Sunday, January 29, 2017

Indoor Update - Utah Indoor Championships

Darts -
It has been another great week. We are seeing improvement in practice and in performance at meets. As we get closer to Simplot and the outdoor season, it has been great to see your progress. Our improvements from the BYU meet to the Olympic Oval (just 3 weeks) were phenomenal in many areas. We also feel like we are becoming closer as a TEAM - but that is something we will have to continue to work on. Unity will take continual effort. Keep up the good work! Set goals for your final indoor meets - and do your best to stay positive. If things aren't going your way at this point, hang in there - keep working and believing in yourselves. I have been amazed time after time at our athletes (current and former) and their ability to turn things around and bounce back from difficult stretches.  

Olympic Oval Meet (UHSTCA) - We had a fantastic weekend at the Olympic Oval. This meet is considered the unofficial Utah Indoor Championships, and both the girls and the boys ended up with the victory (this is the only indoor meet with TEAM scores). The girls squeaked out the win by only 2 points over Syracuse 66-64 (We are going to have some good battles with them this year on both sides). The boys scored 71.5 with Syracuse also taking 2nd with 46. On both sides it was a full team effort. We aren't necessarily getting our points from just one or two stars. Instead, this TEAM is relying on efforts from a lot of different people in every single event. I thought our TEAM did a great job getting out of their comfort zone, taking risks, and giving their best efforts. I was also very impressed with the way were fighting to finish in every event - on the track and in the field events. A lot of our best jumps and throws in the field events were on final attempts and we saw a lot of you really driving hard for the finish line on the track. I love that!!!
There were a ton of highlights for our TEAM, including some new all-time Davis marks: 
Ashley Taylor - 9'00 in the pole vault - Davis #4 All time
Kassidy Webb - 30'06 in the triple jump - Davis #4 All time
Mary Page - 35'04 in the shot put - Davis #9 All time
Ruby Jane Mathewson - 1:00.36 in the 400m - Davis #7 All Time
Aubrey Argyle - 10:53.34 in the 3200 - Davis #2 (behind her own school record of 10:45) (Currently U.S. #6)
4 x 400 (Ruby Jane, Becky, Olivia, Ally) - 4:05.38 - Davis #6 All Time
Xakai Harry - 22'09 in the long jump - Davis SCHOOL RECORD (Also Currently U.S. #25)
Carter Hardy - 38'10.00 in the triple jump - Davis #6 All Time
Caleb Kamalu - 8.51 in the 60 hurdles - Davis #4 All Time
Zach Olsen - 8.56 in the 60 hurdles - Davis #6 All Time
Kelton Johnson - 50.58 in the 400m - Davis #4 All Time
Garrett DiReda - 2:07.85 in the 800m - Davis Freshman Record
Camren Todd - 9:24.85 in the 3200 - Davis #2 All Time (Also Currently U.S. #11)
4 x 200 (Jade, Riley, Landon, Sawyer) - 1:32.80 - Davis #3 All Time
4 x 400 - (Jade, Riley, Sawyer, Kelton) - 3:26.57 - Davis #2 All Time (Also Currently U.S. #32)

Here are some related links - 
Updated Boys Class Records (60m-3200m) -
Updated Girls Class Records (60m-3200m) -
Golden Spike Sprint Challenge (2/4) - Although we are taking a small group to Boise this next weekend, there is another track meet at the Olympic Oval next Saturday. The only events are the 60m, 60m Hurdles, 200m, and 400m. If you would like to get one more track meet in, you can go down on your own. The information and registration is posted at
I will have a flier at practice. Registration is $10 and needs to be done by Friday at 8:00pm.

Utah Distance Challenge (2/10) - We are in charge of the Distance Challenge on February 10th at the Olympic Oval. The events include - 400, 800, 1600, and 3200. All sprinters and hurdlers should plan on coming for the 400m. 

Simplot (2/16-2/18) - We have handed out and emailed out the information and waiver for Simplot. The money ($140) and waiver are due by Tuesday, February 7th. You will all also need to register or renew your membership for the USATF ($20). Please take care of that by February 7th.
There have been a few adjustments to the invite list. I will have the updated invites at practice on Monday and Tuesday.

At this point in the year, it is especially important to take good care of yourselves. We have had quite a few people getting sick in the past few weeks - a lot of stuff is going around. Do your best to get your sleep, eat healthy, stay hydrated, wash your hands, and keep your stress levels to a minimum. After 3 more weeks of hard work for indoor, we will take a small break and prepare for the outdoor season. 

