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Indoor Update - Simplot Games

Darts, Parents, and Supporters -
It was a satisfying drive home from the Simplot Games yesterday as we wrapped up another indoor season. I can't express how happy and impressed we were as coaches of the way our athletes acted and the way they performed. This will go down as one of my favorite Simplot trips of all time. I know I say stuff like that every year, but I really was pleased with our TEAM the past 3 days. We had some very impressive prs, some great TEAMwork and support, and a lot of fun experiences. I hope that each of you came home pleased with how we did together and hungry for success this outdoor season. The time will go by quickly--before long I will be typing the email about the state track meet in the middle of May. We will get right to work on our outdoor season after an "active rest" week coming up.
Some of the highlights for our TEAM at the Simplot Games included: A school and state record in the girls 4 x 200m by Sylvia Harrison, Kayla Sagers, Missy Lott, and Dani Figgins. Dani brought us home in an incredible 24.6 200m split. Kayla, Dani, and Missy then finished 6th in the 4 x 400 less than an hour later with the help of Tara Anderson. The boys 4 x 800 team of Joe White, Ben Poulson, Logan Petty, and Brad Nye ran 8:08 setting a school record and finishing 1st in the event, earning backpacks and medals. The boys 4 x 800 'B' Team joined them on the podium with a 5th place finish. Jessie Wilding's had an outstanding performance to win the girls 1600m with a 10 second pr of 5:09 which makes her the #2 all-time at Davis in that event. It is also the 5th straight year where a Davis girl has been 1st or 2nd. Watching Gabe's pole vault indoor pr of 13'03 was huge for our TEAM - it was the first time we have had a vaulter qualify for the Simplot finals in 8 or 9 years (according to Coach Agnello). Qualifying 5 boys for the 1600m finals was also a big highlight of the meet Joe White, Brad Nye, Brian Alfaro, Mike King, and Austin Neuner all finished with times in the 4:30s. Having 11 total relay teams run on Saturday was also huge. That was a TEAM record number of relays and possibly the most any TEAM has ever had on the finals day at Simplot. 5 of the 11 relay teams ended up finishing top 6 and earned a spot on the podium. Watching the relays is always one of my favorite parts of the Simplot Games. There were some of you who we really worked hard for three days. Dani Figgins ran 6 races, Missy Lott and Kayla Sagers each ran 5, Kyler Sprague ran 5 races, Austin Neuner ran 2 miles and 3 800s within the three days. Brad Nye, Ben Poulson, Joe White, and Logan Petty were work horses for us, and a whole number of you ran 3 or 4 hard races. It was all done without complaining. In fact, many of you wanted to run even more. I am sure I am missing some people there, but I just wanted to point out how great it was to have so many of you willing to run your very hardest over and over again. It was also awesome watching the Coach West and Coach Agnello showdown in the coaches 200m race. Jamie just about ran Jeff down in the final meters, but Jeff got the win by .05 seconds. Both ran impressive times, and this may be the beginning of a yearly rivalry. Our full team results are listed down below. The entire meet results can be found at and video of most of the races can be found at (that link takes you directly to Jessie's championship mile). The relay splits will be emailed out later.
Most of all my favorite part of the trip was watching the TEAM work together and grow closer together. We still have our challenges and we still have our places to improve, but this was a great way to end our indoor season and prepare ourselves for the outdoor season. Each of you need to continue to make goals and to work together to reach our TEAM goals.
There are some people I definitely need to thank: Thanks to Coach West for all that she sacrifices for both the girls and the boys and thanks to Wyatt and Collin for allowing her to make those sacrifices. Thanks to Steve Petty for his time and sacrifice as well. It looks like some of the pictures he took are going to really capture the feel of the games. Plus he ran an impressive 5:32 in the mile. Thanks to Brad Anderson for his racing expertise, his love for each of you and for the sport, and for his entertainment (another highlight was catching his dancing on film). Thanks to Coach Agnello for leaving right after school to get up to Pocatello for the TEAM and for continuing to help us focus on TEAMwork and TEAM unity. He brings a great excitement to our coaching staff. Thanks to Dan for coming up to support each of you, for helping wherever I've needed him, and for bringing me a Mountain Dew. Thanks to Coach Parrish as well, although he wasn't able to come up, he still did a lot this past 2 months to help get us prepared. Thanks to each of the parents who safely drove kids up and back--if I owe any of you gas money, please let me know through email or just have your kids tell me this week. Thanks to the moms who stayed with the TEAM--Jill Hedquist, Lisa Sagers, and Carolyn Facer. Jill, sorry that you and Alex had to go home sick and miss Saturday. Thanks to Sharolyn Arnold for her help with the lunch food each day. Thanks to Mr. Oram for coming up on Friday to get some great pictures. Thanks to Abby Frodsham for filming nearly every race for 3 straight days. And finally, thanks to each of you for your individual sacrifices and hard work which makes our TEAM stronger. You earned your trip up to the Games, and you earned the success we had while there. Without each of you working together and the help of some very important parents and coaches, we would not have the special program which we have. Continue to make those sacrifices for one another, and the program will continue to be the very BEST in the entire world.

