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Darts -
It was an incredible record-setting weekend at the Simplot Games. Not only did we bring the biggest TEAM in our school history (and probably in the Simplot Games history), but we also had more people make finals than we ever had before. In all, we had 22 individuals and 11 relay teams competing in Saturday's finals. It was a lot of fun to watch all of you compete your very best from Thursday to Saturday. I love when I leave Simplot satisfied that our hard work and sacrifices all through the winter have paid off. All of the running in the halls and on the tight turns of the indoor track and in the snow or on the icy roads with the wind in our faces and all of the time in the weight room or in the small gym doing sprint drills and plyos - it all seems worth it after the Simplot Games. I hope that many of you left Pocatello feeling the same way I did on Saturday.
I have listed all of the results for Davis below, and you can find the full results at As a TEAM, we did an outstanding job racing with heart and having fun doing it. Even if the performances were not exactly as good as some of you wanted, you were still giving your very best. I thought the efforts were some of the best I have ever seen. I hope we can keep that same attitude going into outdoor. The "never give up, never give in - I am going to do my very best for myself and for my TEAM" mentality - both in practice and in competition. It is difficult to point out all of the great performances because there were so many, so I am going to limit myself to 5 on the girls side and 5 on the boys side (once again, extremely difficult to do):

Girls -
Kalya Sagers had a great meet. Making finals in the 200m was awesome, but she also started 2 of our relay teams in both trials and finals. In all, she ran 6 races in two days - and raced tough every time.
Tracey Munson has worked hard and raced hard trying to get under 6:00 in the mile. She ran an incredible final 400m on Thursday night to finish in 5:57. She left it all on the track and had to be satisfied with her race. It was also fun to see how excited all of her teammates were for her.
The 5th place finish by the girls 4 x 400m was a great way to end the meet. I already mentioned Kayla, but her teammates were also work horses throughout the meet. Anni Andersen stepped in and ran a great 62 second split for us after already running a mile and an 800 on Saturday. Sarah Oldham really stepped it up this weekend and ran 61 in both relays for us and also had a pr in the 60m hurdles. And Tara Anderson finished it up with a 59.2 anchor leg (in her 5th race of the meet).
Becca Albrechtsen had the opportunity to run 4 800s within a 24 hour period. She could have easily been scared or not given full effort, but every time she raced, she ran as hard as she could. She ended up with a 2:29, 2:30, 2:29, and 2:37. The 2:37 was possibly the most impressive 800 because it was her 4th one and she hadn't had much rest and she helped our relay team finish 3rd.
I thought it was also special that four seniors made the finals in the 1600m. Joining Anni was Meghan Hedquist, Tessa Brown, and Abby Frodsham. Each of them dug deep to make it into the finals and then gave their all in the finals - which is what this is all about. The four of them have been a great strength to our TEAM in cross country and in track for their 3-4 years competing for us.

Boys -
The boys 4 x 200 was impressive and very fun to watch. We shattered the Utah all-time #1 mark by running 1:30.70. It ranks us in the top 20 in the nation in that event, and it was good enough for 3rd at Simplot. I would have to check - but I am pretty sure that is the highest Simplot finish by a Utah team. Seth Fortin, Troy Hinds, Dallin Hart, and Landon Hart set a record that might not be touched for a long time.
The boys 4 x 400 was equally exciting as we qualified for the fast heat as well. I know the four of them were tired from all of the work they had done through the 3 days, but they came out and showed a lot of heart. I think the 4 x 400 really shows character because it is at the end of the meet, and it takes some guts. Tyson Bullock, Dalton Facer, Joe White, and Brad Nye all showed guts as we ended up with a 3:30.70 and a 5th place finish. We might see that same battle with Syracuse a lot this season.
I know this is a lot about the relays - but our boys 4 x 800m teams (see the 12 names in the results below) came out and ran some exciting races and some great personal splits. We had all 12 boys run between 2:04 and 2:11, and all 3 teams finished in the top 9. It shows our great depth in the distance.
I'm combining 2 for the next one - Austin Neuner in the mile and Brayden Cromar in the 3200. They ran similar races - both of them put themselves in a position to go for the win (or at least a top 3 finish). They fought hard, but both faded over the final 1/4 of their races due to the fact that they had given their all. I think we all learned from their efforts and their willingness to push the limits.
Jordan Kattelman also impressed his coaches - both with his performance and his attitude. It was rewarding to see him run a big pr in the 60m hurdles (9.40) and make the all-time list. And it was also great to see that he has 54 second 400m speed, which is only going to get better.

