Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Indoor Track Update - January 1

Darts - 
I hope that you have enjoyed the break. I am sure we can all agree that it is over too quickly. I also hope that you haven't let yourself get too out of shape. I am sure we all have some work to do as we start back to school and face the new year.  
It is a great day for a fresh start and an opportunity to really commit to being your best this entire year. You can already ask yourself "What did I do today to make me better? To make me stronger? What goals am I chasing this year and how am I going to get there?" I hope you approach this year with determination to be your best in school, to be a good family member and a good person, and to be your best as a track athlete. Approach each day and each workout with purpose and with a positive attitude. Use each day as an opportunity to learn and progress. Life is full of challenges and ups and downs, but with some hard work, positive thinking, and will power, there is greatness to be found in each of us. Find your greatness in 2014! 
*If there are any of you who wanted to do indoor track, but didn't come to anything before the winter break, IT IS NOT TOO LATE. Consider this an invitation to start with us this week or next week. The work and preparation you put in now will really benefit you when we get to the outdoor season. 

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Here are a few reminders about upcoming practices/meets:
Thursday (1/2) - Meet in the cafeteria at 2:45. 
Friday (1/3) - Meet in the cafeteria at 2:45.
Saturday (1/4) - Clinic/Practice in Morgan for any Hurdlers, High Jumpers, and Throwers. We will meet at the school at 7:30am. Bring a snack, a water bottle, and about $10 for lunch. We will be working out at the indoor facility in Morgan. This would be a great time for new hurdlers to really get some good work in with Ben and Coach West, and a good chance for the high jumpers to actually practice some jumping, and the throwers to get some measured throws. We should be home by about 1:00 pm. We will need a few drivers. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Saturday (1/11) - Utah State Invitational. Our first meet!! I will send out more information next week. We will be taking one bus. Approach this meet as an opportunity to see where you are to start the year and to get some practice competing indoors. 

I am really looking forward to this track season. Happy New Year to each of you. I wish you the best in 2014. 
Coach Talley

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