Sunday, January 31, 2010

Indoor Update

Darts -
With only 3 weeks left in the indoor season, it is important that each of you be committed and do everything you can to take care of yourselves and prepare yourselves to perform at our 2 most important meets: State Indoor & Simplot. Coach West and I were really happy with the way the workouts went this week. Other than the few people who missed Friday's workout, we felt like this was our best week so far. We saw some people working really hard, and we even saw some steps toward great leadership.

Utah Indoor Championships -
This week is another important week as far as the Friday/Saturday competition goes. It is important that you make it to all the practices in order to prepare yourselves to do well at the Olympic Oval for the State Indoor Championships and so that you get the information you will need. We have a streak going on both sides. The girls have won 5 of the last 6, and the boys have won at least 6 in a row (possibly more). We will need a TEAM effort to pull off the win again this year. I will be handing out some information on Monday & Tuesday, and I will need your papers back by Wednesday so that I can get you entered in the right event. If you are not sure what events to participate in, please check with me or Coach West and we will help you to decide. No one can do more than 4 events. The field events will be on Friday, and the track events will all be on Saturday. The track and the facilities are great, and it will be the perfect opportunity to pr, if you prepare yourself well.

Simplot Games - We have finalized the Simplot list with the athletes we will be able to take. If you are not sure where you are on the list, make sure to check with me early this week. There are still some people on the "alternates" list, so if anyone realizes or decides they are not going to be able to make it, please let me know so that we can take someone in your place. We will be doing the entries right after the Olympic Oval meet, so make sure that you are communicating with me or Coach West if you have any concerns or questions. Please make sure to pass the information we give to you along to your parents as well. We will be handing out an important parent waiver/insurance information sheet to you this week which will need to be returned to me the following week.

Alumni News - Many of our alumni competed in the Bronco Invitational this past weekend in Boise, Id. For results, you can go to
Former Darts who competed in the meet included: Weber - Shaun Webb, Kristin Billings, Jace Nye, Max Lennardt, Camille Lott, Natalie Haws, and Loren Storey, USU - Ashlee Cannon, Shannon Prince, Spencer Hall, and Stephen Pierce. BYU - Brooke Jensen. Congrats on some solid indoor marks.

T-shirts/Sweats - The t-shirt order went in this past week. If you ordered a long sleeve t-shirt ($12) or sweat pants ($25), pay in the office and bring me your receipt. I did order a few extra of all sizes - they will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Thanks for your hard work & thanks for all that you each bring to the TEAM -
Coach Talley

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