Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BYU Invite Information

Darts -
It has been a great week of practice so far. Although we never feel 100% ready for our first indoor track meet, it is here, and I am excited to see where we are to start with. I have attached the flier that has the information about the meet. The schedule is just an estimate - but should be pretty close to when they start each race. Please fill out the bottom part of the form and get it back to me by Thursday morning at the latest. Even if you have talked to me about what you are going to run, you need to fill out the form--I will use the forms when I do the registration, and I don't want to forget you. I would suggest doing 2-3 events. We will be putting together some 4 x 1 lap relay teams as well, so let me know if you are interested and I will try to get you on a team if possible. One thing that I forgot to put on the original flier is that spectators cost $2 per person. Please let me know if you have any questions about the meet.
We don't have team uniforms for indoor track - you can just compete in whatever clothes you would like.
If you are 'scared' to run your first track meet, realize that is a normal feeling. It takes a little bit of courage to get out there and participate, but I encourage you to be brave and give it a try. Even if you feel that you are not quite ready to compete, this is all about getting experience and determining where your starting point is.

Let's do our best to accomplish the following TEAM goals with the first two meets:
- Have FUN. Enjoy yourself, get to know your teammates, and have a good time competing. Be passionate and excited about what you are a part of.
- Be positive. Even if you don't do quite as well as you want to, take something positive away from your experience.
- Build TEAM unity. Cheer for other Davis athletes, tell your teammates "good job", and make friends.
- Set Goals. Based on how your first few performances go, set some performance goals for the rest of the indoor season and start to think about what you might want to accomplish in outdoor.

Great job so far with all the work you have put in. Best of Luck - let's make it a great start to our 2012.
- Coach Talley

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