I know I said this on Friday night, but I want to make sure to thank all of the parents who helped us out with the trip. It was great to have so many of you willing to drive groups up or back, and also to have so many of you willing to take the time and stay up in Pocatello, helping us run kids all over the place. We have some great parents on this TEAM. I also want to thank Spencer Anderson and Lauren Johnson for all of their volunteer help this season - they have been a great addition to our coaching staff. Thanks to Coach Parrish for his work this indoor season - he wasn't able to make it up to Pocatello, but he was following the races all weekend - and was extremely impressed with the performances. Thanks to Brad and Janae for driving up with their families and for giving so much support and coaching. Thanks to our other coaches who have been able to give time this season - John Jeppson and Jeff Agnello. And thanks to Jamie for all that she does for the girls and the guys - we are extremely lucky to have her working with us.
Thanks to each of you athletes for behaving on the trip and for not causing me too much stress. Thanks for making it a memorable trip.
- Coach Talley

What's Next?
We will have no after school practice this week - only practice will be during class, which will not be very intense. Then we will begin the official outdoor practices next Monday (February 28th). We expect some hard work, some great leadership, and the same type of passion and enthusiasm that we saw at the Simplot Games. Let's go into the season with an expectation of excellence in the way we practice and the way we compete. We still have some work to do over the next 3 months. Keep your eyes on the prize, but also enjoy the journey.
Nex weekend I will send out an email with a full report of the amazing things that our alumni have been doing in their indoor track seasons - best of luck to them all as they prepare for their conference meets this week.

Simplot Results
Girls 60m
Sylvia Harrison - 8.01 (18th in the trials) / 7.80 (13th in the finals)

Girls 60m Hurdles
Adelyn Jones - 9.82, 21st
Sarah Oldham - 9.90, 23rd - #8 All Time
Christine Van Brocklin - 10.27, 27th - #16 All Time
Libby Fowler - 10.33, 28th
McKenna Hill - 10.43, 34th
Jordyn Olson - 10.51, 39th - #20 All Time
Breanna Florence - 10.88, 55th
Jessica Young - 11.07, 62nd

Girls 200m
Kayla Sagers - 26.91, 13th in the trials; 26.68, 15th - #7 All Time
Whitney Williams - 34.20
Madie McCleary - 34.64
Karaline Vandemerwe - 35.04

Girls 400m
Tara Anderson - 1:01.04, 19th - #4 All Time
Amy Boudesocque - 1:08.16

Girls 800m
Becca Albrechtsen - 2:29.88, 15th in trials; 2:29.93, 15th in finals - #14 All Time
Julia Anderson - 2:37.18, 41st
Kinsee Hall - 2:39.37, 49th
Sarah Parker - 2:51.18, 63rd
Anna Ward - 2:52.24, 65th

Girls 1600m
Anni Andersen - 5:30.39, 14th in trials; 5:33.13, 18th in finals - #14 All Time
Meghan Hedquist - 5:33.25, 18th in trials; 5:34.19, 21st in finals
Tessa Brown - 5:38.33, 27th in trials; 5:38.40, 25th in finals
Abby Frodsham - 5:43.08, 32nd in trials; 5:46.57, 34th in finals
Jessica Paget - 5:46.58, 37th
Ashley Tyndall - 5:49.01, 43rd
Joanna Boyd - 5:49.51, 44th
Liz Ashby - 5:56.68, 60th
Tracey Munson - 5:57.10, 61st
Janice Hartvigsen - 5:57.15, 62nd
Danna Stuart - 6:00.81
Megan Parker - 6:03.89
Madie McCleary - 6:17.10
Karaline Vandemerwe - 6:18.61
Whitney Williams - 6:29.26

Girls 3200m
Brooke Gutzwiller - 13:06.73, 30th

Girls Pole Vault -
Jeni Christensen - nearly cleared the 9'03 qualifying

Girls Triple Jump -
Sarah Oldham - narrowly missed the 34'06 qualifying mark

Girls 4 x 200
A - Kayla, Tara, Adelyn, Sylvia - 1:47.97 in trials; 1:47.05, 9th in finals - #3 All Time
B - Libby, Christine, Jeni, McKenna - 1:54.59, 19th
C - Jordyn, Jessica, Amy, Bre - 2:01.25, 31st

Girls 4 x 400
A - Kayla, Anni, Sarah, Tara - 4:09.26 in trials; 4:05.54, 5th in finals - #3 All Time (59.2 split by Tara Anderson)
B - Sarah, Megan, Tracey, Ashley - 4:45.11, 21st

Girls Medley
A - Kinsee, Sylvia, Adelyn, Becca - 4:34.61, 15th
B - Christine, McKenna, Libby, Liz - 4:40.96, 19th
C - Abby, Jordyn, Jessica, Danna - 4:51.08, 28th
D - Anna, Bre, Amy, Janice - 4:59.67, 37th

Girls 4 x 800
A - Anni, Meghan, Becca, Kinsee - 10:19, 3rd
C - Joanna, Ashley, Brooke, Jessica - 10:25, 9th
D - Liz, Julia, Tessa, Abby - 10:40, 10th

