Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dart Update - Utah Distance Challenge

Darts -
Utah Distance Challenge - The distance runners went down to Kearns this week to run in the Utah Distance Challenge. It was very successful - as we had a lot of personal bests and season bests. It is the type of progress that we like seeing at this point in the year. We had a few runners earn themselves national rankings with their performances. Brad Nye won the 800m in 1:55.76 - which is currently the #7 time in the U.S. Austin Neuner was second in the 1600m in 4:22.96 - which ranks him #11 in the U.S. in that event. Joe White (4:31.35) and Brayden Cromar (4:34.96) were just off the national list in the 1600. We also had an incredible 10 boys run under 4:50. Brayden Cromar came back and won the 3200m in 9:47, and was followed closely by our training buddy from Northridge, Caleb Waldron in 9:51 - both times make the national list. And in the 400m, Logan Thomas ran 54.75 to place 9th - it is the top Davis time so far this season. For the girls - we looked really strong in the 1600 - Meghan Hedquist (5:30) and Anni Andersen (5:31) both finished in the top 10, and we had 7 girls under 6:00. Mikell Wood improved her 400m time to 66.28 to finish 7th in that event. Meghan Hedquist ran a season best in the 800 (2:33) to finish 8th. And Tessa Brown, Joanna Boyd, and Liz Ashby all placed in the top 5 in the 3200. It was a fun meet and I was pleased with the results. Davis results can be found at the bottom of this email. Full results can be found at

Our next meet is the Utah State Indoor Championships - The girls and the boys have both finished in the top 2 in the meet for the past 10 years in a row. Last year our girls got a narrow victory (we won by 3 points), and our boys were 2nd place - behind Syracuse. This year we would like to do our best to finish with two firsts. It will take a TEAM effort and we will need as many of you to compete as possible. The schedule is a little different than last year. The field events are still on Friday afternoon/evening (beginning at 4:00pm), and some track events are also on Friday (1600m, 400m, 4 x 800m). The nice thing is that the Saturday meet will not go as long as last year. On Monday, I will have a paper to hand out to you if you are going to compete this weekend. You will need to fill out the paper and bring it back to me by Wednesday, along with the money it will cost for your events. The first event is $4, and each event after that is $2 (so if you sign up for 3 events, it would be $8. I have to pre-register you, so it is important that you bring me the paper back by Wednesday. I will also email it out tomorrow for those of you who are unable to get the paper from me.

Simplot Games
- Those of you who have qualified to go to the Simplot Games were informed this past week. We are going to have our largest group ever (it continues to grow a little each year). We will be the biggest TEAM at the games - and we want to also be the most successful, and the loudest TEAM at Simplot. It should be a lot of fun, but we need to work really hard over the final 3 weeks in order to get ready. If you are on the list to go to Simplot, I expect extra dedication and extra hard work over these next 3 weeks. It is also very important that you get the final information from me this week. You will each need to register as members of the USATF (United States Association of Track & Field - $20). And you will need to get your money and final waiver to me by February 14th. The cost is $120 - and checks need to be made out to Davis County Running Club (DO NOT PAY IN THE OFFICE). I will have some information to hand out to you on Monday.

Sweats - If you ordered any sweats, they should be here in about 2 weeks. You need to pay the money in the office. $30 for tops, $30 for pants, and $7 if you have your name on the back of the hoodies. Bring me your receipts. Thanks.

Keep up the good work - Outdoor Track officially begins on Monday, February 28th.

College/Alumni Update: We have a very good group currently competing at the college level. They are making us proud - here is the latest -
Candace Eddy - ran a PR 9:46 in the 3000m at the University of Washington this past weekend - placed 15th.
Dani Figgins - finished 16th in the 200m (25.77) and 16th in the 400m (1:01.07) at Boise State
Brooke Jensen - Finished 7th in the 60m Hurdles (9.28) at Boise State
Jared Ward - ran 8:13 in the 3000m in Washington yesterday - equivalent to a 8:46 3200m. Finished 9th.
Utah State
Ashlee Cannon - Finished 4th in the 60m Hurdles (9.00) and 15th in the 200m (25.65) at Boise State
Shannon Prince - Finished 10th in the shot put (39'07) at Boise State
Jennifer Schiess - Finished 5th in the high jump (5'05) and 17th in the long jump (14'09.75) at Boise State
Stephen Pierce - Finished 9th in the pole vault (13'11) at Boise State
Devin Lang - Finished 1st in the mile (4:18) and 12th in the 800 (1:59) at Boise State
Jeff Taylor - Finished 14th in the 3000m (9:23) at Boise State
Spencer Hall - Finished 5th in the weight throw (54'07) at Boise State
Weber State
Camille Lott - finished 3rd in the 400m (57.13) and 9th in the 200m dash (25.70) at Idaho State
Kristin Billings - finished 4th in the 60m dash (7.93) and 12th in the 200m (25.98)
Natalie Haws - Finished 2nd in the 3000m (10:08.31) at Idaho State
Loren Storey - Finished 4th in the mile (5:08.53) at Idaho State
Ryan Avery - Finished 2nd in the 60m dash (6.95) and 7th in the long jump (21'07.25) at Idaho State.
Ben Jacobsen - Finished 5th in the open 400m (51.71) at Idaho State
Ben Poulson - Finished 4th in the 800m (1:56.66) at Idaho State
Jessica Wilding - Did not compete this past weekend - has been running strong in the mile and 3000m
Emily Hansen - Did not compete this past weekend - is racing well in the 3000m
Logan Petty - Did not compete this past weekend - coming back from an injury - will focus on 3000m and up.

