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Indoor Track Update - BYU Invite

Darts -
The indoor season is officially underway. We had some great performances at the BYU Invitational last weekend. Once again we were the largest team in the meet (both boys and girls), and although there is no official team score, if there had been, we would have won on both sides. I was impressed with our marks, but mostly happy about your attitude and toughness. Even if things didn't go quite like we wanted in some areas, we stayed positive and came back strong in later events.
Some of the highlights of the meet included - Jeni Christensen winning the girls pole vault with a new pr of 9'00 (only 3 girls in Utah history have ever vaulted higher). Marcus Daley winning the high jump with 6'04 (I now owe him dinner for winning). Ben Bracken and Sam Matina finishing 2-3 in their first ever weight throw competition. Addy Jones coming back from a rough race in the trials of the 60m hurdles to win the finals with 9.24 (the 9th fastest ever run by a Utahn). Christine VanBrocklin finishing 4th in the hurdles with 9.71 (Davis #5 All-Time). Sylvia Harrison winning the 60m and placing 3rd in the 200m. Ashley Tyndall placing 2nd in the 2 mile (her 2nd race of the day). Jackson Sagers looking strong in a 2nd place 800m finish. Shea Martinez finishing 1st in the 800m with a 2:17, despite having some hamstring troubles. Isaac McKean running 9.04 in the hurdles (a big improvement over a year ago). Seth Fortin winning the 60m dash and getting closer to the school record. Having 6 boys in the top 7 of the 2 mile. And both relay teams running gutsy and aggressive and nearly pulling off the victories. Seth and Kyle ran 39 second splits in the boys relay (322 meters), and Ellie and Christine ran 47 second splits for the girls - all showing great strength over that distance. There were many other solid performances to start the season - it gets us excited to see what we can do through the rest of indoor and into outdoor track.
Overall, it was a very positive meet. I have listed the Davis results at the bottom of the email - and full results can be found at

Athletes of the Week:
Christine Van Brocklin, Ashley Tyndall, Marcus Daley, Connor Badger

January 20-21: Weber State Invitational - I will hand out the information and send an email out this week. The registration is on the day of the Invite, so you won't need to turn anything in. If you had to miss the BYU meet, try really hard to make it up to Weber.

January 26: Utah Distance Challenge - @ the Olympic Oval. We are in charge of this meet. I am looking for some volunteers to come down to Kearns and help out from 4-8pm (parents or athletes not competing). It is on a Thursday night. The only events are the 400, 800, 1600, and 3200. All sprinters should consider coming down and running the 400.

February 3-4: Utah State Indoor Championships - @ the Olympic Oval.

February 16-18: Simplot Games in Pocatello, ID. You will be receiving information about the Simplot Games very soon. We will be able to take about 70 athletes. If you are interested in going with us, please be committed and do your best to be at the next few meets.

We have our first day of track class on Tuesday. From here out, most of you will be working out on A-days during class (until 3:00 or so). Those of you who are not in the class, come and find us after school (in the small gym, the halls, or the indoor track) and we will give you the workout for the day. We will continue to meet on B-Days after school in the cafeteria until the Simplot Games.

Thanks - let me know if you have any questions,
Coach Talley

ps - if your parents want to be on the email list - just send me their email address. This will also be posted

Girls Results
60m Hurdles
9.24 Adelyn Jones - 1st - currently #29 in the U.S. - Davis #3 All-Time
9.71 Christine Van Brocklin - 4th - Davis #5 All-Time
10.55 Karly Sprague
12.67 Erin Duncan

60m Dash
7.96 Sylvia Harrison - 1st place - #72 in the U.S.
8.26 Adelyn Jones - 7th place - Davis #10 All Time
8.59 Taurus Jones
8.81 Elise Berning
9.85 Erin Duncan

200m Dash
27.24 Sylvia Harrison - 3rd
28.06 Taurus Jones - 9th
28.94 Elise Berning
28.95 Christine Van Brocklin
29.65 Karly Sprague
32.32 Brianna Price

400m Dash
1:03.27 Ellie Child - 9th
1:06.26 Rachel Anderson
1:13.57 Brianna Price

800m Run
2:17.84 Shea Martinez - 1st; #9 in the U.S.
2:32.10 Shae Sweatfield - 8th
2:35.40 Katie Frandsen
2:35.55 Mikell Wood
2:40.05 Josey Hedquist
2:42.07 Michaela Uresk
2:51.27 Sierra Graham
3:10.55 Whitney Williams

Mile Run (full mile - about 2 seconds longer than a 1600m)
5:38.12 Ashley Tyndall - 11th
5:42.81 Joanna Boyd - 13th
5:44.60 Mikell Wood - 15th
5:47.24 Becca Albrechtsen
5:54.74 Michaela Uresk
5:58.15 Brooke Gutzwiller
6:00.57 Josey Hedquist
6:01.35 Katie Frandsen
6:02.52 Hannah Haws
6:02.81 Aimee Vance
6:03.48 Janice Hartvigsen
6:07.06 Sierra Graham
6:08.54 Hannah Albrechtsen
6:08.88 Kenzie Weir
6:16.97 Nicole Wood
6:45.58 Whitney Williams
7:02.79 Alyssa Stewart

