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Davis Indoor Update - Weber State Invite

Darts -
The indoor season is moving right along. Before you know it, we will be practicing outside, working on our tans, and getting ready for the region and state championships. The Weber State Invitational was another successful meet. Although the track doesn't run quite as fast as some of the other tracks we race on (especially the Oval and Simplot), we were still able to get some great marks and even set some PRs. I was pleased again with the attitudes and efforts of our athletes. I was impressed that many of you were brave enough to try something new - or to compete in your event for the first time. A special congratulations to Jeni Christensen for her school and state record pole vault of 10'01. It was exciting to see her clear the mark on her 3rd attempt - plus she had some great attempts at 10'06. I have listed all of the results below, and I also attached a copy of the full results if you would like to take a look. We also had top 3 finishes from Addy Jones (1st in the hurdles), Christine Van Brocklin (3rd in the hurdles and 3rd in the 400m on her first try at that distance), Sylvia Harrison (1st in the 55m dash), Ellie Child (1st in the 800m), Madi Garlock (3rd in the 1600m), Chelsey Johnson (3rd in the 3200m), and our 4 x 800 A Team finished 2nd as well (Josey Hedquist, Joanna Boyd, Becca Albrechtsen, and Ashley Tyndall). For the boys we had top 3 finishes from Ben Bracken (3rd in the shot put), Marcus Dayley (1st in the high jump), Seth Fortin (1st in the 55m dash and 2nd in the 200m), Austin Allred (3rd in the 800m), Brad Nye (1st in the 1600m), Preston Johnson (3rd in the 1600m), and the 4 x 800 A Team finished 1st (Seth Thompson, Logan Wood, Austin Allred, Alex Hedquist). Overall it was a great meet for our 2nd meet of the season.
At the same time - it is still early and I know that many of you are not satisfied with where you are to start with. That is completely okay - as long as you stay patient and motivated. Keep working hard to improve each week and take it step by step. Realize that it takes some hard work, and that is why it is rewarding. You can accomplish great things this season - but only if you put your mind to it and really give your all. We are definitely looking for many of our athletes to step it up this year. Who is our next Landon Simonsen, Sarah Oldham, Spencer Betker, Tyson Bullock, Kayla Sagers, Tara Anderson, or Austin Neuner?

Athletes of the Week - Jeni Christensen, Katie Frandsen, Ben Bracken, Austin Allred

4th period track class - I have added you all to the email list, so many of you are getting this email who have not received my emails before. I hope that you will take the time to read them and to stay caught up on the information I would like for you to have. With 3 days of the track class completed, I am pleased with what I see. I think that we have a ways to go before we are ready for the outdoor season - but it is a challenge that will make us stronger and hopefully we will start to develop into a TEAM. I challenge you to work hard. If you feel like you are out of shape or that some of the first few work outs were a little hard for you, don't give up. Look at it as a challenge and look at it as something that will make you a stronger athlete and a stronger person. Don't be afraid to put in extra work and extra time on B Days. You are welcome to join us for indoor practice, or to be doing things on your own. It would be good for throwers, sprinters, hurdlers, and jumpers to look for opportunities to get in the weight room, and it would be good for distance runners to be working on running consistently every day (even if some of the days are on your own right now). I also ask each of you to look for ways to add to our TEAM. Make sure that you give an effort to be unified and encourage your teammates. You can each add to the TEAM by bringing a positive attitude to each practice and by giving your all for each other. Ask questions if you are not sure what you should be doing. We have some of the greatest coaches in the state on our staff, so take advantage of their expertise.

Coming Up:
Thursday, January 26th - The Utah Distance Challenge at the Olympic Oval in Kearns. The meet starts at 5:00. If you are going to run the mile, you will want to show up close to 4:00. The order of events will be 1600 - 400 - 800 - 3200. Girls will go first in all events. The meet will be over by 8:00. It costs $5 to register for the meet, and you can do as many events as you would like (although I would suggest focusing on 1 or 2). If you are a sprinter/hurdler and you have not run a 400m before, now is the perfect time to give it a try. This is the fastest track in the state for the 400m. Be brave. NO FEAR!

Tuesday, January 31st - First Day of the Fundraiser. Remember that we will be doing our best to raise $10,000 to help us with the new track and the expenses that we will have in adding more hurdles other equipment that we will need for an 8 lane track. The fundraiser will be introduced next Tuesday during the track class. We will need everyone to participate and help us in order to reach our goal. I see this as one of the first 'tests' to the togetherness and attitude of our TEAM. It is not always in athletic performance where a person's character is tested. Please be on board and help us in our efforts. For the fundraiser we will be selling discount cards for $20 a piece. More details to come next Tuesday.

Friday-Saturday, February 3-4 - The Utah State Indoor Championships at the Olympic Oval - this is the only TEAM scored meet of the indoor season. We are hoping to repeat as champions for both the boys and the girls. Not just that, but we will be looking for many more PRs and gutsy, inspired performances. We will need to pre-register for the meet, so we will have information to hand out starting next Monday.

Thursday-Saturday, February 16-18 - Simplot Games, Pocatello, ID. I will be handing out papers tomorrow at the indoor track practice. If you are interested in attending, you will need to let me know by the end of this week. Next Monday we will post a list of those invited to the Simplot Games. The Simplot Games are always one of our highlights of the season. We will be able to bring about 70 athletes.


Girls Results -

Pole Vault
10'01 - Jeni Christensen - 1st - Davis School Record - Utah Indoor State Record!!

