Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Break Update

Darts - 
I hope that you are all enjoying your break and that you had a nice Christmas with your families. 

Friday Workout: If you can, meet at the school at 9:00am. Throwers, Sprinters, Hurdlers, and Jumpers will stay inside. Distance runners will go outside. Distance runners were going to go to the Olympic Oval in Kearns, but it is closed until January 5th because of the U.S. Speed Skating Championships. So distance runners will meet at the school at 9:00am with the rest of the TEAM. If you can't make the workout, try to do something on your own (refer to the workout schedule). The weight room will be open after the workout for those of you interested in lifting.

Monday Workout: If you can - the entire TEAM will be meeting at the school on Monday at 9:00am. Once again - if you are unable to come - try to get something in on your own. 

2013 Year in Review: If you would like to read the write up about this year - you can find it on the blog at

Hurdle, High Jump, and Throws Clinic: We will be going to Morgan High School for a clinic on Saturday, January 4th. We will meet at Davis High at 7:30am and we will stop for lunch on the way home. You will need to bring about $10 for lunch. The clinic is free. 

Hopefully you have been working out and staying active. You can't afford to be lazy all through the break. I have attached the suggested workout schedule to this email, but you can do even more than what it recommends if you really want to work hard. It takes some discipline and self-motivation and a little bit of sacrifice, but the work you put in at times when it's hard (and when others might not be doing it) will really help you to be your best. You will also find that when you work really hard for something, it is so much more satisfying and rewarding when you accomplish your goals. As we enter this new year, I encourage each of you to set a few goals for both indoor and outdoor track. What do you want to accomplish? What is it going to take to accomplish your goals? Once you have your goals - work with purpose and determination to accomplish them. Put your whole heart into what you are doing, and you won't have any regrets.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday break. Have a great New Year. And hopefully I will see many of you at the school tomorrow and Monday. 

Coach Talley

Indoor Track Schedule:
January 11 - Utah State Invitational
January 17-18 - BYU Invitational
January 24 - Utah Distance Challenge (Olympic Oval)
January 24-25 - Weber State Invitational
February 7-8 - Utah State Indoor Championships (Olympic Oval)
February 13-15 - Simplot Games

Sunday, December 15, 2013

2014 Davis Indoor Track Schedule

Tuesday, December 10 - Indoor Track Meeting @ 2:30 in the Main Gym
January 11 - Utah State Invitational (Logan)
January 17-18 - BYU Invitational (Provo) - Field Events Friday Night
January 24 - Utah Distance Challenge (Olympic Oval - Kearns, UT)
January 24-25 - Weber State Invitational (Ogden) - Field Events Friday Night
February 7-8 - Utah Indoor Championships (Olympic Oval - Kearns, UT)
February 13-15 - Simplot Games (Pocatello, ID)