Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Indoor Track Update #2

Darts -

Happy New Year! Although I'm not necessarily thrilled that our winter break is over, I am excited to get going on the indoor track season. I want to congratulate those of you who made it through the first month of track training. December and January are probably the most challenging months to stay motivated, but many of you did an outstanding job. You have been working hard, and really getting into shape. It is good to see many of you working together and making improvements. The invitation is still open to any of you who are getting these emails to start to workout with us. If you are planning on doing the outdoor track season, the strength and fitness you will get from starting with us now will be very beneficial. Plus, it can be a lot of fun.

We have our first indoor meet coming up. The BYU Invitational is on Friday and Saturday, January 13-14. The field events will be on Friday night (shot put, weight throw, high jump, long jump, and pole vault), and the track events will all be on Saturday. I will send out more information early next week including a schedule of events. We have to register online early for the BYU meet, so I will need to know on Tuesday or Wednesday what you would like to compete in.

If any of you are looking to buy some new track spikes for this year, now is a good time to shop. Striders in Layton has a good selection of spikes for both distance runners and sprinters. You can also look online - I suggest because they have some great deals. Let me know if you have questions about what kind of spikes you should get. For the most part, it will tell you on the web site the distances or the events the shoes are used for.

Please make sure you are taking good care of yourselves. It does you no good to work so hard in practice if you are not properly refueling, getting the rest you need, and stretching after every practice. It will be very important for us to stay healthy this year - and it starts with the little things you do to take care of yourselves.

We are coming off of one of the greatest years in Davis Track & Field and Cross Country history. 2011 was extremely successful. Last February our boys and girls both won the indoor state championships. In May both the boys and girls added to their streak of region championships, and both the boys and the girls won at the state championships in dominating fashion. It was only the 2nd time in school history that both TEAMs took home the title (2005 being the other). Then in cross country the girls brought home a region and state championship, and the boys finished 1st in region, 2nd in state, and 3rd in the U.S. at the Nike Team Nationals. We won 5 of the 6 state championships in the 3 seasons, and the team that finished 2nd was the 3rd best team in the whole country.

It is very possible that 2012 can be just as exciting. I feel very positive about our chances for another indoor and outdoor track state championship for both the boys and the girls. It is going to take hard work, TEAMwork, and a commitment to being unified and being our very best. The commitment has to be over the next 4 1/2 months. I am also very excited about getting a brand new 8 lane track right after the season. By the time cross country rolls around, we will be doing 20 x 400m on a new track with a turf football field. What better way to welcome a new track than with 2 more state championships added to our TEAM's history. I would love to make this one of the most memorable years in the history of the program - and I hope that all of you are on board - willing to sacrifice, ready to be a TEAM, and setting goals to be your individual best.

Thanks for all you do - let's get after it in 2012.
- Coach Talley

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