Monday, January 16, 2017

Indoor Update - 1/16

Darts -
We want to see each one of you reach your potential with track & field this indoor and outdoor season. We realize that it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice on your part if we are going to have success as a TEAM and as individuals. There may not be a perfect "formula to success", but here are a few tips that will help you with track this year...
1. Be unselfish - we will always stress the importance of TEAMwork and trying to help each other improve. Watch for ways to inspire and encourage your teammates. Bring energy to workouts and find ways to contribute beyond just your competing ability. When you help others succeed, you will succeed as well. Our biggest measure of success as a TEAM will be how united we become throughout the season. We want to see athletes working hard for each other.
2. Stay Healthy - This may be the most important key. It takes extra focus and sometimes a change in lifestyle. Nutrition (fuel), hydration, and rest are an athletes best friends. Be smart about the workouts and communicate with your coaches when you feel something is bothering you - at the same time, realize that you are going to feel some soreness and aches and pains - that's normal when you are working hard. Most of all, take your warm up and recovery seriously - drills, stretching, cooling down, ice baths, easy days, etc.
3. Consistent, Hard Work - You are only going to be successful if you put in the work. And it can't be just whenever it is convenient for you. It has to be consistent. The daily grind with all of the different types of workouts is what is going to get you to be your best. Jumpers don't just need jumping practice - they need speed, strength, and conditioning. Throwers don't just need throwing reps - they need explosiveness, power, flexibility, core strength. Try to improve every aspect of your event. Be willing to put in some extra time and commitment.
4. Positive Attitude - This is something everyone can work on (probably throughout your life). It's not always easy to stay positive through challenging things, but it is so important for your improvement. I love that track is such a mental game - believing in yourself and having confidence can give you a huge edge. Being on the starting line or in the blocks or on the runway or in the ring and knowing that you are going to do well will make you perform so much better. Work on the mental side of your event. Focus and visual success. And then bring energy and excitement and positivity to the rest of your teammates as well.
5. Experience - Be patient with yourself and learn from each workout and each track meet. You can learn a lot from your "failures" or the times that don't go perfectly. Don't be afraid of that. Try to take positive things away from each experience and always lift yourself up and keep fighting and improving. You have to be willing to get out and try in order to gain experience.

Upcoming Items:
Tuesday Practice
- A group will be going down to the Olympic Oval for a workout tomorrow (Tuesday, 1/17). Sprinters and Hurdlers who are trying to qualify for Simplot and Distance Runners who are in the sub 5:00 (boys) and sub 6:00 (girls) range for the mile can come. The cost is $4. Bring your spikes (without the spikes in them). We will be gone from 10:00 until 1:00. We will need drivers. The indoor track at Davis will also be open for a workout at that time on Tuesday if you are not in that group or don't have as much time.

The Weber State Invitational
is on Friday and Saturday (1/20 and 1/21). The field events are on Friday evening and the track events are on Saturday. I have attached the information for the meet. You don't need to pre-register, you can just show up, pay, and sign up for your events at the entry. It is a great first meet if any of you weren't able to compete at BYU. We will talk more about it at practice on Wednesday and Thursday.

Indoor Track Class starts on Wednesday (4th period). We will not workout during the track class on the first day. But we will have indoor practice right after school, so still bring your clothes. From here out, we will still meet in the cafeteria on 'B' Days. 'A' Day practices will begin with track class. Those not in the track class will need to find their event coach for the workout after school on 'A' Days.

Simplot - I will send out the initial Simplot Invite list next weekend. Simplot is on February 16-18 in Pocatello, ID. The cost will be $135-$140. More information to come next Sunday.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!
-Coach Talley

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