Monday, February 17, 2014

Davis Indoor Track Update - Simplot Games

Darts - 

It seems that I always come home from the Simplot Games satisfied with what I have seen from our TEAM. Something about the final meet of the indoor season seems to elevate your performances, and I was very proud of the way that our athletes fought and our TEAM became more unified. I really thought that this was going to be more of a rebuilding year for us during the indoor season, and while we are a young TEAM with a lot of new athletes, new leaders, and new coaches, it ended up being a very successful Simplot Games and indoor season. We actually came home with a record number of medals (for finishing in the top 6 in finals). We broke last year's record of 26 medals by earning a combined total of 32 medals, with many additional finalists medals as well. We also scored the 2nd most TEAM points that we have ever scored (scoring individuals and relays who finish in the top 8). I think my favorite part of the entire meet was our relays. We had 12 relay teams run in the finals on Saturday (our 2nd most ever), and we had 2 more relay teams that missed by less than a second. It was fun to see everyone working together and running so fast together. I was also very impressed with how many of you responded to running 2 or even 3 events on Saturday. I think we are tougher than I originally thought we were - and that is definitely a nice surprise. 

There were so many great performances and highlights of this past weekend. It was awesome to see so many of you step up and run faster and compete harder than you thought possible. Once again, it is impossible to mention all the great performances. I am going to list some, but you can also see the updated indoor performance lists on the blog ( And you can see full Simplot results at 
Thursday night's distance races had a few big PRs - Tanner Horrocks joined the sub 5:00 club, giving us a record 24 boys under 5:00 in the mile this indoor season (with 3 more boys right at 5:00). Madi Bledsoe and Sydney Zaugg both ran very tough to go under 6:00 in the mile for the first time this season. We had 7 distance girls and 3 distance boys make finals - Kenzie Weir and Ashley Tyndall in the 3200; Skylar Williams, Stokton Smith, and Josh Ward in the boys 1600m; and Hannah Albrechtsen, Aubrey Argyle, Miah Weaver, Chelsey Johnson, and Josey Hedquist in the girls 1600m. 
Friday was all about the relays. Our boys and girls 4 x 200m relays both narrowly missed finals, but we came back strong and made finals with boys and girls in the 4 x 400. We also put 4 medley teams in the finals for the first time ever. The girls and boys both had A Teams and B Teams qualify by finishing in the top 12. The Boys Medley C Team of Caleb Gipson, Todd Froisland, Derrek Parry, and Kent Thompson made a valiant effort - but just missed finals by .5 seconds. In the individual events on Friday, Andrew Tyndall qualified for finals in the pole vault, Taylor Cox ran the fastest trials time of the day in the 800m, Trevor Leavitt had the fastest time in the 400m, Logan MacKay qualified for finals in the 800m, and Carson Hunt made it through to finals in the 60m dash. We also had solid PRs and season bests by Erika Stephenson and Eliza Jackson in the 60 Hurdles, Brittney Rounkles in the 200m dash, Kendall Sargent and Anna Ferrell in the 800m, Palmer Flood and Derrek Parry in the 60 Hurdles, Rylee Chilcote in the 400m, and Kent Thompson and Brandon Peters in the 800m. 
The finals on Saturday were some of the most exciting I have ever seen. We truly had some of the gutsiest and most inspiring performances on the track. Here are our results from the finals:

