Friday, January 11, 2013

Darts - 
As of right now, we will proceed with our plans for Utah State tomorrow. We will still be meeting at the school at 7:00am. If any of your parents do not want you to go up to Utah State because of the weather, don't argue with them. I only want you to go if they are comfortable with you making the trip on the bus or if they are able to drive you up to Logan. 
I will be closely monitoring the weather and the road conditions for the drive to Logan, and if it is dangerous, we will not be going up to the meet - in that case we will just have to wait to test ourselves at the BYU Invite next week. 
I will not be making that decision until tomorrow morning. 

I hope that you enjoy your "snow day". If any of you would like to work on blocks, I will be at the school doing some work from 10:00 - 11:30. You are welcome to come by if you feel that you can safely make it there. 
Distance runners should go out for 3-5 miles if you feel like you can find a place where the roads are safe. 

Have a nice day, 
Coach Talley

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