Sunday, January 29, 2017

Indoor Update - Utah Indoor Championships

Darts -
It has been another great week. We are seeing improvement in practice and in performance at meets. As we get closer to Simplot and the outdoor season, it has been great to see your progress. Our improvements from the BYU meet to the Olympic Oval (just 3 weeks) were phenomenal in many areas. We also feel like we are becoming closer as a TEAM - but that is something we will have to continue to work on. Unity will take continual effort. Keep up the good work! Set goals for your final indoor meets - and do your best to stay positive. If things aren't going your way at this point, hang in there - keep working and believing in yourselves. I have been amazed time after time at our athletes (current and former) and their ability to turn things around and bounce back from difficult stretches.  

Olympic Oval Meet (UHSTCA) - We had a fantastic weekend at the Olympic Oval. This meet is considered the unofficial Utah Indoor Championships, and both the girls and the boys ended up with the victory (this is the only indoor meet with TEAM scores). The girls squeaked out the win by only 2 points over Syracuse 66-64 (We are going to have some good battles with them this year on both sides). The boys scored 71.5 with Syracuse also taking 2nd with 46. On both sides it was a full team effort. We aren't necessarily getting our points from just one or two stars. Instead, this TEAM is relying on efforts from a lot of different people in every single event. I thought our TEAM did a great job getting out of their comfort zone, taking risks, and giving their best efforts. I was also very impressed with the way were fighting to finish in every event - on the track and in the field events. A lot of our best jumps and throws in the field events were on final attempts and we saw a lot of you really driving hard for the finish line on the track. I love that!!!
There were a ton of highlights for our TEAM, including some new all-time Davis marks: 
Ashley Taylor - 9'00 in the pole vault - Davis #4 All time
Kassidy Webb - 30'06 in the triple jump - Davis #4 All time
Mary Page - 35'04 in the shot put - Davis #9 All time
Ruby Jane Mathewson - 1:00.36 in the 400m - Davis #7 All Time
Aubrey Argyle - 10:53.34 in the 3200 - Davis #2 (behind her own school record of 10:45) (Currently U.S. #6)
4 x 400 (Ruby Jane, Becky, Olivia, Ally) - 4:05.38 - Davis #6 All Time
Xakai Harry - 22'09 in the long jump - Davis SCHOOL RECORD (Also Currently U.S. #25)
Carter Hardy - 38'10.00 in the triple jump - Davis #6 All Time
Caleb Kamalu - 8.51 in the 60 hurdles - Davis #4 All Time
Zach Olsen - 8.56 in the 60 hurdles - Davis #6 All Time
Kelton Johnson - 50.58 in the 400m - Davis #4 All Time
Garrett DiReda - 2:07.85 in the 800m - Davis Freshman Record
Camren Todd - 9:24.85 in the 3200 - Davis #2 All Time (Also Currently U.S. #11)
4 x 200 (Jade, Riley, Landon, Sawyer) - 1:32.80 - Davis #3 All Time
4 x 400 - (Jade, Riley, Sawyer, Kelton) - 3:26.57 - Davis #2 All Time (Also Currently U.S. #32)

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Golden Spike Sprint Challenge (2/4) - Although we are taking a small group to Boise this next weekend, there is another track meet at the Olympic Oval next Saturday. The only events are the 60m, 60m Hurdles, 200m, and 400m. If you would like to get one more track meet in, you can go down on your own. The information and registration is posted at
I will have a flier at practice. Registration is $10 and needs to be done by Friday at 8:00pm.

Utah Distance Challenge (2/10) - We are in charge of the Distance Challenge on February 10th at the Olympic Oval. The events include - 400, 800, 1600, and 3200. All sprinters and hurdlers should plan on coming for the 400m. 

Simplot (2/16-2/18) - We have handed out and emailed out the information and waiver for Simplot. The money ($140) and waiver are due by Tuesday, February 7th. You will all also need to register or renew your membership for the USATF ($20). Please take care of that by February 7th.
There have been a few adjustments to the invite list. I will have the updated invites at practice on Monday and Tuesday.

At this point in the year, it is especially important to take good care of yourselves. We have had quite a few people getting sick in the past few weeks - a lot of stuff is going around. Do your best to get your sleep, eat healthy, stay hydrated, wash your hands, and keep your stress levels to a minimum. After 3 more weeks of hard work for indoor, we will take a small break and prepare for the outdoor season. 

Coach Talley

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