Girls 800m: Taylor Cox - 2:13.74 (2nd place) - Davis #2 All-time; Utah #5 All-time
Girls 1600m: Hannah Albrechtsen - 5:12.05 (12th) - Davis #7 All-time; Aubrey Argyle - 5:18.69 (17th) - Top 9th grader in the race; Chelsey Johnson - 5:19.84 (22nd); Miah Weaver - 5:20.67 (23rd) - #2 9th grader in the race; Josey Hedquist - 5:28.78 (31st)
Girls 3200m: Kenzie Weir - 11:15 (2nd); Davis #5 All-time; Ashley Tyndall - 11:23 (6th) - Davis #6 All-time
Girls 4 x 800m: A Team (Josey, Tatum, Aubrey, Hannah) - 9:53 (4th)
B Team (Tiahna, Chelsey, Ally, Miah) - 9:59 (6th) - the first time we have ever had 2 teams under 10:00
C Team (Sam Hedquist, Aimee, Grace, and Kendall) - 10:11 (10th)
Girls Medley Relay: A Team (Rachel, Elise, Liz, Hannah) - 4:19 (3rd) - anchored by a great 2:22 split in Hannah's 3rd race of the day; B Team (Elly, Olivia, Brittney, Miah) - 4:28 (9th) - anchored by a great 2:27 split in Miah's 3rd race of the day. 
Girls 4 x 400 Relay: (BriAnna, Rachel, Josey, Taylor) - 4:05 (5th) - anchored by an awesome 58.2 split from Taylor.

Boys Pole Vault: Andrew Tyndall - one of only 14 vaulters to make the finals by clearing 13'06.
Boys 60m Dash: Carson Hunt - 7.14 (14th) - Davis #3 All-Time, Top Utah Finisher
Boys 400m Dash: Trevor Leavitt - 49.69 (6th) - Best finish by a Davis athlete in over 10 years
Boys 800m - Logan MacKay - 2:03 (14th) - in his 4th race of the weekend; top sophomore in the race
Boys 1600m - Skylar Williams - 4:26 (10th) - first Davis athlete to make finals 4 straight years in the 1600m; Stokton Smith - 4:32 (21st); Josh Ward - made finals - but I pulled him out after he ran 2 killer 800m relay legs within 2 hours before the finals (coach's decision - and a great TEAM sacrifice by Josh).
Boys 4 x 800m - A Team (Josh, Colter, Stokton, Logan) - 8:06 (1st) Davis #3 All Time; all 4 underclassmen; 8 straight years with a team on the podium; B Team (Kimball, Ethan, Frasier, Kent) - 8:25 (6th); C Team (Adam, Daniel, Jason Lang, Solomon) - 8:39 (8th)
Boys Medley Relay - A Team (Palmer, Ty, Colton, Josh) - 3:37 (3rd) - Davis #2 All Time; Nearly pulled off the victory with a gutsy 1:58 anchor leg by Josh; B Team (Rylee, Griffin, Jordan, Colter) - 3:46 (10th) - ran faster in the finals despite dropping the baton and going down
Boys 4 x 400m Relay - A Team (Gabe, Skylar, Palmer, Trevor) - 3:28 (7th) - Davis #4 All Time

Thanks to each of you who came to Simplot and competed so hard for the TEAM. As a coaching staff, we were very pleased with how you behaved and with the amount of excitement you showed for your TEAMmates. Thanks to the coaches who helped prepare you, and who sacrificed their time this past weekend. And a HUGE thanks to your parents for their support and trust and help with all of the traveling and other arrangements. We are lucky to have great parents as part of our program. 

Coming Up:
This Week - We will only have practice during track class. Distance runners will also meet for a run after school on Wednesday. 
Thursday (2/20) - Senior Meeting in my classroom during track class. We will be discussing the track apparel for the season. Meet in the gym like normal, and then we will go up to my classroom. 
Tuesday (2/25) - Official Outdoor Track Meeting and first day of practice. We will be handing out paperwork, going over some important information and having a brief workout after the meeting. Please help us spread the word by inviting any friends you have who are interested in outdoor track. 

Thanks for a great indoor season. I hope that you are all looking forward to some great things in the outdoor season.

Coach Talley

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Davis Indoor Track Update - Utah Indoor Champions

Darts - 
We had a great week of practice, capped off by a very successful Utah Indoor Championships Meet. I am really looking forward to the Simplot Games this weekend and the upcoming outdoor track season. Here is your update for the week. . . 