Utah Distance Challenge - Davis Results -
Boys 1600 -
2. Austin Neuner - 4:22.96
5. Joe White - 4:31.35
6. Brayden Cromar - 4:34.96
10. Skylar Williams - 4:38.19
11. Adam Mathias - 4:39.01
13. Zach Schofield - 4:40.83
15. Jackson Sagers - 4:41.69
19. Preston Johnson - 4:42.70
20. Alex Hedquist - 4:42.81
32. Austin Allred - 4:48.48
61. Taylor Goldsberry - 5:02.95
64. Andrew Aposhian - 5:03.74
68. Logan Wood - 5:05.99
69. Joseph Bailey - 5:07.67
83. Curtis Knight - 5:16.50
84. Devin Vance - 5:16.75
90. Ryan Tanner - 5:20.85
101. Caleb Gipson - 5:34.00
106. Matt Taylor - 5:37.54

Boys 400m
9. Logan Thomas - 54.75
14. Skylar Williams - 56.07
25. Andrew Tyndall - 1:02.28

Boys 800m
1. Brad Nye - 1:55.76 (#2 All-Time)
13. Adam Mathias - 2:07.73
25. Alex Hedquist - 2:11.19
28. Seth Thompson - 2:12.30
30. Spencer Jones - 2:13.60
44. Sam Haws - 2:18.75
49. Curtis Knight - 2:22.56
61. Devin Vance - 2:29.86

Boys 3200m
1. Brayden Cromar - 9:47.89
2. Caleb Waldron (N Ridge) - 9:51.48
7. Phillip Baker - 10:44.05
9. Hayden Hansen - 10:47.22
22. Ryan Tanner - 11:53.57
23. Isaac Clouse - 12:04.97
24. Logan Wood - 12:15.01

Girls 1600m
9. Meghan Hedquist - 5:30.78
10. Anni Andersen - 5:31.03
15. Becca Albrechtsen - 5:43.10
17. Ashley Tyndall - 5:44.26
19. Jessica Paget - 5:49.58
23. Brooke Gutzwiller - 5:55.23
27. Janice Hartvigsen - 5:58.25
30. Tracey Munson - 6:04.63
34. Danna Stuart - 6:08.08
39. Sadie Hutchinson - 6:14.57
46. Whitney Williams - 6:29.03
48. Karaline Vandemerwe - 6:38.84

Girls 400m
7. Mikell Wood - 1:06.28
12. Becca Albrechtsen - 1:07.13
14. Liz Ashby - 1:07.66
33. Anna Ward - 1:15.46

Girls 800m
8. Meghan Hedquist - 2:33.96
14. Kinsee Hall - 2:35.88
21. Julia Anderson - 2:42
22. Ashley Tyndall - 2:42.71
25. Jessica Paget - 2:43.81
30. Janice Hartvigsen - 2:52.03
31. Sierra Haslam - 2:52.22
33. Tracey Munson - 2:54.94
35. Kami Dixon - 2:56.80
38. Whitney Williams - 3:00.83
39. Shaylee Argyle - 3:01.45

Girls 3200m
2. Tessa Brown - 12:24.29
3. Joanna Boyd - 12:45.42
5. Liz Ashby - 13:39.22

Friday, January 28, 2011

Girls Results - Utah Distance Challenge

Utah Distance Challenge - Olympic Oval, 1/28/2011 - All Times F.A.T.

1600m RUN
1. 5:13.70 Avery Calton, Ogden
2. 5:13.98 Susannah Hurst, East
3. 5:19.16 Laura Young, Bingham
4. 5:22.98 McKenzie Snyder, Park City
5. 5:26.85 Natalie Shields, East
6. 5:27.56 Carrie Jube, Timpview
7. 5:29.35 Ali Walker, Park City
8. 5:30.22 Alicia Heninger, PGHS
9. 5:30.78 Meghan Hedquist, Davis
10. 5:31.03 Anni Andersen, Davis
11. 5:39.47 Aubrey Barton, Ogden
12. 5:39.76 Sara Fauver
13. 5:40.97 Melissa Garrett, Ogden
14. 5:42.74 Ramsey Rock
15. 5:43.10 Becca Albrechtson, Davis
16. 5:43.92 Kacie Anderson, Woods Cross
17. 5:44.26 Ashley Tyndall, Davis
18. 5:48.34 Rebekah Boekweg, North Sanpete
19. 5:49.58 Jessica Paget, Davis
20. 5:49.62 Emily Schmitt, PCHS
21. 5:50.58 Daisy Tuwei, Wasatch Academy
22. 5:50.92 Alexis Lee, Park City
23. 5:55.23 Brooke Gutzwiller, Davis
24. 5:55.50 Abigail Hurst, East
25. 5:56.62 Anna Clark, Bountiful
26. 5:58.02 Brittany Brunner, Woods Cross
27. 5:58.25 Janice Hartvigsen, Davis
28. 5:59.74 Makenzie Clark
29. 6:00.07 Kristi Faux, Timpview
30. 6:04.63 Tracey Munson, Davis
31. 6:05.34 Waverli Lindmeir, Bountiful
32. 6:05.39 Amanda Bischoff, East
33. 6:05.96 Jasmine Callister, Timpview
34. 6:08.08 Danna Stuart, Davis
35. 6:09.21 Rachel Boekweg, North Sanpete
36. 6:11.05 Abbey Beazer, SHS
37. 6:13.65 Brigette Harris, Maple Mountain
38. 6:13.70 Amy Ware, Judge
39. 6:14.57 Sadie Hutchinson, Davis
40. 6:16.34 Kristen Brunson, Taylorsville
41. 6:18.32 Daylyn Johnston, Syracuse
42. 6.21.29 Amanda Evans, Woods Cross
43. 6.22.18 Alyssa Moyar, Salem Hills
44. 6:23.25 Kaliesha Foy, Hunter
45. 6.25.26 Robertson, Rock Springs
46. 6:29.03 Whitney Williams, Davis
47. 6:32.82 MaKayla Adams, Stansbury
48. 6.38.84 Karaline Vandemerwe, Davis
49. 6:42.13 Morgan Daily, Judge
50. 6:44.22 Kelly Peterson, West Jordan
51. 6:47.27 Alicia Lockwood, Kearns
52. 6:47.67 Liz Barrows, Judge
53. 6:48.17 Marcie Badham, Woods Cross
54. 7:07.36 Megan Ingleby, Kearns
55. 7:18.47 Ashley Birch, West Jordan
56. 7:28.73 Alejandra Perez, Hunter
57. 7:53.00 Butterfield, Rock Springs
58. 8:02.74 Heidi Poulsen, West Jordan
59. 8:25.08 Martha Lopez, Hunter

