowler
WSU Invite - Logan Petty, Connor Badger, Joe White, Sylvia Harrison, Meghan Hedquist, Missy Lott

Coming Up:
Mon-Wed: Meet in the cafeteria
Tues-Thurs-Fri: Meet in the small gym (4th period meets in there anyway)
*Those not in 4th period - find us on the indoor track after school to find out your workout
Monday (1/25) - Simplot Consent forms due.
Friday-Saturday, February 5-6: Utah Indoor Championships - Olympic Oval - times TBA

Photos: For some photos of the BYU Invite - and eventually the WSU Invite - you can go to Steve Petty's photo page on facebook at Thanks, Steve, for capturing so many great track moments. We should also eventually have some pics posted on (although I completely spaced taking any pictures at the Weber Invite).

Be prepared for a tough week of workouts. Those who are wanting to go to Simplot should be 100% committed over the next 4 weeks. If you have to miss for any reason, you should let me or Coach West know - either through email, in person, or by text. Coach West's email is

I appreciate what each of you bring to the TEAM. Please continue to bring energy and personality and keep working to make it fun and to be successful.
Coach Talley

"Winning isn't what matters. It's what it took to get there that does."
- Brad Anderson 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Indoor Track Update - BYU Invite

Darts -
The indoor season is finally under way. It was a long two days at the BYU Invitational, but it was worth it. I was pleased with our efforts and with our enthusiasm and TEAMwork. There are definitely some things we can work on, but overall we were pleased with what we saw in our first meet of the season. It is going to take me a while to type all of the results from this weekend at BYU. We had a record setting 105 athletes participate in the meet. We were double the size of the next biggest team. The full results can be found at I will list our TEAM's results later in the email.
The first meets really are practice and it is important that we learn from them. I thought of a few things we need to work on:
1) Race preparation - many of you did not prepare yourselves well in the days before the race. You were not getting the sleep you needed and some of you may not have been eating right. I also noticed that quite a few of you missed practice on Thursday and/or Friday. Friday's practice before a meet is not a very hard practice, but it is an essential practice if you want to be ready and prepared to race your best on Saturday. The "fine tuning" we do on Friday really will help you on Saturday. Many of you were also not as prepared as you could have been to compete on Saturday. The meets can be really long. You want to make sure that you bring food and drink. You also might want to bring some things to do. The more prepared you are for the race, the more confident you will be at the starting line.
2) Spikes - I will not be able to provide new spike replacements for everyone each time we have a new meet. If a different size spike is required for the next track, I don't mind providing you with the new size, but make sure that you keep the ones you got last Saturday as well so you can put them back in and use them at a later time (if the replacements you got were new).
3) One thing I learned from the meet was that some of you are in the place you want to be at this point, but for the most part, we did not perform to our potential and many of you were probably left unsatisfied. You will find that track is full of ups and downs. That you are going to face challenges. Some of you have been hurt, some have been sick, some have had to miss practices for various reasons, and some of you are just not as fit as you want to be (even if you have worked hard). My encouragement for you would be to not give up on yourselves or on the TEAM. You may have to work extra hard and take really good care of yourself this season to get your goals. It doesn't matter what level you are at, you all have a desire to improve and be faster or stronger. I would encourage you to be patient and to realize that this was our first meet. We don't expect you to be your very best yet, but we expect you to work toward that. I like what I saw the last two days, but I also know that some of you are disappointed in the performances. Stay positive and really work together, and we will become stronger and stronger as a TEAM. And as a result you will get stronger and stronger as an individual.
Let's put some good work in over the next few weeks and I promise you will eventually begin to see some improvement. I am excited to be starting the track class, and I think that it will help many of you to start feeling a little more prepared.

Coming up:
Monday, Jan 18 - No practice. Distance runners should go out for 40-60 minutes at a good, steady pace. It should be a fairly hard run.
Tuesday, Jan 19 - Practice for everyone at 1:00 pm at the school. There is a good possibility that the distance runners will go down to the oval for some intervals, so bring $5 and spread the word. If you are unable to go down to the oval, I will give you a workout to do from the school.
Wednesday, Jan 20 - First day of track class (4th period) - meet in the small gym. We will go over some important items, hopefully hand out lockers to those in need, and we will have a workout, so bring your clothes.
Thursday, Jan 21 - We will be having an important meeting in the cafeteria where we will be discussing the Simplot trip.
Friday - Saturday, Jan 22-23 - Weber State Indoor Meet. I will hand out information about the meet on Wednesday. We do not neet to pre-register. Registration will be done at the meet.

