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Indoor Track Update - BYU Invite

Darts - 

I think the only track meet longer than the BYU Indoor Invitational is the BYU Outdoor Invitational in May. Although it was a very long 2 days, we had some outstanding performances - and I hope that most of you feel it was worth the time. I was very impressed with the patience of both our athletes and especially your parents. I felt bad that it took the entire Saturday for many of you, but I was really proud of your ability to compete after waiting a really long time. Overall we saw a lot of improvement and PRs for the indoor season. I know that many of you are still not satisfied with where you are, and I hope you are determined to keep working hard to getting to where you would like to be. 

BYU Invite - We started Friday night with some solid field performances - Davis Owen finished 2nd in the long jump for the second week in a row, Sydney Larsen made the finals in the girls long jump, Dallin Baires missed finals by one place in the shot put with his 43' throw, and Jacob Moffett set a personal best in the high jump with 5'08. On Saturday, we started strong with the girls mile. 18 out of 18 girls who ran both at USU and at BYU had improvements in their times. We also set a team record with 11 girls under 5:40 (for the 1600m). Hannah Albrechtsen led the way with a 5:22 and a 3rd place finish, and Kenzie Weir, Chelsey Johnson, and Aubrey Argyle also finished in the top 10. The boys were nearly as impressive with 19 out of 23 running faster than they did at Utah State. Skylar Williams led the way with a 3rd place finish (the top runner from Utah) in a time of 4:28.70. Josh Ward also made the podium with a 4:34. We continued to show strength in the hurdles with 3 girls making the finals (Hailee Carattini, Olivia Richards, and Phebe Krutsch). Todd Froisland made the finals in the hurdles for the boys with 4 other boys just missing the finals. Carson Hunt improved his mark in the 60m Dash from last week with a 7.22 - putting him #6 on the Davis All-Time list. One of our top performances of the day was from Trevor Leavitt in the boys 400m Dash. Trevor ran 49.92 to place 2nd and break his own school record from last year. Trevor also came back strong in the 200m Dash to finish 2nd with 23.11 - a very fast time for the BYU track. Our sprinters finished the meet strong with the 4 x 1 lap relay - the girls were 3rd and the boys were 2nd - both teams running fast enough to make our all-time list. We are seeing some good things from our young (sophomore) sprinters and hurdlers as well - Emma Thatcher, Erika Stephenson, Elly Ferguson, Sydney Larsen, Griffin Hill, Jaron Erickson, Spencer Wright, Jacob Moffett, Kallin Fisher, Jason Barker, Taylor Southwick, McGyver Clark, and others are really working hard and showing some future potential to carry on our tradition. We had quite a few podium finishes from the remaining distance races. Josey Hedquist ran an indoor PR of 2:26 to place 2nd in the girls 800, and Hannah Albrechtsen earned her 2nd t-shirt of the day with 6th place finish. Logan MacKay and Colter Blanchard finished 2nd and 4th in the boys 800m - both are only sophomores - and Logan set the Davis all-time sophomore record for the indoor 800m. Our most dominant event of the day was the girls 2 mile. We had 5 girls in the race and all five girls finished in the top 7. Aubrey Argyle led the way with 2nd place in a Davis freshman record of 11:34, Kenzie Weir was 3rd, Chelsey Johnson was 5th, Ashley Tyndall was 6th, and Miah Weaver (also a freshman) finished 7th. Our freshman girls are tearing up the Davis freshman record book - Aubrey and Miah are now in our freshman top 6 for the 800, 1600, and 3200; and Ally Geisler is in the top 6 in both the 800 and 1600. The boys 2 mile was another strong event for us with 8 boys running under 11:00. Josh Ward finished 2nd in 10:08, Colton Rimann was 6th in 10:17, Kimball Potter was 7th in 10:18, and then 3 freshman (Frasier Williamson, Camren Todd, and Matt Ward) all made our freshman all-time list and all 3 ran under 10:50 in their first 2 miles. If we can continue to work for it, the future is looking good. And finally, Coach T, Caleb Ward, and I competed in the coaches mile - I just wanted to thank all of you for taking the opportunity to yell things to me that I usually enjoy yelling to you during races. It was fun to put the spikes on and get competitive. 
You can find the Davis athlete's results at the bottom of the email, and the full results are on

Monday and Tuesday - We will not have practice on Monday or Tuesday. Distance Runners should go out for a 60 minute run on Monday, and the distance runners who are able to will be meeting at the school at 1:00pm on Tuesday to go down and workout at the Olympic Oval (we will need drivers). All Sprinters, Jumpers, and Hurdlers should go out for a 2-3 mile run each day. You should also be stretching and doing core work. If our sprinters and hurdlers are serious about getting faster, you are going to need to put in a little more work to improve your fitness. Throwers should try to get to a weight room and really work arms, legs, and core. Enjoy the break from school, but use it as an opportunity to get stronger and faster. We WILL workout on Wednesday after school (not during the track class). 

