Monday, January 24, 2011

Dart Update - Weber State Invitational

Darts -
With weather like today, it is difficult to believe we are in the middle of the indoor season. It was a beautiful day to work out outside - both for the distance runners and the sprinters and hurdlers. I always look forward to the end of January, because it means we are getting closer to spring weather, and closer to the actual track season. Those of you who are planning on doing outdoor, should start to get active and take advantage of the nice weather outside. Feel free to join us for any of the workouts we are doing with the indoor team (even if you don't compete indoors).

The Weber State Invitational was this past weekend. If I had more time, I would go into more detail - but for the most part, we were pleased with our progression. We like that so many of you are giving solid efforts and trying to perform your best and trying to learn from your experiences. I was especially pleased with our relays and the number of you who were willing to jump into a relay. There were also some all-time marks set on Friday and Saturday. Tyson Bullock jumped 20'02 to take send and set the #9 all-time Davis mark. Ethan Hunsaker and Keigun Kunz both cleared 12'06 to make it onto the all-time list. Seth Fortin ran 6.76 in the 55m to take 4th and become the #6 All-time from Davis. Landon Hart, Seth Fortin, and Dallin Hart all placed in the top 5 in the 200m and all set all time marks. Landon won in 23.60, Seth was 4th in 23.79, and Dallin was 5th in 23.83. Brayden Cromar won the 1600m in 4:40 with a monster kick. It was fun to watch him fight over the final lap of the race. And Brad Nye and Austin Neuner ran 9:50 and 9:56 to finish top 5 in the 3200 and make it onto the All-time list. We also had wins by Joe White (2:02 - 800m), and the 4 x 800 team (Joe, Brad, Neuner, and Mathias). The girls didn't have a ton of all-time marks, but we set quite a few prs. Addy Jones moved into 5th on the 55 hurdles list, and Sylvia Harrison moved into 4th on the 55m dash list. We saw some great early season marks from the hurdlers - McKenna, Sarah, Karly, Libby, Christine, Jordyn, Jessica, Breanna, and Alicia showed that we are going to have one of the strongest squads in the state. Tessa Brown ran a smart and patient 3200 to finish 6th. I was also impressed with Tracey Munson's 3200 pr effort. Karaline Vandemerwe came and was able to focus enough to run a great leg on the 4 x 800 after losing her VLs the previous night. Our girls 800 runners looked very strong going 2-3-5 in the open (Madi Holt, Anni Andersen, and Becca Albrechtsen) and then winning the 4 x 800 with the help of Meghan Hedquist. Tara Anderson had a good day in some speedy events - running sub 8.0 in the 55 dash and taking 3rd with a 27.70 in the 200m. And Kayla Sagers looked solid in her 400-200-400 triple - placing in all 3.

We are looking strong, but we feel that there are still a few things that can make our TEAM and our individuals so much stronger. We could always work on our attitudes. Coach West and I feel that it is extremely important to be positive with ourselves and with each other over the next few weeks. Let's do our best to avoid comments and thoughts that bring self-doubt or that don't build us up. Don't let yourselves think or say "I can't. . . " We could all work on our confidence and our positive thinking. This TEAM has got to learn to BELIEVE in what we are doing. And we have to learn to compete and prepare with more purpose. Practicing these things now will help us to be ready when the real tests come later in the season. We also feel that you can do a better job showing support and enthusiasm for your teammates. Try to build each other up - and get each other excited about races and performances. We could use some more enthusiasm for teammates while they are competing. We are the biggest TEAM, but not always the most enthusiastic. We could also continue to encourage and uplift one another when things don't go our way - if you see a teammate struggling or discouraged, try to lift them up. BE A TEAM.

Coming Up -
January 28 - Utah Distance Challenge - Friday Night at the Olympic Oval. The race schedule is 1600, 400, 800, 3200 - beginning at 5:00pm. The meet should last until about 8:00pm. If you are a sprinter - this is a great opportunity to come and give the open 400 a try. The track is fast - and we have been working on strength quite a bit. Plus, the 400 has been our weakest track events, and we are still looking for more people to step up and give it their best (those of you who have tried it so far this indoor season are doing a great job). I have attached the flier with the schedule. We are not taking a bus, but I am encouraging all distance runners to be there - and all those who would like to try the 400 to come on down and feel some pain. I can't think of anything better to do on a Friday night (okay - at least this Friday night). There is going to be free chocolate milk for all athletes!!

February 4-5 - Utah State Indoor Meet at the Olympic Oval - more information to come. The Field events and the 1600, 4 x 800, and open 400 will be competed on Friday night, the rest will be on Saturday.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) - is the final day to sign up for the first sweats order. You can pay your money in the office and bring me the receipt. It should take the sweats about 3 weeks to arrive (hoping for them before Simplot).

Simplot - I will have a list with those invited to Simplot with me tomorrow. Once again, I am sorry that we cannot take everyone who wants to go. I do appreciate so many of you working hard and being committed to earning your spots.

That's all for now - expect an alumni report on the next email - as many of our alumni have started their college seasons and are performing quite well - making us proud.
Set some goals - and work hard to go after them.
See you on the track -
Coach Talley

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