Important Items:
Uniforms: If any of you have uniforms that you used for Simplot, bring them back to me ASAP.
Monday-Wednesday-Friday: Track Class - dress in your workout clothes, even though running this week will be minimal.
Thursday, Feb 25th: Outdoor Track Meeting in the Auxiliary Gym at 2:30pm. All are required to come.
T-Shirts/Sweats: If you ordered any of the apparel, it is now available in my classroom. Pay the money in the office and pick up your shirts/sweat pants from me. Shirts are $12 and Sweats are $25. Please, if you signed up for the order, fulfill your commitment so that the program does not lose any money.
Alumni Track Meet: Friday, March 12th at 3:00pm. This will be our first track meet. We hope to see many of our alumni there competing.

Boys Results

Weight Throw
Mark Lindstrom - 44'09 - 19th place

Shot Put
Alex Swapp - 45'03 - 16th place

High Jump
Alec Pectol - 6'03 - 7th place
Dalton Facer - 6'01 - 9th place

Pole Vault
Gabe Betancourt - 13'03 (Davis #15 All-Time) - only Utahn to qualify for finals

60m Hurdles
Dalton Facer - 9.04
Kyler Sprague - 9.11
Alec Pectol - 9.31
Gavin Fowler - 9.83

60m Dash
Tanner Hinds - 7.50
Tysoin Bullock - 7.54 (Davis #18 All-Time)
Brandon Farnsworth - 7.74
Connor Badger - 7.74 - #3 Freshman in the race
Gabe Betancourt - 7.96
Mitch Spjut - 8.39

200m Dash
Jacob Cluff - 25.32
Andrew Duncan - 25.51

400m Dash
Jordan Kattelman - 56.46
Drew Rees - 56.93

800m Run
Ben Poulson - 2:04.02 in trials; 2:02.91 in finals - 10th place - top Utahn in the 800m
Mike Arnold - 2:10.40
Austin Allred - 2:14.14

1600m Run
Joe White - 4:30.17 in trials; 4:37.66 in finals - 22nd place
Brad Nye - 4:37.94 in trials; 4:30.91 in finals - 10th place
Brian Alfaro - 4:39.84 in trials; 4:37.28 in finals - 21st place (Davis #19 All-Time)
Mike King - 4:40.02 in trials; 4:36.53 in finals - 19th place (Davis #17 All-Time)
Austin Neuner - 4:40.84 in trials; 4:36.72 in finals - 20th place
Braden Cromar - 4:45.39 - #1 Freshman in the 1600m
Matt Swanson - 4:51.36
Adam Mathias - 4:52.49
James Stenquist - 4:56.44
Jason Thomas - 4:58.42
Adam Seelos - 4:59.75 (Record setting 16 boys under 5:00 this indoor season)
Nate Lee - 5:02.63
Jackson Sagers - 5:05.03
Alex Hedquist - 5:07.17
Logan Wood - 5:09.94
Curtis Knight - 5:12.58
Devin Vance - 5:12.78
Brad Fry - 5:14.63
Cade Cloward - 5:15.51
Joe Albrechtsen - 5:15.86
Hayden Hansen - 5:15.93

3200m Run
Logan Petty - 9:44.09 in trials (Davis #5 All-Time); 9:49 in Finals - 9th place
Jeff Taylor - 10:24.93 (Davis #24 All-Time)
Preston Johnson - 10:32.94 (Davis #34 All-Time) - #1 Freshman in the race
Cody Robbins - 10:46.51

4 x 200m
A - Sprague, Bullock, Farnsworth, Hinds - 1:37.34 - #2 Utah Team
B - Fowler, Badger, Duncan, Cluff - 1:43.38 (Great effort by Gavin after his fall)

4 x 400m
A - Badger, White, Sprague, Nye - 3:37.59 in trials, 3:34.83 in finals with Poulson - 9th place.
B - Sagers, Seelos, Robbins, Steunquist - 4:02.39
C - Wood, Albrechtsen, Cloward, Knight - 4:04.98