Coach Talley

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Indoor Update - Weber State Invite

Darts -
I said it during track class this past week, and it's true: At this point of the season, we are more interested in your character, toughness, and teamwork than we are in your actual marks. Your times on the track and marks in the field events might not be where you want them to be, but don't focus on that right now. For now, focus on being tough, working hard, being a good teammate, and looking for opportunities to learn and grow and improve. I thought we did a great job of that at the Weber State Invitational this past weekend. Most of you showed up with a great attitude (despite the snow and challenges getting there), and you were competing with energy, toughness, and courage. It's exactly what we wanted to see. I was very impressed with how many of you tried an event for the first time--I know that it can be scary to face those fears.
The results have not been published yet, but we were very excited about the efforts and attitudes of our athletes! I will send out the Weber State results later this week when I receive them. I will also post the performance list for 2017 on the indoor blog -
(Just a side note - if we ever have weather and roads like yesterday, and you aren't able to make it to the indoor track meet because weather. Please always listen to your parents. Respect their decisions. Just do the best you can in those situations. There will always be other track meets - and your coaches will NOT be upset if you are unable to get there.)

Utah Coaches Meet (UHSTCA Invite) -
Our next indoor track meet is next weekend (January 27-28) at the Olympic Oval in Kearns. I have attached all of the information including the schedule. Please read over it carefully and let me know if you have any questions. We have to Pre-Register you for this meet, so please fill out the attached form and bring it to practice by Wednesday. I will also have forms available at practice all week. You will pay when you arrive at the track meet ($4 per event).

Simplot Games Invite List - We are not quite ready with the invites for Simplot. We are trying to find a way to accommodate as many athletes as possible - but it is challenging once again this year. We have so many athletes doing a great job. The factors we are using to decide (in order of importance) - 1) Performance at the first 2 track meets (we may also be looking at the Olympic Oval performances this week for the final spots). 2) Commitment and consistency at indoor practices. 3) Seniority on the team. We will try (as always) to be as fair as we can while making the best possible decisions for the program. That list will be emailed out on Tuesday. Simplot is on February 16-18.

Coach Matt Williams, who has been helping us the past few years, had a battle with cancer 10 years ago. He recently found out that the cancer has returned. He just had surgery to remove 2 large tumors from his lungs and will begin his second round of radiation soon. We have set up a GoFundMe account to try to help Coach Williams with his medical bills. If anyone can help, here is the link -

Thanks for everything! The indoor track season is rolling along, and we are pleased with the potential we see and the formation of our TEAM. Keep up the good work!
Coach Talley

Remaining Indoor Schedule:
Jan 27-28 - Utah Coaches Invite (Indoor State Championships) @ The Olympic Oval
Feb 3-4 - Boise Invitational (small group)
February 10 - Utah Distance Challenge @ The Olympic Oval (400-800-1600-3200)
February 16-18 - Simplot Games

Monday, January 16, 2017

Indoor Update - 1/16

Darts -
We want to see each one of you reach your potential with track & field this indoor and outdoor season. We realize that it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice on your part if we are going to have success as a TEAM and as individuals. There may not be a perfect "formula to success", but here are a few tips that will help you with track this year...
1. Be unselfish - we will always stress the importance of TEAMwork and trying to help each other improve. Watch for ways to inspire and encourage your teammates. Bring energy to workouts and find ways to contribute beyond just your competing ability. When you help others succeed, you will succeed as well. Our biggest measure of success as a TEAM will be how united we become throughout the season. We want to see athletes working hard for each other.
2. Stay Healthy - This may be the most important key. It takes extra focus and sometimes a change in lifestyle. Nutrition (fuel), hydration, and rest are an athletes best friends. Be smart about the workouts and communicate with your coaches when you feel something is bothering you - at the same time, realize that you are going to feel some soreness and aches and pains - that's normal when you are working hard. Most of all, take your warm up and recovery seriously - drills, stretching, cooling down, ice baths, easy days, etc.
3. Consistent, Hard Work - You are only going to be successful if you put in the work. And it can't be just whenever it is convenient for you. It has to be consistent. The daily grind with all of the different types of workouts is what is going to get you to be your best. Jumpers don't just need jumping practice - they need speed, strength, and conditioning. Throwers don't just need throwing reps - they need explosiveness, power, flexibility, core strength. Try to improve every aspect of your event. Be willing to put in some extra time and commitment.
4. Positive Attitude - This is something everyone can work on (probably throughout your life). It's not always easy to stay positive through challenging things, but it is so important for your improvement. I love that track is such a mental game - believing in yourself and having confidence can give you a huge edge. Being on the starting line or in the blocks or on the runway or in the ring and knowing that you are going to do well will make you perform so much better. Work on the mental side of your event. Focus and visual success. And then bring energy and excitement and positivity to the rest of your teammates as well.
5. Experience - Be patient with yourself and learn from each workout and each track meet. You can learn a lot from your "failures" or the times that don't go perfectly. Don't be afraid of that. Try to take positive things away from each experience and always lift yourself up and keep fighting and improving. You have to be willing to get out and try in order to gain experience.