Utah Distance Challenge - Friday (24th) at 5:00pm at the Olympic Oval. The events will start at 5:00 - and go in this order: 1600, 400, 800, 3200. The cost is $5.00. You are responsible for your own transportation down to the meet. I am in charge - so I will be heading down early. We would like most of our sprinters and hurdlers to come and race the 400m. You can find more information at 

Weber State Invitational - The Weber State Invite is on Friday and Saturday (24th and 25th). The field events are on Friday night. Coach Agnello, Coach Tony, and Coach Clayton will be at Weber State Friday night with the jumpers and throwers. We do not need to pre-register. Sprinters and hurdlers (and some distance runners) will be competing in the track events on Saturday. I will hand out more information at practice on Wednesday. 

Simplot (February 13-15) - I will be sending out a separate email about the Simplot Games in the next few days. I am finalizing the invite list. For those parents who would like to go to Simplot, we do not cover hotel rooms for parents. It is very difficult to find any hotel rooms in Pocatello, but if you want to make some phone calls, you can get on waiting lists, and there are often things that open up in the few weeks before the meet - you just have to keep calling and asking. The team will be staying at the Ameritel Inn. Once again, we will be able to take about 80 athletes and the cost will be $130. 

Alumni Update - Our graduates continue to make us proud. Many of them competed in the Snake River Open this weekend in Pocatello - Seth Fortin finished 3rd in the 60m Dash with 6.93 and 5th in the 200m, Kyler Sprague was 6th in the 60m Hurdles, Christine Van Brocklin was 3rd in the 60 Hurdles and 8th in the 400m, Ellie Child was 5th in mile, Shaelee Sweatfield was 8th in the 800m, and Seth Gutzwiller and Tessa Brown also competed in the open mile. A few others were in New Mexico for their season opener - Shea Martinez finished 1st in the 800m with 2:09 and Bryce Hall finished 2nd in the Weight Throw.  

Girls Results
3. 5:22.99 Hannah Albrechtsen
5. 5:24.72 Kenzie Weir
6. 5:25.26 Chelsey Johnson
10. 5:29.42 Aubrey Argyle
11. 5:30.27 Miah Weaver
15. 5:33.02 Ashley Tyndall
16. 5:34.05 Tatum Beard
21. 5:35.69 Josey Hedquist
23. 5:38.15 Ally Geisler
24. 5:38.43 Sierra Graham
28. 5:41.37 Aimee Vance
5:52.94 Sam Hedquist
6:03.81 Ally Smith
6:06.72 Madison Bledsoe
6:11.38 Kaitlyn Datwyler
6:18.32 Sydney Rayl
6:21.30 Elise Anderson
6:21.64 Alex Tanner
6:25.07 Grace Neuenschwander
6:29.84 Emma Call
6:44.64 Madi Meyer
6:46.42 Amber Berry
7:56.32 Autumn Jenkins

60m Hurdles
9.84 Hailee Carattini
9.97 Olivia Richards (4th in finals)
10.05 Phebe Krutsch (7th in finals)
10.69 Liz Jones
10.89 Emma Thatcher
11.15 Eliza Jackson
11.33 Erika Stephenson
12.13 Baylee Reynolds

60m Dash
8.58 Liz Jones
8.61 Olivia Richards
8.71 Hailee Carattini
8.72 Phebe Krutsch
8.95 Emma Thatcher
8.95 Kendall Sargent
9.27 Erika Stephenson
9.44 Anna Ferrell
9.84 Baylee Reynolds
12.59 Jessica Swim

400m Dash
1:07.07 Elly Ferguson
1:08.59 Kendall Sargent
1:09.33 Sydney Larsen
1:10.05 Anna Ferrell
2:33.29 Jessica Swim

800m Run
2. 2:26.71 Josey Hedquist
6. 2:29.63 Hannah Albrechtsen
7. 2:31.91 Tatum Beard
9. 2:32.75 Sierra Graham
2:35.89 Tiahna Cipriano
2:37.31 Ally Geisler
2:48.58 Sydney Rayl
2:50.38 Elise Anderson
2:50.58 Ally Smith
2:51.45 Grace Neuenschwander
2:55.33 Janelle Daw
3:06.43 Baylee Reynolds

200m Dash
28.30 Rachel Anderson
28.43 Elise Berning
28.72 Sadie Wells
29.01 Liz Jones
29.46 Olivia Richards
29.68 Hailee Carattini
30.31 Natalie Dyer
30.39 Phebe Krutsch
31.08 Sydney Larsen
58.11 Jessica Swim

2 Mile Run
2. 11:34.49 Aubrey Argyle
3. 11:36.59 Kenzie Weir
5. 11:46.61 Chelsey Johnson
6. 11:47.54 Ashley Tyndall
7. 11:51.03 Miah Weaver