400m DASH
1. 1:02.91 Charis Wingsters, Herriman
2. 1:03.11 Melissa Tidwell, Weber
3. 1:03.12 Mykah Heaton, Weber
4. 1:03.17 Sierra Knapp, Mercury
5. 1:05.45 Jensen Williams, Maple Mountain
6. 1:06.21 Kassadi Beckstead, Mercury
7. 1:06.28 Mikell Wood, Davis
8. 1:06.45 Kacie Anderson, Woods Cross
9. 1:06.66 Mayra Franco, Syracuse
10. 1:06.77 Brittany Brunner, Woods Cross
11. 1:06.98 Shelby Cadwell, Syracuse
12. 1:07.13 Becca Albrechtson, Davis
13. 1:07.47 Dania Rodriguez, Kearns
14. 1:07.66 Liz Ashby, Davis
15. 1:07.69 Justine Xueffner, Mercury
16. 1:07.88 Emily Brown, Timpanogos
17. 1:08.20 Reanna Jereb, Rock Springs
18. 1:08.36 Bobbe Graham, Maple Mountain
19. 1:08.73 Sarah Eisert, Copper
20. 1:08.83 Lindly Fernandez, Hunter
21. 1:08.99 Lindsey Bailey, Syracuse
22. 1:09.49 McKenzie Loftis, Woods Cross
23. 1:10.04 Alisa Bennion, Woods Cross
24. 1:10.62 MaKenzie Clark, Woods Cross
25. 1:10.92 Christine Heyn, Maple Mountain
26. 1:11.81 Amber Davis, Woods Cross
27. 1:11.95 Elizabeth Newbold, Hunter
28. 1:12.19 Kathy Tran, Taylorsville
29. 1:12.64 Jordan Anderson, Syracuse
30. 1:13.55 Savannah Huntzinger, East
31. 1:13.66 Lauren Garrett, Syracuse
32. 1:14.11 Krystal Landa-Ferron, Kearns
33. 1:15.46 Anna Ward, Davis
34. 1:16.55 Yelena Ngvama Gracia, R Springs
35. 1:23.27 Miriam Vargas, Kearns

800m RUN
1. 2:26.09 Avery Calton, Ogden
2. 2:29.86 McKenzie Snyder, Park City
3. 2:32.31 Laura Young, Bingham
4. 2:32.53 Rylie Jex, Herriman
5. 2:33.33 Sierra Knapp, Mercury
6. 2:33.56 Lindsey McFarland, Syracuse
7. 2:33.83 Ali Walker, Park City
8. 2:33.96 Meghan Hedquist, Davis
9. 2:34.54 Emily Schmitt, Park City
10. 2:34.58 Aubrey Barton, Ogden
11. 2:34.86 Julianna Olsen, Woods Cross
12. 2:35.13 Jayne Starkie, West Jordan
13. 2:35.34 Sara Fauver, WS
14. 2:35.88 McKinsee Hall, Davis
15. 2:37.21 Rebekah Beokweg, North Sanpete
16. 2:37.38 Julia Anderson, Davis
17. 2:38.16 Kaitfland Garner, Woods Cross
18. 2:38.34 Sha Chayna Field, Syracuse
19. 2:38.74 Brandy Petersen, Bingham
20. 2:39.50 Kenzie Hillier, Herriman
21. 2:40.73 Daisy Tuwei, Wasatch Academy
22. 2:42.71 Ashley Tyndall, Davis
23. 2:43.00 Melissa Garrett, Ogden
24. 2:43.56 Emily Brown, Timpanogos
25. 2:43.81 Jessica Paget, Davis
26. 2:45.67 Jensen Williams, Maple Mountain
27. 2:48.50 Rachel Boekweg, North Sanpete
28. 2:48.70 Amanda Evans, Woods Cross
29. 2:51.12 Mallory Ashby, Syracuse
30. 2:52.03 Janice Hartvigsen, Davis
31. 2:52.22 Sierra Haslam, Davis
32. 2:54.31 Sarah Bischott, East
33. 2:54.94 Tracey Munson, Davis
34. 2:55.66 Megan Bond, Mercury
35. 2:56.80 Kami Dixon, Davis
36. 2:58.72 Justine Kueffner, Mercury
37. 3:00.05 Bridgette Harris, Maple Mountain
38. 3:00.28 Whitney Williams, Davis
39. 3:01.45 Shaylee Argyle, Davis
40. 3:14.11 Miriam Bargas, Kearns
41. 3:16.00 Christine Heyn, Maple Mountain
42. 3:17.12 Yelena Nguemagracia, R Springs
43. 3:20.62 Katelyn Davidson, Syracuse

3200m RUN
1. 11:36.00 Macee Neilson, Monticello
2. 12:24.29 Tessa Brown, Davis
3. 12:45.42 Joanna Boyd, Davis
4. 13:12.66 Amanda Bishoff, East
5. 13:39.22 Liz Ashby, Davis
6. 13:55.74 Alyssa Moyer, Salem Hills
7. 16:27.60 Chantel Allen, Kearns
8. 16:45.07 Bobbe Graham
9. 16:45.08 Jensen Williams

Boys Results - Utah Distance Challenge

Utah Distance Challenge - Olympic Oval, 1/28/2011 - All Times F.A.T.

