Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We are almost done with the most difficult part of the season. I feel that December and the first 2 weeks of January take a great deal of discipline and self-motivation. It can be quite a challenge to stay "hungry" and committed through these cold weeks of training. I want to thank those of you who have made sacrifices and who have practiced together and have done your best to use these weeks to improve your speed, endurance, and strength. As a coaching staff we have been very pleased with your efforts, and we feel that it is going to be a great indoor season and outdoor season of 2011. I have always felt that the work we do at this time of the year, when few other teams are tough enough and motivated enough to be doing what we are doing, is one of the key ingredients to our success in the spring. I really appreciate those of you who have brought a positive attitude to the workouts and have encouraged your teammates to stick with it. Our goal this year is to make ourselves perfect in our process - to give 100% in our practice. We feel that if we can train and prepare to the best of our ability, the championships and the personal best performances will take care of themselves. We are getting there. I encourage you to keep giving your all and to keep focused on being your best.
As I always do - I would like to extend an invitation to those of you who are receiving these emails, but who have not been able to stick with indoor track for whatever reason. You are invited to start up again. Have tomorrow be your "fresh start". Don't let fear of not being good enough or laziness keep you from giving yourself a real chance of succeeding with track. Our first meet is this Friday and Saturday (BYU Invitational). All 5 of our indoor meets will take place in the next 6 weekends. There is still plenty of time to prepare for outdoor track by improving your speed and fitness, and there is also enough of the indoor season left to really enjoy and to make it worth doing.

Important Items:

BYU Invitational - I have attached a paper with information about the BYU Meet. The bus will leave the school at 7:00am on Saturday morning. You are also welcome to meet us down at the indoor track in Provo (directions are on the attachment). The cost is $4 per event (paid on the day of the meet), and I need to know what events you would like to be entered in because I need to pre-register you. You can also get a handout from me on Tuesday or Wednesday at practice.

Simplot Games - Every year we end our season with a trip to Pocatello, ID for the Simplot Games track meet. It is on February 17-19. I have attached the initial information. Please fill out the form and return it to me if you are interested in going. There is one error on the form that I handed out today at practice. Because of an increase in hotel price, the cost for the trip will actually be $120 (instead of $115). I am sorry for the increase - hopefully we can keep it there in future years. We are actually going to be able to bring up to 75 athletes to Simplot this year (I announced 65 today). We are looking for a few parents who would like to help as chaperones. Please contact me if you are interested.

Sweats - The seniors discussed the sweats orders today. We will be ordering hoodies and sweat pants. The cost of the hoodies will be between $25-30. The cost of the pants will also be between $25-30. You are not required to buy the sweats. We have decided that these sweats will take the place of the warm-ups in outdoor track (so that you do not feel like you have to order 2 sets). We will most likely place 2 orders this year. The first order will be turned in on Friday, January 21st. The second order will be turned in sometime near the end of February. More specific details to come.

Track Class - The first day of the track class will be on Wednesday, January 19th (4th period). Bring clothes to work out in on that first day. Make sure to clean out your regular gym lockers at the end of this week. We will be issuing new lockers on Friday next week during track class.

Indoor and Outdoor Schedule - The schedule for the meets this upcoming season is attached to the email. It is also posted on www.darttrack.blogspot.com Please schedule work and other appointments around the meets. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns with the schedule.

Facebook Page - We encourage you to "like" the group "Davis Track & Field". We will be posting pictures and reminders on the facebook page all season long. The reminders will also be sent out through email if you don't have a facebook account. I posted some pictures from the hurdle clinic on there last night. We are working on making some of our seniors admins for the page.

Keep up the good work - I hope that you are as excited as I am about the upcoming weeks.
Coach Talley

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