Shot Put -
26'11 Michelle Mendez
19'09 Pieper Nielson

Long Jump
13'06 Jeni Christensen

55m Hurdles
8.48 Addy Jones - 1st - Davis #3 All Time
9.04 Christine Van Brocklin - 3rd - Davis #7 All Time
9.68 Karly Sprague - 6th
11.57 Erin Duncan
13.27 Madi Brophy

55m Dash
7.44 Sylvia Harrison - 1st - Davis #2 All Time
7.67 Addy Jones - 7th - Davis #16 All Time
7.98 Taurus Jones
7.99 Elise Berning
9.21 Erin Duncan

200m Dash
28.67 Elise Berning
28.74 Christine Van Brocklin
28.84 Taurus Jones
29.17 Rachel Anderson

400m Dash
1:02.41 Christine Van Brocklin - 3rd - Davis #13 All Time
1:05.71 Mikell Wood - 6th

800m Run
2:24.55 Ellie Child - 1st - Davis #8 All Time
2:32.46 Katie Frandsen - 6th
2:33.52 Shae Sweatfield - 8th
2:51.41 Madi Bledsoe
2:54.21 Shaylee Argyle

1600m Run
5:36 Madi Garlock - 3rd
5:37 Ashley Tyndall - 4th
5:50 Mikell Wood
6:21 Hannah Albrechtsen
6:26 Sadie Hutchinson
6:40 Dru Holt
6:45 Shaylee Argyle

3200m Run
12:25 Chelsey Johnson - 3rd
12:41 Brooke Gutzwiller - 7th
12:49 Kenzie Weir
12:54 Josey Hedquist
12:58 Elise Anderson
13:00 Michaela Uresk
13:02 Janice Hartvigsen
13:25 Madi Bledsoe
13:29 Becca Albrechtsen
14:00 Whitney Williams

4 x 400m
4:31.75 - Katie Frandsen, Sylvia Harrison, Rachel Anderson, Shae Sweatfield - 4th

4 x 800m
10:30 - Josey Hedquist, Becca Albrechtsen, Joanna Boyd, Ashley Tyndall - 2nd
11:40 - Michaela Uresk, Whitney Williams, Elise Anderson, Janice Hartvigsen - 6th

Unofficial Team Scores
1. Davis 100
2. Ogden 42
3. Riverton 39

Boys Results
High Jump
6'02 Marcus Dayley - 1st

Long Jump
17'05 Ryan Boyd
16'09 Luke Saxey
16'08 Nate Ferguson
15'01 Gavin Bearnson
14'07 Andrew Duncan
14'05 Jared Nilson
12'04 Dan Garret

Shot Put
46'06.50 Ben Bracken - 3rd
40'09.50 Sam Matina
39'05.50 Ben Francom
35'04.50 Nate Hatch

Pole Vault
10'06 Chris Reid

55m Hurdles
8.69 Isaac McKean - 8th
8.80 Ammon Hanks
8.85 Connor Badger
9.24 Juston LeBaron
9.26 Jorgen Sumsion
9.40 Todd Froisland
9.44 Austin Atkinson
9.58 Andrew Tyndall
9.87 Brett Garner
10.10 Spencer Shaw
11.11 Tyler Hampton

55m Dash
6.63 Seth Fortin - 1st - Davis #3 All Time
6.81 Chance Parker - 7th - Davis #10 All Time
7.07 Connor Badger
7.36 Ryan Boyd
7.38 Nate Ferguson
7.42 Steven Spencer
7.48 Brennen Castillo
7.52 Ammon Harris
7.56 Jake Jones
7.80 Andrew Tyndall
7.94 Tyler Allen

200m Dash
23.23 Seth Fortin - 2nd
24.22 Chance Parker
25.16 Connor Badger
25.55 Nate Ferguson
26.02 Ryan Boyd
27.49 Tony Montiel

400m Dash
56.71 Seth Thompson
57.67 Taylor Goldsberry
62.29 Brett Garner

800m Run
2:04.84 Austin Allred - 3rd
2:05.14 Alex Hedquist - 4th
2:11.68 Logan Wood
2:13.88 Sam Haws
2:30.86 J.R. Oldham
2:34.24 Calder Craven
2:34.91 Mitch Perry
2:37.51 Tanner Horrocks

1600m Run
4:20 Brad Nye - 1st - Davis #2 All Time
4:33 Preston Johnson - 3rd - Davis #13 All Time
4:37 Brayden Cromar - 5th
4:40 Skylar Williams - 6th
4:44 Hayden Hansen - 8th
5:07 Isaac Clouse
5:14 Devin Farnsworth
5:17 Joseph Bailey
5:21 Brandon Peters
5:21 Jackson Rayl
5:21 Kimball Potter
5:34 Blake Garrett
5:36 J.R. Oldham
5:40 Calder Craven
5:41 Mitch Perry
5:47 Dan Wybrow
5:56 Tanner Horrocks
6:05 Josh Robinson

3200m Run
10:06 Andrew Aposhian - 4th - Davis #19 All Time
10:21 Hayden Hansen - 8th
10:30 Jackson Sagers
11:14 Josh Ward
11:18 Ryan Clark
11:19 Ethan Stuart
11:44 Ryan Tanner
11:45 Zach Wilde

4 x 400
3:44 - Brad Nye, Brayden Cromar, Preston Johnson, Skylar Williams - 4th

4 x 800
8:38 - Seth Thompson, Logan Wood, Alex Hedquist, Austin Allred - 1st
9:21 - Sam Haws, Kimball Potter, Taylor Goldsberry, Andrew Aposhian - 6th
9:48 - Isaac Clouse, Devin Farnsworth, Ryan Tanner, Josh Ward

Unofficial Team Scores -
1. Davis 96
2. Syracuse 62
2. Riverton 62

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