Utah Indoor Championships - Both the boys and the girls indoor teams came away with victories at the Indoor Championships at the Olympic Oval this past weekend. Both TEAMs showed a lot of toughness and competitiveness. It is nice to see our TEAM coming together. We lost a ton of great seniors last year, but this TEAM is finding its identity and showing a lot of character. We will need to continue to work really hard and continue to have leadership and unity if we are going to be in a position to win at the outdoor championships. I wish I had time to go over all of the highlights, but I only have time to cover the athletes who placed in the top 6 in their events. You can see the full results at (hopefully that works). I will also post the updated TEAM performance lists on the blog - 
For the girls - Taylor Cox finished 1st in the 800m, 2nd in the 400m, and 5th in the 1600m - all 3 were season best performances. She also anchored our winning 4 x 400m relay team. Taylor's time of 2:16 in the 800m is currently among the top 25 times in the country. Aubrey Argyle finished 4th in the 3200m with an incredible time of 11:06 - it is currently the 5th fastest freshman time in the U.S. It is also the 2nd fastest time on our all-time list.  BriAnna Gipson finished 6th in the 400m with a very strong time of 61.65. Kenzie Weir finished 6th in the 3200m with an indoor PR of 11:19. Liz Jones and Gentry Keaton finished 5-6 in the pole vault. And all 3 relay teams had solid performances. The girls 4 x 200 (Elise Berning, Hailee Carattini, Liz Jones, and Rachel Anderson) finished 2nd. The girls 4 x 800 (Tiahna Cipriano, Miah Weaver, Josey Hedquist, and Hannah Albrechtsen) finished 2nd. And the girls 4 x 400 team (BriAnna Gipson, Elly Ferguson, Rachel Anderson, and Taylor Cox) finished 1st. 
Girls Team Scores
1. Davis 80.5
2. Herriman 60
3. Syracuse 56.5
4. Morgan 27

For the boys - Trevor Leavitt finished 4th in the 400m and 1st in the 200m (tying the school record at 22.38). Skylar Williams finished 2nd in the 1600 and 3rd in the 800m - both indoor PRs (4:23/1:58). Josh Ward finished 2nd in the 3200 and 6th in the 1600 with big PRs in both events (9:44/4:27). Carson Hunt was 3rd in the 60m dash with the Davis #4 all-time mark of 7.16. Andrew Tyndall finished 2nd in the pole vault and 3rd in the triple jump. Logan MacKay finished 2nd in the 800m and broke his own Davis sophomore record with 1:58.26. Kimball Potter finished 4th in the 3200m with 9:54. Jaron Erickson was 5th in the high jump. Nate Butterfield was 4th in the triple jump. And all 3 of our relay teams finished 2nd - 4 x 200 (Jordan Goldsberry, Griffin Hill, Palmer Flood, and Trevor Leavitt); 4 x 800 (Colter Blanchard, Stokton Smith, Kent Thompson, and Josh Ward); and 4 x 400 (Logan MacKay, Skylar Williams, Josh Ward, and Trevor Leavitt). 
Boys Team Scores
1. Davis 109.5
2. Riverton 52
3. Syracuse 42
4. Herriman 39
5. Woods Cross 37

There were many other great individual performances and PRs. It is definitely going to be a very competitive outdoor season. It will be very important for us to continue to work on unity and focus. We can accomplish some incredible things this season if we will work hard and work as a TEAM. 

Discount Card Fundraiser - The fundraiser deadline is Tuesday, February 11th. For those of you who have given an effort and sold your cards - thank you so much!! For those of you who have not, I would ask that you give it one last try tomorrow afternoon. Please turn in your money to the office by Tuesday and bring your cards to track class or after school practice on Tuesday. Thanks.

Simplot Games - The Simplot Games are this upcoming weekend in Pocatallo, ID. For those of you who are going with the team, there is a mandatory meeting on Tuesday at 3:00 in my classroom (2512). We will be going over rules, rides, rooms, schedule, and other valuable information. I will also be sending out an email to all athletes and parents involved with the schedule and other information. Please watch for that email tomorrow. It is going to be an extremely fun trip and I hope that each of you are excited to perform well and have fun with the TEAM.