Alumni News -
Many Davis athletes competed at the Bengal Shootout in Pocatello this past weekend. They did us proud. I will probably miss some - but here is what I saw: Kristen Billings (WSU) was 1st in the 60m dash (7.73) and 9th in the 200m. Ashlee Cannon was 7th in the 60m dash, 1st in the 60m hurdles (8.68), and 5th in the 200m. Camille Lott (WSU) was 2nd in the 400m (57.66) and probably on the 2nd place relay team. Shaun Webb (WSU) was 16th in the 60m hurdles and 10th in the 400m. Jace Nye (WSU) was 1st in the 800m (1:54). Max Lennardt (WSU) was 8th in the 800m (1:59). Loren Storey (WSU) was 8th in the mile (5:08). Josh Adams (BYU) was 4th in the mile (4:21). Natalie Haws (WSU) was 6th in the 3000m. Chris Burnett (WSU) was 3rd in the 3000m. Stephen Pierce competed for USU in the pole vault. Jon Ferguson (BYU) was 17th in the long jump (but did jump 23'08 2 weeks ago to win the BYU intersquad meet). Spencer Hall (USU) was 3rd in the shot put and 2nd in the weight throw. Shannon Prince (USU) was 4th in the shot put and 8th in the weight throw. A few other former Darts are competing at that level but missed the meet for illness or injury.

BYU Invite Results –


Long Jump

Tyson Bullock 20’00.25 – 4th (Davis #8 all time)

Alec Pectol 17’04.25

High Jump

Alec Pectol 6’02.75 – 3rd

Conrad Daley 6’02.75 – 4th

Marcus Daley 6’00.75 – 5th

Kyle Bass 5’05.00

Pole Vault

Gabe Betancourt 12’00 – 6th

Joe White 11’06 – 8th

Shot Put

Mark Lindstrom 41’09.50 – 8th

Alex Swapp 40’00.75

Connor Hawkes 29’09.50

Zach Cottrell 29’08.25

Weight Throw

Mark Lindstrom 40’06.25 – 3rd

Alex Swapp 31’02.75 – 9th

60m Hurdles

Dalton Facer 8.88 – 2nd (Davis #5 all-time)

Alec Pectol 8.97 – 3rd (Davis #6 all-time)

Gavin Fowler 10.03

Drew Rees 11.04

Jordan Kattelman 11.70

60m Dash

Connor Badger 7.55

Brandon Farnsworth 7.56

Tyson Bullock 7.73

Andrew Duncan 7.82

Gavin Fowler 7.94

Dalton Facer 7.94

Chris Bodkin 7.94

Kyle Bodkin 7.95

Jordan Kattelman 8.06

Jacob Cluff 8.07

Bryce Masterson 8.13

Brennon Castillo 8.18

200m Dash

Brandon Farnsworth 25.04

Tyson Bullock 25.07

Connor Badger 25.18

Andrew Duncan 25.63

Alec Pectol 26.14

Brennon Castillo 27.16

400m Dash

Drew Rees 55.98

Austin Kelly 57.74

Chris Bodkin 58.45

Jordan Kattelman 58.48

Jacob Cluff 58.49

Kyle Bodkin 1:00.33


Brad Nye 2:01.52 – 1st (Davis #5 all-time)