Boys 60m Dash
Troy Hinds - 7.31, 20th - #5 All Time
Seth Fortin - 7.32, 21st
Tyson Bullock - 7.56, 39th
James Watkins - 7.77, 56th

Boys 60m Hurdles
Dalton Facer - 9.04 in trials, 16th; 8.80, 16th in finals
Jordan Kattelman - 9.40, 42nd - #22 All Time
Connor Badger - 9.84, 56th
Gavin Fowler - 9.99, 61st

Boys 200m Dash
Dallin Hart - 23.16, 9th in trials; 22.73, 8th in finals - #2 All Time
Landon Hart - 23.02, 7th in trials; 23.00, 11th in finals - #4 All Time
Kyle Green - 23.77, 18th in trials; 23.50, 16th in finals - #8 All Time
Bridger Parkin - 24.61, 36th
Logan Thomas - 25.18, 46th

Boys 800m
Austin Allred - 2:06.56, 23rd in trials; 2:04.55, 15th in finals
Ryan Lee - 2:06.33, 21st in trials; 2:05.86, 19th in finals
Spencer Jones - 2:15.83, 71st
Nelson Davis - 2:17.49, 75th

Boys 1600m
Brad Nye - 4:27.88, 1st in trials; 4:22.27, 3rd in finals
Austin Neuner - 4:29.86, 5th in trials; 4:25.50, 5th in finals
Joe White - 4:31.97, 6th in trials; 4:26.02, 6th in finals - #6 All Time
Skylar Williams - 4:38.03, 20th in trials; 4:35.70, 15th in finals - #17 All Time
Adam Mathias - 4:41.27, 35th in trials; 4:39.66, 24th in finals
Alex Hedquist - 4:41.31, 37th in trials; 4:40.45, 25th in finals - #29 All Time
Caleb Waldron - 4:46.26, 53rd
Hayden Hansen - 4:48.76, 58th
Matt Swanson - 4:50.50, 65th
Phillip Baker - 4:54.81, 80th
Taylor Goldsberry - 4:58.23, 94th
Logan Wood - 5:01.07, 111th
Curtis Knight - 5:02.01, 115th
Nelson Davis - 5:07.02, 126th
Devin Vance - 5:15.51, 150th
Nick Mason - 5:25.02, 168th
Jed Brough - 5:32.98, 180th
Dan Wybrow - 5:37.24, 186th

Boys 3200m
Brayden Cromar - 9:46.17, 2nd in trials; 9:44.90, 8th in the finals
Caleb Waldron - 9:54.20, 15th
Zach Schofield - 10:26.17, 30th
Preston Johnson - 10:29.53, 31st
Isaac Clouse - 11:32.30, 51st
Ryan Tanner - 11:33.73, 53rd

Boys Long Jump
Tyson Bullock - hit the 21'06 qualifying, jumped 21'02.50 in the finals for 7th place - #6 All Time
Landon Hart - barely scratched on a jump that would have qualified
Dallin Hart - ended up just short of the qualifying mark

Boys Triple Jump
Bridger Parkin nearly hit the 42'00 qualifying mark

Boys High Jump
Dalton Facer barely missed on the 5'11 qualifying

Boys Pole Vault
Ethan Hunsaker barely missed the 13'03 qualifying

Boys Weight Throw
Mark Lindstrom - 46'10.50, 13th
Zach Cottrell - 41'04.50, 20th - #14 All Time

Boys Shot Put
Landon Simonsen - 48'00.75 - 14th in finals, #18 All Time
Mark Lindstrom - narrowly missed qualifying
Zach Cottrell - had some good attempts in the trials

Boys 4 x 200m
A - Seth, Troy, Dallin, Landon - 1:34.58, 5th in trials; 1:30.70, 3rd in finals - School Record, Utah #1 All Time
B - Connor, Gavin, Bridger, Logan - 1:39.06, 17th

Boys 4 x 400m
A - Tyson, Dalton, Joe, Brad - 3:33.21, 5th in trials; 3:30.70, 5th in finals - #7 All Time
B - Jordan, Curtis, Nick, Taylor - 3:48.78, 21st
C - Logan, Nelson, Devin, Ryan - 4:07.25, 31st

Boys Medley Relay
A - Dalton, Kyle, Tyson, Neuner - 3:42.43 in trials#5 All Time; Connor, Seth, Tyson, Adam - 3:45.95, 8th in finals
D - Spencer, Taylor, Ethan, Zach - 3:56.70, 20th
B - Ryan, Connor, Gavin, Austin - 3:57.85, 24th
C - Logan, James, Jordan, Hayden - 4:00.76, 30th

Boys 4 x 800m
A - Austin, Ryan, Skylar, Jackson - 8:27, 4th
B - Zach, Hayden, Spencer, Matt - 8:32, 7th
C - Alex, Preston, Phillip, Caleb - 8:36, 9th

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