1600m RUN
1. 4:21.36 Clayton Young, American Fork
2. 4:22.96 Austin Neuner, Davis
3. 4:26.21 Austin West, American Fork
4. 4:27.57 Tyson Lambert, Stansbury
5. 4:31.35 Joe White, Davis
6. 4:34.96 Brayden Cromar, Davis
7. 4:35.49 Travis Taylor, Mountain View
8. 4:35.77 Faure, Rock Springs
9. 4:36.74 Isaac Faux, Maple Moutain
10. 4:38.19 Skylar Williams, Davis
11. 4:39.01 Adam Mathias, Davis
12. 4:40.21 Alex Brown, Mountain View
13. 4:40.83 Zach Schofield, Davis
14. 4:41.21 Parker Evans, Bountiful
15. 4:41.69 Jackson Sagers, Davis
16. 4:41.74 Davis Bass, Kearns
17. 4:41.76 Paxton Patey, Maple Mountain
18. 4:42.34 Ashenafe Richardson, American Fork
19. 4:42.70 Preston Johnson, Davis
20. 4:42.81 Alex Hedquist, Davis
21. 4:43.11 Tanner Smith, Timpview
22. 4:43.91 Zach Smith, West Jordan
23. 4:44.15 Benjamin Pearson, East
24. 4:44.48 Connor Gideon, Park City
25. 4:45.16 Jaxon Hansen, Syracuse
26. 4:45.85 Brandon Edmondson, Salem Hills
27. 4:45.90 Marcus Tarr, Kearns
28. 4:45.98 Mike Russel, Syracuse
29. 4:46.30 Brandon Yardley, Syracuse
30. 4:46.85 Mitch Pettit, Taylorsville
31. 4:47.14 Derek Day, American Fork
32. 4:48.48 Austin Allred, Davis
33. 4:48.92 Richard Obale, Kearns
34. 4:48.98 Matthew Nagie, Park City
35. 4:49.22 Tyson Green, American Fork
36. 4:49.27 Matt Chesnut, Salem Hills
37. 4:49.52 Rembacz, Rock Springs
38. 4:50.01 Erich Olschewski, Bingham
39. 4:50.02 Aarim Farnsworth, Woods Cross
40. 4:50.42 Abe Weeks, Bonneville
41. 4:51.17 Marcus Lindmeir, Bountiful
42. 4:51.37 Brendan Cassidy, Park City
43. 4:52.57 Gordon King, Mountain View
44. 4:53.13 Evan Millsap, Springville
45. 4:53.86 Ray Smith, Park City
46. 4:54.71 Kendall, Rock Springs
47. 4:55.08 Gabriel Adams, Provo
48. 4:55.29 Benjamin Martin, Taylorsville
49. 4:55.83 Connor Jones, Herriman
50. 4:56.32 Strom, Rock Springs
51. 4:57.61 Dallas Griswold, American Fork
52. 4:58.78 Jake Healey, American Fork
53. 4:59.18 Josh Call, Star Valley
54. 5:00.33 Mike Bookley, Ogden
55. 5:00.56 Ty Shields, Springville
56. 5:00.65 Ben Palmer, Weber
57. 5:00.86 Alec Oaker, Bingham
58. 5:02.74 Jacob Bunker, Juab
59. 5:02.85 Kaden Springer, American Fork
60. 5:02.93 Emilio Martinez, American Fork
61. 5:02.95 Taylor Goldsberry, Davis
62. 5:03.21 Caleb Thompson, American Fork
63. 5:03.64 Colby Taylor, Bountiful
64. 5:03.74 Andrew Aposhian, Davis
65. 5:04.10 Benson Gunther, American Fork
66. 5:05.42 Connor McMillan, American Fork
67. 5:05.75 Bryan Porter, Bingham
68. 5:05.99 Logan Wood, Davis
69. 5:07.67 Joseph Bailey, Davis
70. 5:07.79 Alex Minson, Salem Hills
71. 5:07.87 Nathan Vance, Maple Mountain
72. 5:07.16 Ben Sabat, Star Valley
73. 5:07.21 Tom Hill, Syracuse
74. 5:08.39 Michael McPherson, Bingham
75. 5:08.57 Ghuk Mitchell, Herriman
76. 5:12.09 Eduardo De La Cruz, Taylorsville
77. 5:12.14 Joseph Larson, Timpview
78. 5:12.43 Jeffrey England, Kearns
79. 5:13.41 Jonah Hadlock, Maple Mountain
80. 5:14.60 Andrew Skidmore, Syracuse
81. 5:14.93 Tanner Hurst, Kearns
82. 5:15.16 Tyler Dewey, Rock Springs
83. 5:16.50 Curtis Knight, Davis
84. 5:16.75 Devin Vance, Davis
85. 5:17.92 Jamon Wolfe, Woods Cross
86. 5:18.60 Taylor Ovimette, East
87. 5:18.77 Andrew Brewer, Bingham
88. 5:19.79 Ammon Embleton, North Sanpete
89. 5:20.57 Nathan Fox, Stansbury
90. 5:20.85 Ryan Tanner, Davis
91. 5:21.65 Boone Johnson, Tooele
92. 5:21.75 Spencer Griffin, Syracuse
93. 5:22.49 Justin Sheets, Ogden
94. 5:22.64 Dallin Day, American Fork
95. 5:23.70 Porter, Rock Springs
96. 5:26.89 Flavio Martinez, Taylorsville
97. 5:32.73 Braden Despain, Woods Cross
98. 5:33.05 Larsen Trelease, Hillcrest
99. 5:33.06 Jorge Gutierrez, Kearns
100. 5:33.83 Kyle Olsen, Woods Cross
101. 5:34.00 Caleb Gipson, Davis
102. 5:34.15 Zachery Mauritz, Taylorsville
103. 5:34.75 Buller, Rock Springs
104. 5:35.62 Kyle Gibbs, Woods Cross
105. 5:35.72 McMartrey, Rock Springs
106. 5:37.54 Matt Taylor, Davis
107. 5:41.01 Dustin Webb, Wasatch
108. 5:42.58 Christian Wheeler, Woods Cross
109. 5:49.72 Philip Sorensen, American Fork
110. 5:49.78 Ben Horsley, Woods Cross
111. 5:52.64 Jason Saunders, Bingham
112. 6:11.72 Matt DeAngelo, Stansbury
113. 6:15.39 Josh Watson, Maple Mountain
114. 6:16.56 Patrick Cunningham, East
115. 6:38.97 Carter Lee, Park City
116. 6:39.33 Carl Fauver, West Jordan/Middle