Ben Poulson 2:04.75 – 4th

Joe White 2:06.03 – 6th

Logan Petty 2:06.78 – 7th

Brian Alfaro 2:07.63

Mike King 2:10.24

Mike Arnold 2:11.82

Austin Neuner 2:14.10

Brayden Cromar 2:15.07

Nate Lee 2:18.41

Matt Swanson 2:19.33

Austin Allred 2:19.83

Adam Mathias 2:20.74

Kaden Gilchrist 2:21.38

Cody Robbins 2:22.97

Hayden Hansen 2:23.02

Alex Hedquist 2:23.86

Austin Kelly 2:27.43

Logan Wood 2:27.55

Curtis Knight 2:29.04

Devin Vance 2:34.49

Kenneth Murdock 2:35.28

Nick Mason 2:35.32

Isaac Clouse 3:00.78


Logan Petty 4:35.69 – 4th

Brad Nye 4:37.65 – 7th

Joe White 4:43.02

Brian Alfaro 4:44.28

Austin Neuner 4:47.46

Mike King 4:48.68

Jeff Taylor 4:54.35

Matt Swanson 5:02.62

Brayden Cromar 5:03.69

Adam Mathias 5:06.44

James Stenquist 5:08.75

Nate Lee 5:11.32

Austin Allred 5:11.62

Alex Hedquist 5:11.94

Jason Barfus 5:11.94

Cody Robbins 5:11.96 (Record amount from 1 team at 5:11)

Adam Seelos 5:13.25

Logan Wood 5:15.80

Kaden Gilchrist 5:15.91

Joe Albrechtsen 5:30.82

Jackson Sagers 5:32.05

Curtis Knight 5:33.27

Devin Vance 5:38.86

Kenny Murdock 5:50.71

Cameron Layton 5:56.88

Nick Mason 6:05.40

Isaac Clouse 6:33.85

4 x 1 lap relay

Petty, Nye, White, Poulson – 4th 2:50.60 (1.4 out of 1st)

Farnsworth, Badger, Rees, Arnold – 5th 2:53.01


Long Jump

Kayla Sagers 14’09.25

Becca Albrechtsen 13’06.75

High Jump

Tessie Atwater 4’09 – 8th

Anni Andersen 4’07

Shot Put

Amelia Jones 25’06

Amelia Bagley 23’05

Bianca Guas 23’04.25

60m Hurdles

Sylvia Harrison 9.66 – 2nd (Davis #4 all time)

Libby Fowler 9.93 – 4th (Davis #7 all time)

Addie Jones 10.13 – 8th (Davis # 13 all time)

McKenna Hill 10.69

Sammi Burnett 11.58

Alicia Platt 11.69

Tessie Atwater 11.75

60m Dash

Dani Figgins 7.94 – 2nd (Davis #3 all time)

Sylvia Harrison 7.98 - 3rd (Davis #4 all time)

Missy Lott 8.47

Addie Jones 8.50

Kayla Sagers 8.72

Libby Fowler 8.86

Sammi Burnett 9.25

Alicia Platt 9.39

Dominique Moller 9.42

Didi Monjar 9.52

Tessie Atwater 9.56

Maddy Barney 10.44

200m Dash

Dani Figgins 26.23 – 1st

Missy Lott 28.08

Kayla Sagers 28.42

Addie Jones 29.38

McKenna Hill 30.17

Ericka Griffin 31.93

Alicia Platt 31.95

Didi Monjar 32.58

Dominique Moller 33.66

Maddy Barney 36.98

400m Dash

Alicia Platt 1:09.04


Jessie Wilding 2:26.00 – 4th (Davis #6 all time)

Becca Albrechtsen 2:35.91

Anna Ward 2:37.11

Anni Andersen 2:45.37

Brooke Gutzwiller 2:45.55

Danna Stuart 2:47.11

Madie McCleary 2:49.45

Tracey Munson 2:51.37

Katie Christensen 2:53.89

Janice Hartvigsen 2:55.76

Addie Ferguson 2:56.83

Julia Anderson 2:57.65

Erika Wilson 2:57.77

Hannah Haws 3:05.37

Whitney Williams 3:19.77

Katie Seljaas 3:28.03


Jessica Wilding 5:26.55 -2nd (Davis #8 all time)

Brooke Gutzwiller 5:55.53

Anni Andersen 5:55.67

Anna Ward 5:55.87

Tessa Brown 5:58.28

Becca Albrechtsen 6:00.89

Megan Parker 6:03.78

Brooke Stromberg 6:09.90

Hannah Haws 6:12.40

Janice Hartvigsen 6:15.82

Danna Stuart 6:17.86

Tracey Munson 6:19.98

Sarah Parker 6:20.13

Madie McCleary 6:22.26

Julia Anderson 6:35.05

Erika Wilson 6:42.06

Addie Ferguson 6:42.42

Katie Seljaas 7:01.55

Jessica Paget 7:05.17

Whitney Williams 7:11.57

Annie Tanner 7:13.74

2 mile

Meghan Hedquist 12:29.44 – 7th

Emily Hansen 12:38.01

Caitlin Miller 13:05.18

4 x 1 lap relay

Sagers, Figgins, Wilde, Harrison – 1st 3:14.88

Griffin, Hill, Andersen, Ward – 9th 3:39

Coach’s Mile

Corbin Talley 4:39.75 – 1st (thanks for the cheering)

