Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Indoor Update - 12/23

Darts -
I hope that you are all enjoying your break so far. It is a little tricky to stay active and to fit workouts in with everything going on, but I hope you will do your best to fit in some type of exercise throughout these 2 weeks. We had a very solid group prior to the break, and I want to see you continue to move forward together after the break. If any of you weren't able to start with us in December, the Monday we come back to school is also a great time to get going. Remember that all the work we do in indoor track is to benefit us as we prepare to compete in outdoor track.

We will be meeting at the school on Monday (December 29) and Tuesday (December 30) at 9:00am for some workouts. You will be able to sprint, hurdle, and throw indoors, and the weight room will be open. Distance runners should still plan on working out outside (dress warm). If you are in town, you should come to the workouts.

Hurdle Clinic - Friday, January 2: We will meet at the school at 3:00pm and go up to Morgan to their indoor facility. The clinic will go from 3:30-6:30 and we will stop for dinner on the way home. Bring $10 for dinner; the clinic is free. We will be working with our hurdle coaches and with Coach Jamie West. It is always a fun clinic and a great opportunity to get to know the other hurdlers. If you are brand new to hurdling, or have never hurdled before, but would like to try, this clinic is definitely a great opportunity for you.

Utah State Indoor Invitational - Saturday, January 10th - will be our first indoor track meet. We will meet at the school early and take up a bus or caravan up to Logan. I will get you more details about time, etc. This first meet is just a chance to get some starting marks. No one is ever completely ready for the first meet, so don't be afraid. All of you should plan on participating :)

Indoor Fee - If you did not get a chance to pay the $25 fee for indoor before the break, please do so the first week we are back in school. Thanks!!!

Suggested Workouts for the next 2 weeks (sorry this is coming a few days late) -
Tuesday, Dec 23
Sprinters/Jumpers/Hurdlers - 1 to 3 mile run; sprint drills; core work
Distance - 40-60 min. distance run; core work
Throwers - Lifting; Core Work

Wednesday, Dec 24
Sprinters/Jumpers/Hurdlers - 12-16 x :20 on a hill; stretching/yoga; core work
Distance - 3-8 mile "power run" (faster pace or hard run)
Throwers - Lifting; Core Work; 20 x :10 on a hill

Thursday, Dec 25
Sprinters/Jumpers/Hurdlers - Merry Christmas!! (Day Off)
Distance - Merry Christmas!! 30-45 min distance run
Throwers - Merry Christmas!! (Day Off)

Friday, Dec 26
Sprinters/Jumpers/Hurdlers - Warm up, 8 x :60 fast; Core Work
Distance - 30-60 min distance run with 10 x 1:00 hard during the run
Throwers - Lifting; Core Work; Foot Work (practice throwing without throwing)

Saturday, Dec 27
Sprinters/Jumpers/Hurdlers - 2-3 mile run (or 30-40 min bike); core work; stretching/yoga
Distance - 45-70 min run; core work
Throwers - Foot Work; Core Work; 12 x :10 second sprints

Monday, Dec 29 (Meet at Davis @ 9:00am)
Sprinters/Jumpers/Hurdlers - 8 x 200m; lifting; hurdle drills
Distance - TBA - possibly FARTLEK or TEMPO run; lifting
Throwers - Throwing; Lifting

Tuesday, Dec 30 (Meet at Davis @ 9:00am)
Sprinters/Jumpers/Hurdlers - Cardio Circuit; Plyos; Core Work
Distance - 40-60 min distance run with 8 x 100m strides; Core
Throwers - Throwing; Lifting

Wednesday, Dec 31
Sprinters/Jumpers/Hurdlers - 2 mile run; Weights; Core Work
Distance - 35-45 min run; Core Work
Throwers - Practice Foot Work on your own; Core Work

Thursday, Jan 1
Sprinters/Jumpers/Hurdlers - 8-16 x :20 on a hill; core work
Distance - 40-60 min distance run + core work
Throwers - Lifting/Core Work

Friday, Jan 2
Hurdle Clinic - Meet at Davis at 3:00pm
Sprinters/Jumpers - 2 mile run + core work
Distance - 30-50 min run with 20 min tempo in the middle (3-3.5 miles)

Saturday, Jan 3
Sprinters/Jumpers/Hurdlers - Day off or Weights
Distance - 40-80 minute run
Throwers - Weights

I hope all of you and your families have a great Christmas and New Year. 2015 is going to be an incredible year for Davis Track & Field,
Coach Talley

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