400m DASH
1. 49.50 Andy Rounds, Skyline
2. 52.31 Cole Odle, American Fork
3. 52.45 Kevin Ortiz, Judge
4. 52.82 Ryan Fuller, Alta
5. 52.87 Blake Adams, Salem Hills
6. 53.27 Brian Higgins, Bingham
7. 53.39 Rusty Jones, Kearns
8. 53.55 Aaron Slinker, Provo
9. 54.75 Logan Thomas, Davis
10. 54.91 Trevor Matheson, Timpview
11. 55.19 Kevin Muirbrook, Maple Mountain
12. 55.35 Trevan Murdock, Weber
13. 55.91 Kevin Edminster, Woods Cross
14. 56.07 Skylar Williams, Davis
15. 56.33 Caleb Cranney, Timpview
16. 56.47 Rand Hughes, Woods Cross
17. 56.68 James Pickard, Timpveiw
18. 56.98 Landon Greenhalgh, Syracuse
19. 56.98 Kyle Knutsen, Judge
20. 57.20 Cameron Dower, Syracuse
21. 57.50 Aarim Farnsworth, Woods Cross
22. 58.18 Isaac Reese, Juab
23. 59.23 Luis Martinez, Taylorsville
24. 1:00.32 Connor Jones, Herriman
25. 1:02.28 Andrew Tyndall, Davis
26. 1:02.32 Parker Greenhalgh, Syracuse
27. 1:02.43 Derek Egbert, Jefferson
28. 1:02.65 Jordan Bush, Syracuse
29. 1:03.39 Jacob Bunker, Juab
30. 1:04.76 Stephen Hemmersmerers, Judge

800m RUN
1. 1:55.76 Brad Nye, Davis
2. 1:56.54 Haven Shelton
3. 2:01.04 Preston Williams, Syracuse
4. 2:01.34 Daniel Keller, American Fork
5. 2:03.56 Faure, Rock Springs
6. 2:04.66 Abe Weeks
7. 2:05.00 Mark Roberts, Mountain View
8. 2:05.33 Travis Taylor, Mountain View
9. 2:06.32 Matthew Nagie, Park City
10. 2:06.39 Tanner Smith, Timpview
11. 2:06.80 Isaac Faux, Maple Mountain
12. 2:06.82 Jaxon Hansen, Syracuse
13. 2:07.73 Adam Mathias, Davis
14. 2:08.08 Alex Brown, Mountain View
15. 2:08.12 Lance Merrell, Maple Mountain
16. 2:08.34 Richard Obale
17. 2:09.14 Rob Dunn, Bountiful
18. 2:09.14 Paxton Patey, Maple Mountain
19. 2:09.66 Brain Higgins, Bingham
20. 2:09.92 Mack Morrison, American Fork
21. 2:09.93 Austen Ensign, Woods Cross
22. 2:10.39 Schneider, Rock Springs
23. 2:10.44 Rembacz, Rock Springs
24. 2:10.92 Kevin Judd, American Fork
25. 2:11.19 Alex Hedquist, Davis
26. 2:11.43 Blake Adams, Salem Hills
27. 2:11.81 Dillon Despain, Woods Cross
28. 2:12.30 Seth Thompson, Davis
29. 2:12.37 Kendall, Rock Springs
30. 2:13.16 Spencer Jones, Davis
31. 2:13.38 Grant Cameron, Star Valley
32. 2:14.46 Brandon Edmondson, Salem Hills
33. 2:14.75 Strom, Rock Springs
34. 2:14.83 Nate Lee, Davis
35. 2:14.97 Michael Richards, American Fork
36. 2:15.04 Gordon King, Mountain View
37. 2:15.35 Jonah Hadlock, Maple Mountain
38. 2:15.54 Benjamin Martin, Taylorsville
39. 2:15.84 Ben McArthur, Star Valley
40. 2:16.88 Farless, Rock Springs
41. 2:17.40 Ryan Hudson, Woods Cross
42. 2:18.53 Kevin Muirbrook, Maple Mountain
43. 2:18.66 Dylan Hunt, Star Valley
44. 2:18.75 Sam Haws, Davis
45. 2:19.07 Gabriel Adams, Provo
46. 2:21.87 Connor Walsh, West Jordan
47. 2:22.02 Zach Ohlwiler, Kearns
48. 2:22.29 Taylor Dixon, Woods Cross
49. 2:22.56 Curtis Knight, Davis
50. 2:22.65 Nathan Vance, Maple Mountain
51. 2:22.78 Brendan Cassidy, Park City
52. 2:23.14 Thomas, Rock Springs
53. 2:23.72 Seth Wise
54. 2:26.84 Braden Despain, Woods Cross
55. 2:27.39 Nate Stone, Taylorsville
56. 2:27.54 Fabio West, Star Valley
57. 2:27.61 Austin Putnam, Woods Cross
58. 2:27.84 Caleb Cranney, Timpview
59. 2:27.99 Joseph Johnson, Woods Cross
60. 2:28.62 Marcus Jensen, Tooele
61. 2:29.26 Boone Johnson, Tooele
62. 2:29.86 Devin Vance, Davis
63. 2:29.88 Larsen Trelease, Hillcrest
64. 2:31.58 Kyle Gibbs, Woods Cross
65. 2:32.00 Luis Martinez, Taylorsville
66. 2:33.02 Kyle Olsen, Woods Cross
67. 2:33.93 Ammon Embleton, North Sanpete
68. 2:35.49 Dexter Murray, Woods Cross
69. 2:42.03 Isaac Reese, Juab
70. 3:05.38 Leon Price, Taylorsville