Stefanie Talley 5:22.03 – 1st (meet record)

Jamie West 6:16.68 – 2nd (PR)

Friends of the Program

Shea Martinez (Fairfield) – 1st in the 800m (2:15.47), 5th in the 200m (27.43)

Macee Nielson (Monticello) – 3rd in the 2 mile (12:10.11)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Indoor Track Update - Jan 10

Darts -
After a month of training and preparing, our first indoor track meet is finally coming up. I am excited to see some of your progress from the last year, but for most of you, I am just excited and anxious to get a starting point that we can work on. Great job to those of you who have been committed and have worked hard over the past month. After watching you work out and after going to the USU clinics this past weekend with 35 of you, I was thinking about how anyone can make improvements and can become good track athletes through hard work and commitment. I was already starting to see some surprises up at the USU camps and in practice this past week. I hope that after the BYU Invite this coming weekend that we can continue to come together as a team and that each of you will set some goals and then be determined to do all you can to accomplish your goals.
I know I make a point of it with each email I send out, but it is still not too late for those of you who have not been training with us to start. The next 6 weeks will help you get ready for outdoor track, and the indoor meets can be a lot of fun. Let me or Coach West know if you have concerns that we might be able to answer.

Our indoor meet schedule is as follows:

BYU Invite (Jan 15-16)
- I will be handing out information on Monday and Tuesday that you will need if you want to compete at BYU this weekend. You will need to return the form to me with $4 per event that you plan on competing in. I will then sign you up on Everyone has to be pre-registered for this meet, and I will need the form back by Thursday at the latest. The field events will be on Friday beginning at 5:00pm - we will leave to go down there right after school. The events will include the high jump, long jump, pole vault, and shot put. On Saturday we will have a bus. We will meet at the school at 6:45am because the first race is at 9:00am and we want to give plenty of time to get warmed up. Saturday's events will include the mile, 60m hudles, 60m dash, 400m, 800m, 200m, 2 mile, and the 4 x 1 lap relay. You can go down and back on the bus, or you can go down on your own or with your parents.

WSU Invite (Jan 22-23) - The field events will again be held on Friday and the track events on Saturday. We do not need to pre-register, but I would like to know what you plan on running before we go up to the meet. I will hand out meet information on the Weber meet next week.

Olympic Oval/Utah State Indoor Championships (Feb 5-6) - This is my favorite indoor track - we will be competing at the Olympic Oval in Kearns. It is the only indoor track meet that is scored for teams. Our boys have won 6+ years in a row. And the girls have won 5 of the past 6 years. We will again be trying for the championships on both sides. I will hand out more information closer to the meet.

Simplot Games (Feb 18-20) - We would like to take close to 70 athletes to the Simplot Games in Pocatello, ID this year. It will be the most we have ever taken and it will make us the biggest TEAM up there once again. But, it also means we will have to leave some of the TEAM at home. Coach West and I will be looking at commitment, performance, attendance, and seniority as we form a list of who we will be inviting to the meet. The cost will be $100 which will cover hotel costs, gas, and meet entry. We will need some help with parents to drive up to the meet and to pick us up on Saturday afternoon. Simlot is the highlight of our indoor season. It is a great experience and gives you the chance to compete against and watch some of the best in the nation.

Emails - I will be sending out emails all season long (indoor and outdoor). I will eventually take you off of my email list if you are not coming to practice. If you want me to remove you before then, please let me know. I will also be adding parents to our email list. Let me know if your parents would like to receive the emails. The information will also be posted on

Thanks for your dedication to the program. Each of you brings something different. I encourage you to contribute to our TEAM by deciding to give your all in practice and in meets. Even if you are not scoring points, you are still a valuable asset to me and Coach West. We love being a part of your improvement.
Please let us know if there are things we can do to help you.
Coach Talley