Monday, December 17, 2012

Indoor Track Update - December 17

Darts - 
It was a great first week of indoor track conditioning. We had some solid numbers in every event. I was especially pleased with the boy throwers - I hope we can keep that group together as well as our other groups. It is still extremely early to say, but I know that we have the potential to be as great as we have ever been. If we will come together as a team, put in some hard work (now and when we get to the outdoor season), and stay committed to being our very best, then we will have another successful and memorable year. 
If there are any of you who missed the practices the first week, don't be afraid to start NOW. We are meeting again tomorrow in the cafeteria and separating into our groups from there. We would love to see some of you who were at the original meeting but haven't come to any of our practices. 

Just a couple of things I wanted to let you know going into this week:
- We will meet in the cafeteria this week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 2:45 each day. We will also meet in the weight room on Wednesday. Distance runners will meet in Coach Talley's classroom on Wednesday and Friday. 
*The sprinters will be timed in the 40m dash on Tuesday.
- Please bring your $25 participation fee and give it directly to Coach Talley (checks made out to Davis County Running Club). It is due by Tuesday, but if you forget, then you can still turn it in on Wednesday or Thursday. 
- Over Christmas Break, we will meet at the school on Thursday (Dec 27), Friday (Dec 28), and Monday (Dec 31). Distance runners will meet at 8:00am. All others will meet at 9:00am.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. 
Remember that you are a part of Davis Track & Field. That should mean something to you. We have a tradition of being the best and of being our best. Make the commitment to be a part of it. Make the commitment to yourself and to your TEAM. The winter training is definitely not the easiest time of year, but it will pay off tremendously. Make the sacrifices now, and it will be worth it in the spring.

Coach Talley

ps. Let me know if your parents would like to be added to the email list.

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