Upcoming Items:
Tuesday Practice
- A group will be going down to the Olympic Oval for a workout tomorrow (Tuesday, 1/17). Sprinters and Hurdlers who are trying to qualify for Simplot and Distance Runners who are in the sub 5:00 (boys) and sub 6:00 (girls) range for the mile can come. The cost is $4. Bring your spikes (without the spikes in them). We will be gone from 10:00 until 1:00. We will need drivers. The indoor track at Davis will also be open for a workout at that time on Tuesday if you are not in that group or don't have as much time.

The Weber State Invitational
is on Friday and Saturday (1/20 and 1/21). The field events are on Friday evening and the track events are on Saturday. I have attached the information for the meet. You don't need to pre-register, you can just show up, pay, and sign up for your events at the entry. It is a great first meet if any of you weren't able to compete at BYU. We will talk more about it at practice on Wednesday and Thursday.

Indoor Track Class starts on Wednesday (4th period). We will not workout during the track class on the first day. But we will have indoor practice right after school, so still bring your clothes. From here out, we will still meet in the cafeteria on 'B' Days. 'A' Day practices will begin with track class. Those not in the track class will need to find their event coach for the workout after school on 'A' Days.

Simplot - I will send out the initial Simplot Invite list next weekend. Simplot is on February 16-18 in Pocatello, ID. The cost will be $135-$140. More information to come next Sunday.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!
-Coach Talley

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Indoor Update - BYU Invite

Darts -
BYU Invite - It was a very solid start to our indoor season at the BYU Invitational on Friday and Saturday. It was a long track meet (for sure), but at the end of the 2 days, we had some great starting marks on the track and in the field events. Our top 8 finishers included Aubrey Argyle (1st in the mile and 2nd in the 800), Alicia Halverson (3rd in the mile), Ally Geisler (7th in the mile), Ruby Jane Mathewson (6th in the hurdles and 8th in the 400m), Grace Neuenschwander (8th in the 800), Kenzie Sagers (1st in the weight throw), Katelyn Hoskins (2nd in the weight throw), Ashley Taylor (5th in the pole vault), Melissa Law (7th in the high jump), Morgan Whitney (8th in the shot put), and the girls 4 x 1 lap (Ruby Jane, Becky, Keslee and Ally - finished 3rd). Our top 8 finishers for the boys were Camren Todd (4th in the mile, 6th in the 800), Frasier Williamson (7th in the mile) Brigham Halverson (8th in the mile), Kelton Johnson (7th in the 400), Caleb Kamalu (3rd in the hurdles), Zach Olsen (8th in the hurdles), Nate Steed (8th in the 800), Cache Arbon (3rd in the pole vault), Alex Cottam (6th in the pole vault), Xakai Harry (1st in the long jump and 4th in the high jump), Eli Beard (5th in the shot put and 2nd in the weight throw), Spencer Plummer (7th in the shot put and 5th in the weight throw), and the boys 4 x 1 lap relay (Jade, Riley, Landon, Sawyer - finished 4th). Devin Lang and Paul Timothy finished 1-2 in the coaches mile. You can see the full results at
Our performance list and all-time lists will be updated on the blog -
It really was just a starting place for our TEAM. If you felt like your performance was not what you were hoping for, or if you feel like you can do better, that is probably normal - while we don't want you to be satisfied, we do want you to walk away from this meet with a positive attitude and a determination to improve. I challenge all of you to increase your commitment and to work hard and see what you can accomplish over the next 6 weeks of indoor track.
Some of the things we did well: we were energetic and positive, everyone was giving a good effort and focused on doing their best, we started building some team unity and supported each other.
Some of the things we can work on: Doing a better job with our warm-ups (more drills, more focused, more unity), making sure we are prepared with food/hydration in between events, pushing ourselves and competing without fear, leadership (seniors looking out for the younger/newer athletes), and PATIENCE (there will be a lot of opportunities going forward).

Our next meet is at Weber State University on January 20-21. More details to come.

Track Class: The track class (4th period) starts up after this week. If you are not already in the class, try to find a way to fit it in your 2nd semester schedule. It is not necessary for participation in outdoor track, but it sure makes things easier.

This Week:
Monday-Thursday: Normal Practice - meet in the cafeteria at 2:45.
Friday: Distance Runners meet in my classroom at 2:45.

It is the final week of the term. Make sure to do all you can to finish strong with your grades. Also make sure to clean out your lockers at the end of the week. We will assign new lockers to start 3rd term (those in the TEAM locker rooms do not need to worry about that).

