Saturday, December 29, 2012

Indoor Update - Dec 29

Darts - 
Great job to many of you with your workouts over the break. I was pleased with the turn out we had this week despite the weather and the holidays.
We are going to hold a practice on Monday (December 31st) at the school. Distance runners should meet at 8:00am, and everyone else should meet at 9:00am. It is not mandatory, but definitely beneficial. We will also be meeting on Wednesday (Jan 2nd) and Thursday (Jan 3rd) after school in the cafeteria. It won't be long before we have some indoor track meets where your fitness and preparation will really be tested. Staying in shape over the break will really help you out with those first few meets, but if you let yourself slip a little bit, find some motivation and be determined to get yourself as prepared as you can be for our first meet on January 12th at Utah State. 
There are just a few of you left who have not paid your indoor track fee ($25). Please bring that money to a practice next week if you would like to continue working out with us. Make checks out to 'Davis County Running Club'.
I hope you have all enjoyed your Christmas break, and I hope you are all looking forward to an amazing year in 2013. 

Coach Talley

Indoor Track Schedule:
Jan 12 - Utah State Invitational
Jan 18 - Weber State Invitational (field events only) or BYU Invitational (field events only)
Jan 19 - BYU Invitational (track events only)
February 1-2 - Utah State Indoor Championships at the Olympic Oval 
February 8 - Utah Distance Challenge at the Olympic Oval
February 14-16 - Simplot Games (by invitation only)

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