Outdoor track practices officially start on Tuesday, February 25th. Be ready!
You can find the 2014 Outdoor Track meet schedule here - 

Coach Talley


Monday, February 3, 2014

Davis Indoor Track Update

Darts - 
I just wanted to quickly tell you all great job on the first few weeks with the track class. Those of you who have been participating in indoor track have been doing an awesome job working hard and competing with heart. And those of you who are in the track class are starting to show some guts and toughness that will be essential for our success in outdoor track. Although we didn't have any indoor meets this past weekend, we have a busy 2 weeks in front of us. Please read through the information and let me know if you or your parents have any questions.

Fundraiser - I would like to thank each of you who are taking the fundraiser seriously. We will definitely make good use of the proceeds. Hopefully each of you will see the immediate benefit as we get outdoors and have the equipment we need - and as Coach Parrish mentioned - it is also something that you can participate in that will "pay it forward" to the future Davis athletes. 
You have until Tuesday, February 11th to finish selling the cards. The money should be turned in to the office. Whatever cards you don't sell should be turned back in to me (Coach Talley). I want you to know that I realize that it is not always easy to sell things to neighbors, and that the community is saturated with similar causes. I am just asking that you do your best. If you have any donations that are made without selling the cards, please let the secretaries in the office know when you turn in the money. 
All of the fines (in the system) from the cards will be removed within a week after the money or the cards are turned in.

Utah Indoor State Championships - Are this weekend at the Olympic Oval. The information is attached to this email. The field events, 1600m, 400m, and 4 x 800m relay are on Friday afternoon/evening. The rest of the running events are on Saturday. I need to know what events you would like to compete in by Wednesday night. Please turn in the attached paper with the events filled out (I will also have the paper at practice the next 2 days). ANYONE can compete at the meet - even if it would be your first indoor meet. I would love to see some of you in the track class have the courage to go down and try a few events. You are supposed to pay at the meet when you check in ($4 for your first event and $3 for each additional event). The event is officially called the UHSTCA Indoor Invitational (Utah High School Track Coaches Association).

Simplot Games - Each of you going to Simplot (February 13-15) need to turn in your paper work and your money by Thursday (February 6th). Please bring it directly to me (not in the office). Just a reminder that the Simplot trip is not run through the school - that is why it is so important for each of you to also register for the USATF. The instructions for registering for the USATF is with the paperwork I handed out and emailed out last week (let me know if you need it again). We are also looking for a few more parents to drive up to Pocatello on Thursday night to drop kids off. We have enough vehicles to shuttle the athletes from the hotel to the arena and back. By Monday next week, I should have a schedule with the events that each of you will be participating in. I would like all of you who are competing at Simplot to also compete in the meet at the Oval this week. We will have a mandatory meeting on Tuesday (February 11th) at 3:00pm in my classroom. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Andrew Tyndall competed in the Pole Vault this past weekend at Idaho State University. Andrew had a huge PR with a vault of 14 feet 5.5 inches. His hard work and determination continue to pay off. Congrats, Andrew.

Alumni Update - Our Davis T&F graduates continue to make us proud. We had former athletes competing in Pocatello, Seattle, and Albuquerque this past weekend. At the Mountain States Games in Pocatello, Bailey Carling (UVU) ran a pr of 8.08 in the finals of the 60m dash, Seth Fortin (WSU) ran 6.88 in the 60m and 21.82 in the 200m and finished 2nd in each, Kyler Sprague (UVU) finished with 8.66 in the 60m Hurdles, Seth Gutzwiller (UVU) ran 15:44 in the 5000m, Ellie Child (WSU) finished 6th in the invited mile, Shaelee Sweatfield (UVU) placed 6th in the open mile, and Jessica Wilding (UVU) placed 6th in the 3000m. In Washington, Jared Ward (BYU) finished 3rd in the fastest section of the the 3000m with 7:59 (equivalent of 8:32 in the 3200), and Shea Martinez (BYU) ran the 800m on the winning distance medley relay team and finished 6th in her invited section of the 800m. In New Mexico, Bryce Hall (USU) finished 7th in the shot put and 5th in the weight throw.

Coach Talley
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