3200m RUN
1. 9:47.89 Brayden Cromar, Davis
2. 9:51.48 Caleb Waldron, Northridge
3. 10:16.09 Parker Goodwin, Mountian View
4. 10:31.89 Connor Gideon, Park City
5. 10:38.13 Parker Evans, Bountiful
6. 10:40.08 Matt Chesnut, Salem Hills
7. 10:44.05 Phillip Baker, Davis
8. 10:45.90 Erich Olschewski, Bingham
9. 10:47.22 Hayden Hansen, Davis
10. 10:48.49 Alec Vaker, Bingham
11. 10:56.93 Ray Smith, Park City
12. 10:58.92 Rob Dunn, Bountiful
13. 10:59.62 Gabriel Adams, Provo
14. 10:59.75 Michael McPherson, Bingham
15. 11:07.47 Chuk Mitchell, Herriman
16. 11:11.64 Brendan Cassidy, Park City
17. 11:24.21 Alex Minson, Salem Hills
18. 11:28.01 Joseph Larson, Timpview
19. 11:43.66 Connor Jones, Herriman
20. 11:48.67 Isaac Faux, Maple Mountain
21. 11:49.22 Paxton Patey, Maple Mountain
22. 11:53.57 Ryan Tanner, Davis
23. 12:04.97 Isaac Clouse, Davis
24. 12:15.01 Logan Wood, Davis
25. 12:35.73 Daymen Goodwin, Timpview
26. 14:14.39 Josh Watson, Maple Mountain
27. 14:14.79 Nathan Vance, Maple Mountain
28. 15:18.88 Carter Lee, Park City

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dart Update - Weber State Invitational

Darts -
With weather like today, it is difficult to believe we are in the middle of the indoor season. It was a beautiful day to work out outside - both for the distance runners and the sprinters and hurdlers. I always look forward to the end of January, because it means we are getting closer to spring weather, and closer to the actual track season. Those of you who are planning on doing outdoor, should start to get active and take advantage of the nice weather outside. Feel free to join us for any of the workouts we are doing with the indoor team (even if you don't compete indoors).

The Weber State Invitational was this past weekend. If I had more time, I would go into more detail - but for the most part, we were pleased with our progression. We like that so many of you are giving solid efforts and trying to perform your best and trying to learn from your experiences. I was especially pleased with our relays and the number of you who were willing to jump into a relay. There were also some all-time marks set on Friday and Saturday. Tyson Bullock jumped 20'02 to take send and set the #9 all-time Davis mark. Ethan Hunsaker and Keigun Kunz both cleared 12'06 to make it onto the all-time list. Seth Fortin ran 6.76 in the 55m to take 4th and become the #6 All-time from Davis. Landon Hart, Seth Fortin, and Dallin Hart all placed in the top 5 in the 200m and all set all time marks. Landon won in 23.60, Seth was 4th in 23.79, and Dallin was 5th in 23.83. Brayden Cromar won the 1600m in 4:40 with a monster kick. It was fun to watch him fight over the final lap of the race. And Brad Nye and Austin Neuner ran 9:50 and 9:56 to finish top 5 in the 3200 and make it onto the All-time list. We also had wins by Joe White (2:02 - 800m), and the 4 x 800 team (Joe, Brad, Neuner, and Mathias). The girls didn't have a ton of all-time marks, but we set quite a few prs. Addy Jones moved into 5th on the 55 hurdles list, and Sylvia Harrison moved into 4th on the 55m dash list. We saw some great early season marks from the hurdlers - McKenna, Sarah, Karly, Libby, Christine, Jordyn, Jessica, Breanna, and Alicia showed that we are going to have one of the strongest squads in the state. Tessa Brown ran a smart and patient 3200 to finish 6th. I was also impressed with Tracey Munson's 3200 pr effort. Karaline Vandemerwe came and was able to focus enough to run a great leg on the 4 x 800 after losing her VLs the previous night. Our girls 800 runners looked very strong going 2-3-5 in the open (Madi Holt, Anni Andersen, and Becca Albrechtsen) and then winning the 4 x 800 with the help of Meghan Hedquist. Tara Anderson had a good day in some speedy events - running sub 8.0 in the 55 dash and taking 3rd with a 27.70 in the 200m. And Kayla Sagers looked solid in her 400-200-400 triple - placing in all 3.

We are looking strong, but we feel that there are still a few things that can make our TEAM and our individuals so much stronger. We could always work on our attitudes. Coach West and I feel that it is extremely important to be positive with ourselves and with each other over the next few weeks. Let's do our best to avoid comments and thoughts that bring self-doubt or that don't build us up. Don't let yourselves think or say "I can't. . . " We could all work on our confidence and our positive thinking. This TEAM has got to learn to BELIEVE in what we are doing. And we have to learn to compete and prepare with more purpose. Practicing these things now will help us to be ready when the real tests come later in the season. We also feel that you can do a better job showing support and enthusiasm for your teammates. Try to build each other up - and get each other excited about races and performances. We could use some more enthusiasm for teammates while they are competing. We are the biggest TEAM, but not always the most enthusiastic. We could also continue to encourage and uplift one another when things don't go our way - if you see a teammate struggling or discouraged, try to lift them up. BE A TEAM.

Coming Up -
January 28 - Utah Distance Challenge - Friday Night at the Olympic Oval. The race schedule is 1600, 400, 800, 3200 - beginning at 5:00pm. The meet should last until about 8:00pm. If you are a sprinter - this is a great opportunity to come and give the open 400 a try. The track is fast - and we have been working on strength quite a bit. Plus, the 400 has been our weakest track events, and we are still looking for more people to step up and give it their best (those of you who have tried it so far this indoor season are doing a great job). I have attached the flier with the schedule. We are not taking a bus, but I am encouraging all distance runners to be there - and all those who would like to try the 400 to come on down and feel some pain. I can't think of anything better to do on a Friday night (okay - at least this Friday night). There is going to be free chocolate milk for all athletes!!

February 4-5 - Utah State Indoor Meet at the Olympic Oval - more information to come. The Field events and the 1600, 4 x 800, and open 400 will be competed on Friday night, the rest will be on Saturday.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) - is the final day to sign up for the first sweats order. You can pay your money in the office and bring me the receipt. It should take the sweats about 3 weeks to arrive (hoping for them before Simplot).

Simplot - I will have a list with those invited to Simplot with me tomorrow. Once again, I am sorry that we cannot take everyone who wants to go. I do appreciate so many of you working hard and being committed to earning your spots.