Coach Talley

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Indoor Update - Jan 1, 2017

Darts -
That break sure went by fast. Try to enjoy it as much as you can for one final day, and then we are back to the grind on Tuesday. I hope that you are rested, but also fired up and ready to get back at it. I always love the new year. Not that I didn't like the previous year (2016 was great), I just love the opportunity to re-commit, re-focus, set some goals, and try to be a little better than I was before. I hope that those of you on this TEAM have high hopes for 2017! It has the potential to be an amazing year. Sure, it will have ups and downs for all of us, but let's face them with desire, humility, and hope in all aspects of life. Be the best YOU you can be.
If you are a bit out of shape from the break, no worries! Let's put in some good work (and consistency) over the next few weeks & months and get ourselves ready for an awesome track season. 2017 is a year of NO EXCUSES and NO FEAR, and a year of believing in yourself.

BYU Invite - Our first Indoor Track Meet is the BYU Invite this coming Friday and Saturday (January 6-7). It is an earlier start than we are used to, but it is going to be a lot of FUN. The field events are on Friday Night (Shot Put, Weight Throw, Long Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault) and the track races are all on Saturday. We would like EVERYONE who can to attend the meet. I know that you probably don't feel "ready" to compete, but this meet really is PRACTICE. It is a great opportunity to see where you are to begin with, to gain some experience, and to get to know your teammates better. This is where we start to build a TEAM. Don't make excuses - just come and compete and learn. And don't feel too nervous or stressed because EVERYONE in the meet is just getting started. No one is really "ready" when it comes to this time of year. You are invited to this meet, even if you didn't do any of the practices we had before the break.
NEW this year - If you are going to compete at the BYU Invite, you will need to get yourself registered online by Thursday at 8pm. Here is a link to the registration - - The cost is $4 per event plus a transaction fee. Do NOT register for the relay (we will take care of that). Make sure to put "Davis" as your school.
If you are not sure what events to do, talk to your event coach at practice this week. Our main suggestions: Distance Runners (mile and 800); Sprinters (60m, 400m, and 200m); Hurdlers (60m Hurdles, 400m, 200m); Jumpers (Long Jump, High Jump, and/or Pole Vault + a sprint race on Saturday if desired); Throwers (Shot Put and Weight if you have done it in practice).
We will be taking a bus down to the meet on Saturday (but many will need to find their own transportation). We will carpool down on Friday for the field events.
Please let me know if you or your parents have any questions about the BYU Meet. You can call me tomorrow or later in the week at 801-580-8713. The exact schedule and more detailed information is attached to this email.

Racing Tops - If you are interested in buying a racing top for the indoor season, you will need to sign up at one of the practices this week. We will be submitting the order after Thursday's practice. The tops will be black, and will say 'Davis Track & Field' in Vegas Gold. The cost is $26. You will not be able to pay until it is entered on to myDSD after Thursday. You do NOT need to race in the tops we are ordering - we do not have an official uniform during Indoor Track. If you DO order one of the tops, you will be able to use it at a few of the meets during outdoor.

Spikes - If you do not yet have spikes for track, it would be very beneficial to find some you can use for competition. The spikes are specific to event (sprint/hurdle, distance - jumpers can use jump spikes or sprint spikes). You can find good spikes online at or, you can also find good spikes at Wasatch Running Center in Centerville, and occasionally you can get some killer deals at Ross. While spikes are not mandatory to compete in, they will greatly improve your performance.

Indoor Track Fee - If you did not pay in the office before the break, please pay $25 this week. It should go into the "Indoor Track" Budget (checks made out to 'Davis High')

Simplot - Simplot this year is on February 16-18. The cost will be about $135. We will be taking between 90-100 athletes. The invites will be based on the following: 1) commitment (attendance and attitude); 2) Performance at the BYU Invite and Weber State Invite; 3) Seniority on the TEAM. We will send out more information in a few weeks.

This Week:
Monday - Do some type of workout or running on your own.
Tuesday - 2:45 in the Cafeteria
Wednesday - 2:45 in the Cafeteria
Thursday - 2:45 in the Cafeteria
Friday - Distance Runners - 2:45 in my classroom; Sprinters/Hurdlers - 2:45 on the indoor track (for blocks - bring spikes); Field Events - BYU Invitational
Saturday - BYU Invitational

Thanks! Happy New Year! Enjoy your final day of the break. See you on Tuesday at 2:45.
- Coach Talley

2017 Indoor Track Schedule:
January 6-7: BYU Invite
January 20-21: Weber State Invite
January 27-28: Utah Indoor Championships
February 3-4: Boise Indoor Meet (small group)
February 10: Utah Distance Challenge
February 16-18: Simplot Games

The 2017 Outdoor Track Schedule is up on the blog -