Medley Relay
A - Poulson, Bullock, Farnsworth, Neuner - 3:44.34 in trials, 3:44.91 in finals - 7th place
B - Facer, Betancourt, Pectol, Swanson - 4:02.22
C - Arnold, Kattelman, Spjut, Allred - 4:02.14
D - Johnson, Hansen, Cromar, Hedquist - 4:15.27

4 x 800m
A - White, Poulson, Petty, Nye - 8:08.41 - SCHOOL RECORD - 1st Place - UTAH #7 All-Time
B - King, Alfaro, Taylor, Neuner - 8:26.05 - 5th place
C - Arnold, Lee, Mathias, Thomas - 8:49.81 - 10th place

Girls Results

60m Hurdles
Addie Jones - 10.02 - #2 Utahn in the race
McKenna Hill - 10.31 (Davis #16 All-Time)
Meagan Storey - 11.06
Tessie Atwater - 11.27

60m Dash
Sylvia Harrison - 7.95 in trials; 8.00 in finals
Sarah Oldham - 8.58
Katelyn McCleod - 8.68

200m Dash
Dani Figgins - 26.17 in trials; 26.06 in finals - 13th place - top Utahn in the race
Kayla Sagers - 27.62
Tara Anderson - 28.22
Kenzie Harrison - 28.41
Katie Taylor - 28.77

400m Dash
Missy Lott - 1:02.09 (Davis #10 All-Time) #2 Utahn in the race
Ericka Griffin - 1:08.27
Katie Petersen - 1:11.53

800m Run
Anna Ward - 2:31.60 in trials; 2:32.68 in finals - 24th place - #3 Utahn in the race
Anni Andersen - 2:32.56 in trials; 2:32.39 in finals - 23rd place - #2 Utahn in the race
Emily Hansen - 2:35.93
Madi Holt - 2:38.68
Erika Wilson - 2:51.74

1600m Run
Jessie Wilding - 5:19.57 in trials; 5:09.97 in finals - 1st place (Davis #2 All-Time) #17 fastest Utah All-Time
Becca Albrechtsen - 5:49.41
Hannah Haws - 5:58.31
Janice Hartvigsen - 6:04.50
Danna Stuart - 6:10.39
Sarah Parker - 6:12.31
Tracey Munson - 6:19.28
Madie McCleary - 6:19.57
Julia Anderson - 6:38.46
Karaline Vandemerwe - 6:40.04

3200m Run
Meghan Hedquist - 12:01.61 in trials; 11:53.16 in finals - 13th place
Emily Hansen - 12:10.93
Tessa Brown - 12:11.80 (30 second pr)
Brooke Stromberg - 12:51.31
Caitlin Miller - 12:51.96
Brooke Gutzwiller - 12:58.56
Megan Parker - 12:59.18

4 x 200m
A - S. Harrison, Sagers, Lott, Figgins - 1:46.16 in trials; 1:44.35 in finals - 6th place - STATE RECORD! SCHOOL RECORD! We now have the top 3 Utah times ever in this event.
B - Jones, Taylor, McCleod, K. Harrison - 1:52.70 - Utah #32 All-Time (fastest B-Team on the list) - 3rd fastest Utah Team.

4 x 400m
A - Sagers, Lott, T. Anderson, Figgins - 4:08.91 in trials; 4:06.45 in finals - 6th place - Davis #4 All-Time, Utah #10 All-Time; Top time in Utah this year.
B - Gutzwiller, Munson, Parker, Parker - 4:46.46 - owe me a chocolate cake
C - Petersen, Wilson, Hartvigsen, Anderson - 4:45.81

Medley Relay
A - K. Harrison, Taylor, McCleod, Wilding - 4:22.82 in trials; 4:32.73 with Albrechtsen in finals - 10th place (top Utah Team)
B - Albrechtsen, S. Harrison, T. Anderson, Hedquist - 4:34.97 in trials; 4:38.07 with Haws in finals - 12th place
C - Griffin, Hill, Jones, Haws - 4:48.35
D - Stuart, Berg, Oldham, McCleary - 4:57.61

4 x 800m
Albrechtsen, Ward, Andersen, Hansen - 10:26.46 - 4th place - 2nd Utah Team
Holt, Miller, Stuart, Gutzwiller - 10:43.74 - 8th place.

Coaches Races

Jeff Agnello - 27.79 - 9th
Coach West - 27.84 - 2nd

Coach Talley - 4:32.07 - 1st - Felt very inspired by his TEAM's racing and his TEAM's cheering
Stefanie Talley - 5:15.14 - 2nd - post college pr
Steve Petty - 5:31.91 - post college pr
Coach West - 6:14.70 - 4th - All Time pr

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