That's all for now - expect an alumni report on the next email - as many of our alumni have started their college seasons and are performing quite well - making us proud.
Set some goals - and work hard to go after them.
See you on the track -
Coach Talley

Monday, January 17, 2011

Indoor Update - BYU Invite

Darts -
It was a great start to the 2011 indoor season at the BYU Invitational this past weekend. I was reminded of how long track meets can get, but also about how important it is that we continue to work hard. It was nice to see some of the hard work of the past weeks and months start to pay off, and it was evident that we have areas where we can continue to work and improve. I like to think of the first few indoor meets as "practice meets". They give us the opportunity to get a starting point, they are good reminders about what it means to compete, and hopefully they motivate you to work hard and do your best to improve from here. We have another opportunity this coming weekend at Weber State, and I hope that you will take advantage of the chance to compete and challenge yourselves again. For some of you, it will be a chance to do even better than at BYU, and for others of you, it will be a great chance to get a first mark.
The BYU Invitational was filled with quite a few highlights. If you would like to see the full results, you can go to The Davis performance lists will also be posted in the bulletin display in the locker room hall on Wednesday as well as an updated all-time list (seeing as we had a few marks to add).
It all started on Friday night with the field events. We had a good showing in the pole vault - both Ethan Hunsaker and Keigunn Kunz cleared 11'06 and finished 6th and 7th. Jeni Christensen finished 10th overall and was the top girl in the competition (beating a few boys along the way), and we were glad that Bridger came out alive after some interesting jumps. Mark Lindstrom and Zach Cottrell tore it up in the weight throw - finishing 1st and 3rd. Mark's throw of 48'07 was good enough for #5 on the all-time list. Both Mark and Zach also threw well and pr'd in the shot put. Tyson Bullock finished 4th in the long jump. Marcus Daley (jumping with a cast on his broken arm) jumped 6'00 to finish 4th in the high jump. Kayla Sagers just missed a shirt by finishing 7th in the long jump, but set an indoor pr of 15'01.50 (#8 all-time). Thanks to the pole vaulters for entertaining me on the way down and the way back from the meet.
Saturday started off with some great prs in the mile. Austin Neuner finished 2nd overall at 4:30 (#6 All-Time) with Brad Nye close behind in 6th with 4:32. We also had prs from Adam Mathias, Zach Schofield, Skylar Williams, Jackson Sagers, Hayden Hansen, Phillip Baker, Ryan Lee, Taylor Goldsberry, Joseph Bailey, Jed Brough, Isaac Clouse, Trevor Fry, Dan Wybrow, Devin Farnsworth, and Caleb Gipson. It was impressive to have so many boys pr in the mile. And to see some competitiveness coming out this early in the year. The girls' mile had a similar result. Seniors Meghan Hedquist and Tessa Brown both finished in the top 12, and were joined there by an 11th place finish by Madi Garlock (8th grader at Farmington Jr. High). We had 8 total girls break 6:00 and had pr performances by Joanna Boyd, Ashley Tyndall, Jessica Paget, Julia Anderson, Liz Asbhy, and Whitney Williams. In the later distance races, Brad Nye won the 800m in 1:59.71 (#4 All-Time). Austin Neuner and Joe White were 3rd and 4th each in 2:02. Adam Mathias, Austin Allred, and Ryan Lee were all 2:10 or faster. Becca Albrechtsen just missed the podium with a 7th place finish in the 800 (2:35), and it was a strong first performance by Kinsee Hall - who ran 2:37 in her first ever track meet to finish 10th. Mikell Wood and Julia Anderson also looked strong in 2:43 and 2:45. The 2 mile turned out to be a dominating performance by the Darts. Preston Johnson and Brayden Cromar led most of the way to finish 1-2 with 10:04 and 10:08. Both Preston and Brayden are sophomores. Our Northridge training partner, Caleb Waldron was right there in 3rd with 10:08. They were joined on the podium by Zach Schofield in his 2nd pr of the day with 10:38 (5th place). Alex Hedquist, Matt Swanson, Andrew Aposhian, Ryan Tanner, and Jed Brough all ran indoor 2 mile prs as well.
The Darts looked strong in the sprints and hurdles. No other school qualified as many athletes for the finals in the 60m dash and the 60m hurdles (boys and girls combined). Dalton Facer just missed the top spot in the 60m hurdles. He ran a pr 8.70 in the trials, and finished 2nd in the finals. Dalton is now #4 on the All-Time list. Connor Badger ran a solid 9.18 to finish 7th (top sophomore in the event). On the girls side, we had 4 girls in the top 10. Addy Jones was the overall champ with 9.63 (#5 all-time), Sylvia Harrison was 4th (9.81), Sarah Oldham was 8th, and McKenna Hill was 10th. We also had good prs by Jordan Kattelman, James Barnes, and Jordyn Olson. The "hurdle mafia" is definitely going to make a statement this year. Sylvia Harrison came back right after the hurdle finals to run 7.94 in the 60m to finish 3rd in the finals (just .07 off of 1st place). Addy Jones and Kayla Sagers also made the all-time list in the 60, and Jessica Young just slipped under the 9 second mark with an 8.99. The boys 60m dash had our performance of the meet - sophomore Seth Fortin ran 7.13 - Davis #2 All-Time in his first indoor meet ever. It was good enough for 3rd place overall (just .06 off of 1st). It was a great surprise - even though we knew he was fast. Connor Badger improved his all-time mark with a 7.44, and Tyson Bullock, James Watkins, Bridger Parkin, Logan Thomas, and Jordan Kattelman all broke 8 seconds. Sylvia came back later in the meet to finish 2nd in the 200m with a 26.94 out of lane one (tight turn on that track). She finished the day with 3 top 4 finishes. Kayla, Sarah, Mckenna, Jeni Christensen, and Amy Boudesocque all ran strong in the 200m. For the boys, Connor Badger and Tyson Bullock broke into the 24s and Bridger Parkin and Logan Thomas ran in the 25s. Our top 400m marks came from Tara Anderson who finished 4th with a 63.3 and Nate Lee who ran 56.3.
Another highlight of the meet was the 4 x 1 lap relay at the end. We knew it would be a close race for both the boys and the girls. The girls were pushed the entire way by 2 teams, but came out on top at the end. Kayla Sagers, Addy Jones, Sarah Oldham, and Tara Anderson held off the team from Riverton to get the narrow victory. It was incredibly exciting to watch Tara hold off Riverton's top 400 runner to get the victory. The boys gave us a double victory a few minutes later - Tyson Bullock, Connor Badger, Brad Nye, and Joe White ran blazingly fast to get the win. Both the boys and the girls B-teams finished in the top 6.
Overall it was a great first meet for the Darts. Once again we established ourselves as one of the strongest programs in the state. From here, we need to continue to get stronger and continue to come together as a TEAM. Every other team will be coming after us, but through hard work, TEAM work, positive attitudes, and commitment to being our best in practice and in competition, we could accomplish some great things in the rest of the indoor season and in the 2011 outdoor season.