4 x 1 Lap Relay
3. 3:17.44 - Liz Jones, Elise Berning, Sadie Wells, Rachel Anderson

High Jump
4'08 Hailee Carattini
4'06 Eliza Jackson

Long Jump
14'01.75 Sydney Larsen
11'06.50 Alyssa Hemsley

Boys' Results
1 Mile Run
3. 4:28.70 Skylar Williams
6. 4:34.56 Josh Ward
11. 4:39.55 Stokton Smith
4:47.68 Kimball Potter
4:48.03 Colter Blanchard
4:50.68 Frasier Williamson
4:51.03 Colton Rimann
4:53.46 Matt Hawkins
4:55.80 Ethan Stuart
4:57.25 Camren Todd
4:57.79 Daniel Tumblin
4:58.26 Bryce Ferguson
4:59.51 Solomon Twitchell
5:02.50 Adam Aposhian
5:05.38 Britton Porter
5:10.69 Kent Thompson
5:11.50 Matt Ward
5:11.70 Kelton Johnson
5:11.74 Jackson Rayl
5:12.37 JR Oldham
5:13.30 Mitch Perry
5:13.41 Jason Lang
5:20.40 Spencer Rindlisbacher
5:22.00 Caleb Gipson
5:23.22 Josh Christiansen
5:24.19 Tanner Horrocks
5:25.87 Gavin Sundahl
5:26.18 Lance Ford
5:27.29 Jake Welling
5:23.35 Jace Callor
5:33.69 Nate Butterfield
5:36.03 Josh Wilkinson
5:37.03 Zach Moncur
5:38.29 Dallin Kitchen
5:52.39 Cody Argyle
5:56.74 Branson Petty

60m Hurdles
9.11 Todd Froisland (7th in finals)
9.29 Ben Godfrey
9.31 Palmer Flood
9.69 Derek Parry
9.71 Jaron Erickson
10.04 Taylor Southwick
10.16 Jason Barker
10.67 McGyver Clark

60m Dash
7.22 Carson Hunt (7th in finals)
7.39 Trevor Leavitt
7.41 Spencer Wright
7.44 Griffin Hill
7.58 Jordan Goldsberry
7.59 Jacob Moffett
7.64 Kallin Fisher
7.72 Dillon Atkinson
7.74 Palmer Flood
7.78 Derek Parry
7.79 Gabe Alfaro
7.85 Todd Froisland
7.98 Christian Kamalu
8.04 Jason Barker
8.10 McGyver Clark

400m Dash
2. 49.92 Trevor Leavitt - SCHOOL RECORD
56.88 Jordan Goldsberry

800m Run
2. 1:58.54 Logan MacKay (Davis Sophomore Record)
4. 2:04.15 Colter Blanchard
10. 2:06.42 Stokton Smith
2:13.43 Kent Thompson
2:14.54 Jason Lang
2:17.37 Gabe Alfaro
2:18.20 Caleb Gipson
2:19.65 Bryce Ferguson
2:21.25 Kelton Johnson
2:21.36 Alex White
2:24.58 Josh Robinson
2:24.64 Britton Porter
2:26.23 Tanner Horrocks
2:32.66 Josh Wilkinson

200m Dash
2. 23.11 Trevor Leavitt
24.72 Griffin Hill
24.88 Palmer Flood
25.12 Jordan Goldsberry
27.28 McGyver Clark

2 Mile Run
2. 10:08.37 Josh Ward
6. 10:17.12 Colton Rimann
7. 10:18.63 Kimball Potter
10:29.57 Frasier Williamson
10:37.79 Camren Todd
10:48.02 Matt Ward
10:48.31 Daniel Tumblin
10:52.98 Adam Aposhian
11:23.25 Jackson Rayl

4 x 1 Lap Relay
2. 2:48.10 - Gabe Alfaro, Logan MacKay, Colton Chronister, Trevor Leavitt

Shot Put
10. 43'04.50 Dallin Baires
39'04.75 Gunner Francom
33'10.00 Luke Buttars
31'06 Connor Mehr

Weight Throw
6. 38'09.75 Gunner Francom
10. 33'10.75 Luke Buttars

High Jump
9. 5'08 Jacob Moffett
5'04 Logan Baird
5'02 Taylor Southwick

Long Jump
2. 19'09.75 Davis Owen
8. 18'04.50 Nate Butterfield
9. 18'03.25 Matt Calvin
18'01.00 Jacob Moffett
16'11.25 Taylor Southwick
16'06.75 Logan Baird

Pole Vault
7. 8'06 Kyle Porter 

Coaches Mile
1. 4:45.91 Coach Talley
6. 5:08.25 Coach Timothy
7. 5:19.59 Caleb Ward

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