Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Simplot Pictures

Welcome to the Simplot Games
Carston in the 3200 Trials - 10:23 Huge PR
Bryson in the 3200 Trials - 10:31 Huge PR
Seth in the 3200 Trials - 9:53 (Davis #4 All-Time)
Natalie smiling through the 3200 Trials
Spencer in the 1600 TrialsBryce in the 1600 TrialsCody in the 1600 TrialsCaleb in the 1600 TrialsTony looking a little too serious
You gotta love those yellow chairs
This is the beginning of something special (the Simplot Games)
Derek and Ryan showing a lot of enthusiasm - hard to contain themselves
The hurdle crew
Collette and Amy are happy to be here
I've got nothing for this picture - these guys are way too cool for a caption
"These distance races really are the most interesting part of track and field" - Brock Rasmussen
Kalya and Kelsey
Bryce in the weight throw
Lizzy shatters her PR in the 1600
Katie in the 1600 trials
Meghan in the 1600 trials
Candace in the 1600 trials - with the lucky shirt (she's worn this soccer shirt all 3 years in the trials)
Kelsey in the 1600 trials
Carlee in the 1600 trialsBrooke in the 1600 Trials
Girls 4 x 200 team after the #7 All-Time Utah mark
Missy in the 4 x 200
Shaun cruising in the 4 x 400 . . .
hands off to Josh . . .hands off to Wes . . .Dan anchors the 4 x 400Caleb flying through the 4 x 400
Brandon ready to hold off the 1st place team in the 4 x 400
Kayla running her 1st 400 of the year (66 split)
Brooke in the 4 x 400
Chelsea in the 4 x 400
Candace in the 4 x 400
Rachel in the 4 x 400
Leland with a PR in the 800
Ryan with a PR in the 800
Brittany with an inspirational run in the 400

Lizzy, Hollie, and Brooke extremely proud of their chair dance choreography
Jesse in the 800 - one of her 2 huge PRs
Talya in the 800
Ashlyn with a big cheese - she was happy to be running up and down the row and cheering for DAVIS
Lizzy running as McKayla in the 800 (another PR)
Hollie with a 2:27 in the 800
Focused coaches - don't bother them
Ally in the 800 (PR)
What is Kelsey looking at? She seems worried.
Erica wins the best helper with Ashlyn award :)
Ryan (apparently without shorts) in the medley 400
Galley-Walley in the MedleyJon in the Medley (His 4th event on Friday)Dan Houston in the Medley Boys Medley Team - (Ryan still looking for his shorts)

Shaun in the Medley Trials
Wesley in the Medley Trials
Boys Medley A-Team (2nd fastest time of the day)Coach West and her supportive husband, Wyatt
Emily in the Medley 800
Natalie in the Medley 800 (2:22)
Rachel in the Medley Trials
Dani in the Medley Trials
Candace in the Medley Trials (2:14.0 - go stripes!)
Girls Medley B-Team (3rd fastest time of the Trials)Meghan in the 1600 finals (one of only four 9th graders to make it in)
Katie with an indoor PR (5:30) in the 1600 finals
Ashley in the 1600 Finals (5:48 - PR)
Kelsey in the 1600 finals (5:40 - PR)
Kelsey in the 4 x 800 (less than an hour after her 1600)
Ally in the 4 x 800
Talya in the 4 x 800
Jesse with a 2:27 4 x 800 splitBOTH Girls 4 x 800 TEAMS on the Awards Stand!
Spencer in the 1600 Finals (18th place)
Bryce in the 1600 Finals (23rd place)
Kristen in the Medley Finals (stepped up to run the 400 - 63 split!)
Chelsea and Kristen in the 400 Medley Finals
Loren in the Medley 800 finals (2:23 split!)
Hollie in the Medley 800 FinalsBritin running the 200 in the Medley FinalsRachel in the 200 in the Medley finals
Ryan in the 4 x 800 (he found his shorts)
This is my serious face (getting ready for the coaches 1600)
Candace in the 1600 finals (4:54 - 1st place) - also NOT wearing a soccer shirt :)
Loren in the 1600 finals (less than an hour after the medley 800)Avery in the 4 x 200 (after his 4th place finish in the 60m)
Boys 4 x 200 ran the school record in the trials
Tanner in the 4 x 200 (22.8 split)
Michelle - looking very sad because the entire experience is almost over.
Seth in the 3200 finals (10th place)
Natalie running patiently in the 3200 Finals - waiting for the right time to make her move
Natalie went on to win with a time of 10:56
Emily and Julianne on their way to top 10 finishes in the 3200 (both with PRs)
Natalie on her final lap, still taking time to encourage Julianne
Ashlyn still having fun playing in the seats - someday she might get to compete at Simplot like all of her Davis Track Heroes

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