Coming Up:
Tuesday Practice - We will meet at the indoor track on Tuesday at 9:00am (no school) for a TEAM practice. The weight room will be open after the practice.

Weber State Invitational
- Will be held on Friday and Saturday (Jan 21-22). The field events are on Friday night beginning at 5:00 pm, and the track events are on Saturday beginning at 9:00am. It costs $3 for the first event and $2 per event after that. There are no spikes allowed on the track. You may where your racing shoes, but must remove the spikes. A schedule and more information will be handed out on Wednesday.

A-Day Class
- 4th period track class will begin on Wednesday. After going over some important information, we will get a workout in, so bring your clothes. Remember that from now on, track practice will be during class on A-days. Those not in the class will be given a workout to do after school.

Simplot Papers
- If you are interested in going to Simplot with the TEAM, you need to hand in a Simplot form by this week Friday. This will let me know you are interested in going. Those invited will be announced the following week. We will be able to take 75 athletes this year. Those invited will be based on performance and commitment.

Sweats order
- If you are interested in ordering Davis Track & Field sweats (warm-ups). We will begin the order form on Wednesday. The cost is $30 for the sweat top and $30 for the pants. We are going to use these warmups for our outdoor warm ups as well. We will most likely put together a second order in March. They are the same style as the girls volleyball team - only in black. They are great quality sweats for that price. You will need to pay in the office before you can have your sweats. You may order just the top or just the pants.

Remaining Indoor Schedule:
Jan 21-22 - Weber State Invitational
Jan 28th - Utah Distance Challenge (Distance Events + the 400m); meet begins at 5:00pm
Feb. 4-5 - Utah Indoor State Championships (the only TEAM scored meet of the year)
Feb. 17-20 - The Simplot Games

Thanks for all that you are doing to make our TEAM what it is. I believe in this TEAM and I believe in your hard work - keep it up.
Coach Talley

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We are almost done with the most difficult part of the season. I feel that December and the first 2 weeks of January take a great deal of discipline and self-motivation. It can be quite a challenge to stay "hungry" and committed through these cold weeks of training. I want to thank those of you who have made sacrifices and who have practiced together and have done your best to use these weeks to improve your speed, endurance, and strength. As a coaching staff we have been very pleased with your efforts, and we feel that it is going to be a great indoor season and outdoor season of 2011. I have always felt that the work we do at this time of the year, when few other teams are tough enough and motivated enough to be doing what we are doing, is one of the key ingredients to our success in the spring. I really appreciate those of you who have brought a positive attitude to the workouts and have encouraged your teammates to stick with it. Our goal this year is to make ourselves perfect in our process - to give 100% in our practice. We feel that if we can train and prepare to the best of our ability, the championships and the personal best performances will take care of themselves. We are getting there. I encourage you to keep giving your all and to keep focused on being your best.
As I always do - I would like to extend an invitation to those of you who are receiving these emails, but who have not been able to stick with indoor track for whatever reason. You are invited to start up again. Have tomorrow be your "fresh start". Don't let fear of not being good enough or laziness keep you from giving yourself a real chance of succeeding with track. Our first meet is this Friday and Saturday (BYU Invitational). All 5 of our indoor meets will take place in the next 6 weekends. There is still plenty of time to prepare for outdoor track by improving your speed and fitness, and there is also enough of the indoor season left to really enjoy and to make it worth doing.

Important Items:

BYU Invitational - I have attached a paper with information about the BYU Meet. The bus will leave the school at 7:00am on Saturday morning. You are also welcome to meet us down at the indoor track in Provo (directions are on the attachment). The cost is $4 per event (paid on the day of the meet), and I need to know what events you would like to be entered in because I need to pre-register you. You can also get a handout from me on Tuesday or Wednesday at practice.

Simplot Games - Every year we end our season with a trip to Pocatello, ID for the Simplot Games track meet. It is on February 17-19. I have attached the initial information. Please fill out the form and return it to me if you are interested in going. There is one error on the form that I handed out today at practice. Because of an increase in hotel price, the cost for the trip will actually be $120 (instead of $115). I am sorry for the increase - hopefully we can keep it there in future years. We are actually going to be able to bring up to 75 athletes to Simplot this year (I announced 65 today). We are looking for a few parents who would like to help as chaperones. Please contact me if you are interested.

Sweats - The seniors discussed the sweats orders today. We will be ordering hoodies and sweat pants. The cost of the hoodies will be between $25-30. The cost of the pants will also be between $25-30. You are not required to buy the sweats. We have decided that these sweats will take the place of the warm-ups in outdoor track (so that you do not feel like you have to order 2 sets). We will most likely place 2 orders this year. The first order will be turned in on Friday, January 21st. The second order will be turned in sometime near the end of February. More specific details to come.

Track Class - The first day of the track class will be on Wednesday, January 19th (4th period). Bring clothes to work out in on that first day. Make sure to clean out your regular gym lockers at the end of this week. We will be issuing new lockers on Friday next week during track class.

Indoor and Outdoor Schedule - The schedule for the meets this upcoming season is attached to the email. It is also posted on Please schedule work and other appointments around the meets. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns with the schedule.

Facebook Page - We encourage you to "like" the group "Davis Track & Field". We will be posting pictures and reminders on the facebook page all season long. The reminders will also be sent out through email if you don't have a facebook account. I posted some pictures from the hurdle clinic on there last night. We are working on making some of our seniors admins for the page.

Keep up the good work - I hope that you are as excited as I am about the upcoming weeks.
Coach Talley