2 Mile Run
12:20.10 Ashley Tyndall - 2nd; Davis #16 All-Time
12:52.98 Brooke Gutzwiller - 4th

4 x 1 Lap Relay
3:15.88 Adelyn Jones, Christine VanBrocklin, Rachel Anderson, Ellie Child - 3rd; Davis #5 All Time

Shot Put
29'08 Michelle Mendez - 8th
20'05.25 Pieper Nielsen

Pole Vault
9'00 Jeni Christensen - 1st; Davis #3 All Time

Boys Results

60m Hurdles
9.04 Isaac McKean - 6th; Davis #9 All-Time
9.22 Connor Badger - 7th; Davis #19 All-Time
10.08 Andrew Tyndall
10.40 Austin Atkinson
10.49 Todd Froisland
10.77 Spencer Schleich
11.00 Brett Garner
12.42 Evan Mongie
14.59 David Brog
17.12 Tyler Hampton

60m Dash
7.07 Seth Fortin - 1st - #38 in the U.S. - Davis #2 All-Time
7.42 Connor Badger
7.82 Ryan Boyd
7.93 Nate Ferguson
8.02 Brennon Castillo
8.10 Todd Froisland
8.14 Austin Atkinson
8.14 Dillon Atkinson
8.21 Spencer Shaw
8.33 Andrew Tyndall
8.35 Spencer Duncan
8.36 Tyler Allen
8.54 Spencer Schleich
9.02 Parker Burwell
9.32 Tyler Hampton

200m Dash
24.17 Connor Badger - 8th; Davis #21 All-Time
25.31 Nate Ferguson
27.88 David Brog
29.43 Parker Burwell

400m Dash
54.36 Austin Allred
1:01.28 Brett Garner
1:07.18 Blake Garrett

800m Run
2:04.20 Jackson Sagers - 2nd
2:06.07 Austin Allred - 7th
2:17.00 Taylor Goldsberry
2:18.41 Joseph Bailey
2:19.67 Josh Ward
2:19.89 Ryan Clark
2:20.60 Tommy Moncur
2:22.06 Sam Haws
2:24.50 Alex White
2:25.36 Devin Farnsworth
2:26.23 Kimball Potter
2:26.36 Caleb Gipson
2:27.68 Jackson Rayl
2:29.89 J.R. Oldham
2:32.84 Calder Craven
2:34.83 Dan Wybrow
2:35.76 Tanner Horrocks
2:36.01 Nate Butterfield
2:36.79 Jared Nilson
2:38.27 Mitch Perry

Mile Run
4:38.13 Alex Hedquist - 8th; Davis #19 All-Time
4:39.60 Andrew Aposhian - 11th; Davis #26 All-Time
4:41.05 Hayden Hansen - 15th; Davis #29 All-Time
4:51.31 Logan Wood
4:55.22 Seth Thompson
4:56.41 Sam Haws
5:06.40 Taylor Goldsberry
5:07.27 Isaac Clouse
5:08.48 Josh Ward
5:12.55 Ryan Tanner
5:13.21 Tommy Moncur
5:16.04 Ethan Stuart
5:16.78 Joseph Bailey
5:17.37 Alex White
5:19.43 Kimball Potter
5:20.75 Devin Farnsworth
5:29.78 Jackson Rayl
5:31.82 Blake Garrett
5:31.88 Brandon Peters
5:32.64 Caleb Gipson
5:35.09 J.R. Oldham
5:36.77 Dan Wybrow
5:38.16 Calder Craven
5:39.34 Mitch Perry
5:45.23 Nate Butterfield
6:00.70 Tanner Horrocks
6:10.00 Josh Robinson

2 Mile Run
9:52.54 Preston Johnson - 2nd; #52 in the U.S.; Davis #8 All-Time
9:58.13 Brayden Cromar - 3rd; #73 in the U.S.
10:11.23 Skylar Williams - 4th; Davis #20 All-Time
10:11.85 Logan Wood - 5th; Davis #22 All-Time
10:15.81 Alex Hedquist - 6th; Davis #25 All-Time
10:20.12 Andrew Aposhian - 7th; Davis #28 All-Time
11:07.39 Isaac Clouse
11:16.42 Ryan Tanner

4 x 1 lap Relay
2:44.40 Seth Fortin, Connor Badger, Seth Thompson, Kyle Green - 2nd; Davis #3 All-Time
2:54.49 Austin Allred, Jackson Sagers, Hayden Hansen, Taylor Goldsberry - 5th

Shot Put
45'06.50 Sam Matina - 8th
43'08.50 Ben Bracken - 11th
39'08.00 Nate Hatch - 12th
29'04.75 Jordan Lamperle
27'07.00 Gavin Bearnson

Weight Throw
37'01.75 Ben Bracken - 2nd
36'05.75 Sam Matina - 3rd

Long Jump
18'01.25 Kyle Green - 12th
17'04.25 Ryan Boyd
16'04.00 Nate Ferguson
14'04.00 Jared Nilson
13'06.25 Gavin Bearnson
12'10.25 Spencer Duncan
12'10.00 Dan Garrett

High Jump
6'04 Marcus Daley - 1st; #28 in the U.S. - Davis #3 All-Time
5'04.25 Ryan Boyd

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